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Tell me how you celebrated your BIRTHDAY  

I call it the DATE of LIFE celebration

Mines is always September 22nd

But this year is a seven year and a double blackjack year  

__ I expect it to the day to be a BLAST !__


Member Comments

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      Ladybug wrote Sep 10, 2008
    • Alone but not at home.
      I treated myself to a 5 star seafood lunch. Then I visited the makeup counter and had a make over. I visited the jewelry store and walked out with a free gift. Bought my favorite hair care products, to which I am addicted, and went home happy as a clam in garlic sauce!
      I did not;
      call my new boyfriend
      call or talk to any family members
      feel sorry for myself
      scorn the big "50" looming in the near future

      Did I mention my new boyfriend is eight years younger?
      And, my new business affiliation is just what I wanted!
      All just in time for this special day.
      Thank you God!!! I Love you.

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      L. Denise Jackson wrote Sep 10, 2008
    • Well, if you cannnot get away, I would do what you love best.  Maybe spend a day with your daughter but it is all about you and her and your bond but it is all about you.  Take a day, make breakfast, putz around and then go out to a museum or something cultural, then a nice afternoon lunch, spend some time in a bookstore and then a leisurely dinner.  Nothing big, throw some shopping in there, or possibly do the spa thing with your daughter or simply spend the day there by yourself.

      If you give me your town and budget, I can create a few retreats for you.

      My 40th is going to be with my mom (68) and I am planning on surprising her.  I wanted to drive Route 66 but she is concerned about our safety.  So...I am thinking, Vegas, to Reno/Lake Tahoe, to the Route 1 California Coast and we will visit some friends and wineries along the way.  Go all the way down to Monterey, San Diego and then back to Vegas and come home.  Rested, in the convertible for a week or so, and a little tanned to.  

      I am single (with 2 nephews that my mother and I continue to raise though they are young men) and though there is someone special in my life, I want to make sure to make my memorable time with my mom, with whom I will never forget.

      I hope this helps.

      L. Denise

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      Yolanda Harris wrote Sep 10, 2008
    • __THANK YOU ALL__

      I am in central California, Stockton.
      Claremont Resort in Berkley is my target.

      Spa, YES !

      For my daughter’s 10th birthday, I treated her and two friends to a full 5 star treatment there, so YES, it’s my turn.

      Although during these times it is so hard to leave her and my 17 year old alone. They are mimicking the stress of the end of a ‘Broken Marriage‘, they are arguing a lot when left alone with one another.

      Wine tasting was my 40th Birthday with a non-taster and it went 1/2 okay.... I still did not make it to Delcoto Winery.
      Their Sweet Marie dessert wine is my favorite.

      Allegiant airlines has fares from Stockton Airport to Las Vegas as low as $ 59 one way.  

      [Link Removed] :is my booking tool for hotels where you can book one night and get a second night free during Sunday - Thurs.

      Okay, enough about me. I will keep everyone posted towards count down, because this BIRTHDAY I will be doing it  A LONE RANGER, as a soon to be SINGLE WOMAN.

      [Link Removed]

      Above is my new business and I am just starting, so any and all suggestions are welcome.


      Thank You

      Ayanda is the future - Hotel Trademark - Hospitality 5 star hotel that my daughter and myself will own.

      Y. Sims

      Ayanda, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Ladybug wrote Sep 11, 2008
    • So, it seems we are all in hospitality. I have been a travel agent for over 15 years. I’m starting up homebased and affiliating with AVC. My web site will be up in a few days.

      I want to remember my 43rd birthday.
      I had 3 teenagers at home, I worked late I remember. After 11pm I slipped out with my heels on and went to a nearby club where the local University was having a homecoming after party.
      O.K. I had something to prove. I went out among teens and young adults not much older than own kids. The place was packed like a sardine can, the music was not really to my taste,...why was this fun? lol ;) I made my way to the bar, I had two drinks, saw the ladies room, the cigar lounge, nothing was really going on. Here’s the kick. I limited myself to two drinks and 1 hour from the begining, and no expectations. On my way to the door to go home, I had to squeeze between the bodies, a hand grabbed my ass! No possible way to tell where it came from. My tipsey brain thought....nobody knows that was a 43 year old ass they just grabbed.....I actually laughed out loud as I made my escape and slipped back into the house with out the kids knowing.
      Mission complete.
      When I told my kids, they looked at me with their mouths open, stunned.
      I know it wasn’t a very lady like thing to do but I had such a feeling of “the win“.

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      Yolanda Harris wrote Sep 11, 2008
    • I am laughing so hard, while reading the children are wondering what is wrong with me.... :)

      Good for the soul.

      ” We say : ” YOU GO GIRL, YOU STILL GOT IT !”

      Do it again with some friends, like the movie PHAT with Comic Moni‘Que...go rent it.

      YES, we are WINNERS and for the married ladies go rent BABY MAMA DRAMA - DVD

      ” Yes, if you go out with one of us....they right nothing gone come good from this......see what place the doorman said this.

      It will make you LAUGH.

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      Karen Durrett wrote Sep 15, 2008
    • my 50th birthday celebration was the creme de la creme of all my birthdays, as i celebrated it with a family reunion of the 4 generations of 1st daughters in my immediate 1st born daughter,(28) my 4 year old granddaughter and my  68 year old was the 1st time my mom had met her great grandchild and we had traveled from atlanta(me) and my handicapped mom from florida ,to mark the sister , niece , husband and youngest daughter all came along as well...i have friends i’ve known for many,many years that live in los angeles  and my oldest daughter has lived out there for the last 6 years.We rented a  nice big house in the valley with a pool and a magnificent view and we spent a whole week just being a huge noisy birthday celebration we decided on a good old fashioned southern Barbeque of ribs and chicken with all those delicious side dishes we are accustomed to ,we made ,baked beans,coleslaw,potato salad , beans,banana pudding..deviled eggs, the only missing was mom’s fried okra and only because we couldnt find any in the local grocery stores...
      Our LA friends were very pleased with our feast and fun was had by all young and old..., i remember as i was in the kitchen preparing food, looking at my mom, my daughter and my sister and feeling so much love for my life...for my family for the 50 incredible years i have lived on this earth, and i knew i have it all....the most important ingredient in my life is LOVE....i celebrated 50 with the loveof my friends and family, ...and huge piece of chocolate cake...

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      Yolanda Harris wrote Sep 20, 2008
    • Q & A

      " Why am I letting my Ex spoil my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND ?" Everyone here has given such inspiration and guidance, and He is spoiling my weekend !"

      Why am I dreading this time and TURNING 42 ?

      I am in college over full time [ 20 credits ] this semester, trying to get out of Central Ca., so I overloaded my schedule.

      What can you ladies help me to pull me out this slump before MONDAY Sept 22nd, 2008, A Double Blackjack Day for me and A Seven year change in life date ?

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      Kim Falconi wrote Dec 15, 2008
    • Ok I have a question......Not sure where to start but here I go,  I turned 40 June 18 of this year and my best friend will turn 40 Dec 22 we have been friends since 7th grade, well when I turned 40 she sent me a card in the mail (she does not live far from me at all) and her and some of my other friends are throwing her a party (she does know about it and is helping plan it) well let me say that through all of these years that we have been friends she has always did something special for hers and our other friends birthdays but I have never had anything special done for me EVER and I have never complained even though it hurt.  So now the question is do I go to this party or not?   I was going to go but then I decided not to go (I came up with an excuse not to go) so please help me I need some other opinions...please!

      thank you,

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