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Scott and I had -torture consultations- dental exams today. We originally had appointments for the week before Christmas but Scott managed to come down with a heinously-disgusting head cold situation, and when faced with the prospect of going -to the dungeon- alone, I contracted a mild case of -chickenshititis- nerves and instead rescheduled.

It was painfully obvious that it had been a while since either of us had been to a dentist. The modern technology of the whole experience left us both gaping as if we’d just arrived straight out of 1983. Gone are the days of the big x-ray machine swinging around your face while the technician hides behind a protective wall. The current x-ray device is smaller than a hair dryer and beeps innocently after shooting radiation into your head. It was quite charming!

So, based on everything we need to have done, and further based on the time frame in which we are scheduling to have it done (before our [Link Removed] to Michigan), we're looking at about $7000 worth of work taking place in our mouths between now and May. This is our after-insurance cost. Yeah, seriously.

Although the numbers didn't completely freak us out, we knew without discussion that some changes would need to be made in our current "I love it! Let's buy it!" lifestyle. If the truth were told, Scott and I spend more money on frivolous stuff than we care to admit. Oddly, we're not tech junkies (beyond the [Link Removed] we went through a while back), dying to get the latest and greatest in new gadgets. Mostly, our expenditures simply reflect the big dorks we both are: books, movies and fast food.

With the reinstatement of our NutriSystem plans (which is worth every penny, by the way) and the relinquishment of all attachments to food prepared in any place with a public restroom, much fat will be trimmed (all puns intended). Then, by reacquainting ourselves with the library and taking advantage of our Netflix Online time, we can further tighten our pursestrings without depriving ourselves of any entertainment. I'll have to give up my addiction to [Link Removed] . I guess I'll have to cut back on the wine, too, but I'll have my Diet Coke to get me through.

I’m terrified, naturally. Not just for me and Scott and the pain and recovery we’ll have to endure along the way, but for the fragile balance we seem to have finally acquired in our financial situation, and what a monumental undertaking like this could do to it.

Without intending to tempt Murphy’s Law or anything, there are so many variables I won’t even speak out loud out of fear of inviting disaster. Kind of like how I won’t say the word “transmission” aloud when I’m in our car—there are just some things you don’t do!!

So keep your fingers crossed for us. And if you really get concerned, just send money.

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Member Comments

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      Termite wrote Jan 5, 2009
    • Oh Feathermaye.
      Believe me I feel your pain.  I think I have built my Dentist’s lavish home with all the work that he has done on my teeth. But when I think about throwing in the towel and going with dentures or partials, I keep hearing my Dad tell me to take care of your teeth, they are the only set you have.  Needless to say, after all the money and pain I have endured, I am so happy I did it.  Your teeth can affect your health in so many ways.  I have a friend who almost lost her life due to an infected tooth, the infection settled in her heart.  Pretty scary!! Does all the work need to be done right away?  If not, get the most important work done now, and peck away at the rest. That is what I did and it really helped me out with the bill.

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      Feathermaye wrote Jan 5, 2009
    • My husband will be getting full dentures, so his is only going to be spaced out as the procedures dictate.

      I’m starting with a heavy cleaning later this month (I’ve heard those suck!), then I’ll have a back (broken) tooth extracted and be fitted with a bridge. That’s a 3-part process.  

      My work is minor compared to my husband’s. His heart disease has ruined his teeth and we‘re just grateful to be in a position to get it done.

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