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When you go though situations, feelings, relationships, that are unpleasant or even painful to your core, that means that a button of yours have been pushed. The thing is – the more and the better you know your buttons the easier and more joyful life can be BECAUSE it won't be other people or circumstances that will have a hold on you but YOU, Yourself will be deciding how to respond when others are pushing them.

1. Loneliness
It is a HUGE hot spot for most people. Feelings of connectedness and support are very important YET we have only ourselves to rely on sometimes and the responsibility of being the sole proprietor of the outcomes of your life is enormous. Sometimes unbearable. That's why it's much safer , much more comfortable to live with the pain of being all alone,all by yourself instead of looking for the heart to heart connection with others.

2. Envy
When something really aggravates you in somebody else, just ask yourself – Can it be because I want what they have, want to be in their place, want to be who they are? If it is so, then ask yourself what you will do with that knowledge. you can back stab them , sabotage their progress, trick them into falling, OR you can learn to walk and talk like them, learn what it is about yourself that you can improve on, imitate them, and get to know the nuts and bolts of of how they got to BE who they are, HAVE what they have and DO what they do.

3. Helplessness
Is this familiar: I just can't make it, I can't , I give up, ... Don't worry, I' ve heard it before. One way or another, we all go down those dead end streets where every thing seems out of place and just out of our control. Someone once told me: I've never seen before somebody who bounces back so quickly and at that time I just though that this is just the way it is supposed to be. But then I got surprised as to how many people just quit following their dreams, stop believing in themselves, keep going into a vicious circle. Why? Because they didn't find the strength or the help to get out of the rut they once upon a time fell into.

4. Betrayal
At one point in life or another we've been hurt by somebody else's betrayal – parent, lover, partner, friend, own child... One way or another this type of pain has crossed our path and left a mark on our forehead or among the white hairs on our head. Some, close their hearts and build gigantic walls around them so that nobody comes close to them and hurt them. As a consequence their whole life revolves around playing itt safe. On the other side – from our greatest pain is born our greatest growth.

5. Resentment
Some people in our lives have wronged us. They didn't treat us right, they took something from us, the used us .. As a result we get all defensive every time when we think of that time or those people. That suppressed, bottle up kind of hate, even though is targeted towards them is actually inside us. And what happens with all the negative feelings that live with us? Those feelings keep US awake at night not THEM. The question is- when we forgive something who do we set free?

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