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The Best Bikini Hair Removal Options

By David Gross

Having a bikini hair removal procedure can be both painful and embarrassing; so many women opt for home bikini hair removal methods. The difficulty of successfully removing bikini hair at home, however, is that it is both difficult to reach, and that you may not be able to force yourself to do the sudden pulling on your bikini hair that the treatments require. Professional beauticians offer both hot and clod wax bikini hair removal, and are skilled in keeping the pain to a minimum. Finally, doctors and skin care professionals offer expensive but long lasting laser bikini hair removal.

Bikini Hair Removal Can Be Quick And Neat

It’s not only embarrassing to have bikini hair removal performed; it can be extremely uncomfortable simply because of the extra sensitivity of the skin around the bikini line. Having bikini hair removal done will almost certainly mean experiencing some pain, but there are a variety of methods of bikini hair removal among which you can choose. So look for the ones which promise to be as painless as possible, but factor in other things like cost and the convenience of the treatments.

While there are kits available to let you attempt bikini hair removal on your own, and they may save you a nice amount of money, reaching all the hair in your bikini area may be difficult and leave you with less than satisfactory results. If you tackle bikini hair removal on your own, you will have to steel yourself to make the sudden pulling motions necessary to remove the hair, and your body may simply freeze.

Spa Bikini Hair Removal

The difficulty of DYI bikini hair removal is what sends most women who want the procedure to a spa or beauty clinic, where it can be performed by a trained professional. The technicians at these facilities know all the techniques for making bikini hair removal as comfortable as it can be, and they will also offer you your choice from a number of bikini hair removal procedures.

In a best case scenario, your bikini hair removal will be over quickly and comfortably, but the fact is that most of the time there will be some pain involved. You may be given a choice of either hot or cold wax treatments for our bikini hair removal, and if you dare, you can even buy a wax bikini hair removal kit to use at home. They are inexpensive, and some of them have wax especially formulated to be used with a microwave, which will significantly shorten your treatment time.

Laser Bikini Hair Removal

Many clinics offer laser bikini hair removal, but it is very expensive because of the technologically advanced equipment used. This equipment must be operated by a laser hair removal specialist trained in the proper techniques, so that will be added to the cost of the treatment.

There are some medical professionals who also offer laser bikini hair removal, done in their offices, and you may prefer having a doctor present in case there are complications. Laser bikini hair removal is both less painful and much longer lasting than waxing, so if you think you would like to investigate this option further, find out what the standards the medical authorities in your state have for laser hair removal machine operators.

If you are on the laser bikini hair removal treatment, you should set up a consultation with the doctor or beautician who will be performing it. Laser hair removal works best on people who have both dark hair and light complexions, so you need to get a professional assessment of what sort of results you can expect. You should also indicate whether or not your skin is especially sensitive, because that too could make you a poor candidate for laser bikini hair removal.

You can also find more info on Beauty help and lasering in on laser hair removal. is a comprehensive resource to get help about beauty.

Member Comments

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      Silklaser wrote Aug 23, 2008
    • Laser hair removal is available to all skin types with the appropriate equipment for your skin coloring and /or ethnic background.  It is not a treatment choice for women with gray, white, red or blond hair.  Within 5 to 8 sessions, most women can obtain the desired results.  It may cost more than waxing initially, but there is an eventual ending point.  Unlike waxing, there is not need for hair regrowth.  For laser, you shave before your session. I get full bikini laser hair removal and I love it!  Imagine no more shaving or ingrown hairs?  I also work at a laser + aesthetics office.  We treat lots of women all different ethnicities and skin types. I am more than happy to provide info to any Fabulous 40+ women!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Suzann wrote Jan 5, 2009
    • Funny picture, David. And very interesting ideas, David and Silklaser. I’m just glad it’s winter where I am right now!

      [Link Removed]

      Suzann, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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