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I often hear that: I can't charge more because I am..... new, un-experienced, nobody knows me; and these are all valid reasons to start charging at a little bit lower price and to gain some experience and recognition before you raise your prices to what you wish for. Now, what I've found out is that I not only hear the valid reasons. I also hear some inner game tactics to be low paid and unhappy. Here are my top 5:

1. You don't believe you can sell on this price
The usual unhelpful mindset is that nobody will buy your service at a higher price, that nobody will pay for it top dollar. The focus here is on the price. And when You focus on the price, your prospect will focus on the price as well. And when you believe they will not buy on that price, guess what?, they will get that vibe and believe it too. And in the end even if it is totally true that you are new in business, your prospect may be inclined to reject you because you told him so on sub-concious level.  And let me tell you this – you don't see it or hear it but your prospect does. they read it in your sales copy and they hear it in your voice over the phone.

2. You do not believe you are enough qualified to offer what you offer
My favorite mind trap. Ok, so you are not the King of Queens and s what? I'm sure that there is definitely something of great value that you can share. How I've seen a lot of people overcome this uncertainty is THE funniest coping technique I've ever seen. They call themselves: gurus, experts even queens. Nothing wrong with that, just that if you don't believe it nobody else will believe it. Besides, titles are usually either inherited to given by merit not claimed.

3. You are not known
Ok, let me translate that into very simple words. You are starting out and you can't ask to be paid what you in your heart wish to be paid because you are new and nobody knows you.  Let me tell you this – the first thing has absolutely nothing to do with the second. If you are to get your business off the ground, please keep in mind this very key distinction. It's your job to first decide what type of client?le you are to be working with , and then create the solutions for that client?le and price them.

4. You don't have  list
Same here, weather you have a list or not- this has nothing to do with how important is what you offer to change for the better in people's lives or how well you can do it. Not having a huge list of highly targeted people can result in fewer sells but that's all. It does not result in lower prices unless you set yourself up to be this way. Also, if you have let's say a small list of people, that can mean that you need to have a better relationship with your list and that you might need to have better strategies to convert them into clients.

5. You are not salesy and don't want to be perceived as one
I hear you. There is nothing more unpleasant than to receive out of the blue unsolicited offers from people who are sure that you need to pull out your credit card and sign up for what they have. See, this type of behaviour is sales as well.  Just that in the case of entrepreneurs that are pushy, they pray on you not having a clear boundary about what is acceptable and what not. With exactly the same exact message, when delivered in a gracious and non-pushy way, you still do sales. Just that the second way of selling is – authentic and with integrity. In any way, how you deliver your message is your choice. Not asking for business because you don't want to be  salesy is also your choice as well, but a choice that is related only to the fear of naming your price.

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