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Are you feeling guilty again.....did you forget your loved
one's birthday, or you own anniversary?

Here are 10 simple rules to follow and be on top of
your game.


  1. Sit down and write the name of everyone that is important in
    your life.    
  2. In your PDA, Phone, Outlook, or a simple old style
    calendar, write down all those people's birthday's, anniversaries, and any other
    important dates you need to remember.
  3. If you don't have all the dates, take a moment and call to
    find out.
  4. From this moment on, once you get an invitation to the
    wedding, or anyone that is important to you is blessed with a birth of a child,
    write the name and the date in your calendar, or add it to you phone, PDA, etc,
  5. Buy 2 boxes, fill one with birthday cards, the other with
    Anniversary, Baby, Wedding Cards, etc.
  6. Every month look into your calendar or your PDA and pull out
    the cards, address them but don't seal them. You still have a whole month, anything can happen, wait till
    the last minute to write your greetings.
  7. Every week review the list, write a greeting and send the
  8. For Christmas, Hanukah, and all other religious holidays, buy
    the holiday cards no later than Thanksgiving, print or hand write the envelopes.
  9. 12 days prior to the holiday write your greeting and mail your
  10. Any mail that comes back due to a change of address, update it
    immediately so you will be ready for next year.

You are now the star of every family gathering, they love
you because you made them feel special for remembering their precious occasion.
You feel good about yourself and now can pass your wisdom to others.


Member Comments

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      00peggy wrote Nov 26, 2008
    • Yana,  

      First I would like to wish you a very happy, and fun filled Thanksgiving!

      I LOVE your tips for keeping track of birthdays! Our families and friends are sometimes many miles away from us, and it’s so special to receive a simple card and know that they remembered us!

      I have one additional step to suggest.

      To really make it easy, set up an account at [Link Removed]  

      From that day forward, you can receive an email reminder 7 days in advance of their birthday, and you can relax in the comfort of your home, and browse an online catalog for any kind of card imaginable, and send a real, high quality greeting card to each of those friends, family members and loved ones!  

      I wish everyone peace and joy this holiday season.


      00peggy, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Heidi Caswell wrote Nov 26, 2008
    • I had a terrible time getting organized.  I was lucky if my Christmas cards made it out by New Years.  I once found a birthday card I’d picked up for my sister still in my desk 2 years later.  

      I’d have to remember to get a card, find my address book, find stamps.  Sounds easy, but not for me.  I’m very ADD, and can’t even keep track of car keys.  (Although it isn’t always my fault, I saw the cat knock them down one day, pick them up and head down hall to stash them).    

      If keeping up with my siblings is impossible, you can imagine what following up with clients was like.    

      But luckily I can find my computer, all my contacts are there, along with their birthdays as I get them.   I also find it much easier to personalize, create my cards online and have them printed, stamped and mailed for me.  

      Enjoy the holidays!  

      Heidi Caswell
      [Link Removed]

      Txmom, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mori Welborn wrote Nov 26, 2008
    • Hello ladies!

         I do understand about being organized and it is HARD to do these these with our busy lives! I would like to share with you a card system that will save you time, money, & the headaches of.....“getting organized“! I have found the BEST system out there for sending cards via mail and the BEST thing about it..YOU DO NOT MAIL THE CARD & YOU can even design the card yourself with pictures! This is an INCREDIBLE system for ANYONE!

      I am a Massage Therapist & I am opening a new Clinic Monday! I just send out about 200 cards with a click of a button! These are REAL cards sent via mail that I designed with my picture & my logo on the card....can you say WOW! PLUS I will not have to put stamps on them or put them in a’s all DONE FOR ME!

      Are you losing business because you aren’t in regular touch with your customers or clients?
      Are you losing touch with your friends, relatives, neighbors because lack of time?
      Do you have good intentions for personal communication with them but just can't find time?

      I work with busy people to solve this problem with our unique SendOutCards system.  We provide an automated, yet highly personalized greeting card system for customer follow up, thank you's, birthdays, product or event announcements, even for generating referrals.

      SendOutCards enables you to send highly personalized greeting cards through the mail from your computer using our unique website technology.  You can use our system anywhere you have internet access, so using our product does NOT add to your busy day, yet it gives you an easy way to have that personal customer contact.  You can send 5 or 500 cards in 5 minutes, in your own handwriting, and even upload a picture or logo into the card.

      Our motto:  People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  With our system you can make your customers, clients, and referral network feel special and appreciated, and they will never forget you.

      NEVER forget a birthday or anniversary EVER again! You can even schedule to have cards send out 3 YEARS in advance!  

      Our system is not only useful in business, but we'll help you get your personal life organized as well.  Our birthday and anniversary reminders will insure that you'll never miss an important event for those you care about.  And we'll even help you to get through the stressful holiday season by enabling you to pre-schedule the sending of your holiday cards.  

      The best way to see how our system can benefit you is to give it a try.   Call ME @ anytime for a Free Gift Account to try our system and see how it can work for you.  I will walk you through the system & show you how to send out a FREE card BUT be sure to have your favorite picture downloaded so you can put it on the card!;0)

      **Call me @ 901-570-0870 central time ANYTIME!**
      **email me @**  

      This system is such a BLESSING!

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      Mori Welborn wrote Nov 26, 2008
    • If any of you are in the Memphis area I would like to invite you to a card party as my guest! Here is the information:

      Host:   Mori Welborn & Ron Shiver
      Location: Cordova Country Club
      7400 Cordova Club Drive, Cordova, TN 38018 US


      When:  Tuesday, December 2, 6:15PM
      Club Phone: 901-758-8188
      Or call me @ 901-570-0870

      How much time and energy did you spend on your Holiday cards last year??? I personally spent over 3 hours and never even got them mailed! (lol) I am so EXCITED that this holiday season will take me less then 15 minutes (and the cards WILL actually be mailed & not by ME!) Sound too good to be true? Come see for yourself! We will show you how to send out a truly unique, first class card this holiday season IN MINUTES, NOT HOURS OR DAYS! Wireless Internet access is available, so bring your wireless laptop IF YOU WANT to “do it yourself” but we will be showing & telling!

      We hope to see you just ask for Mori!

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Heidi Caswell wrote Nov 27, 2008
    • LOL,  good to see so many who have found this cool tool to keep in touch, send out cards.   Happy Thanksgiving!

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