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Love it

Valentine's Day, Shmalentine's Day


A week before Valentine's Day children across the country bring paper lunch sacks filled with animated cards covered stickers, markers, and glitter to school. Little Hershey kisses are attached to folded cards that are distributed equally throughout the class. It's a time full of excitement and cheer, yet as we grow older our happiness sinks into a bowl of sadness. The ones in love spend an evening out paying three times the original menu price, and the ones single are annually reminded that they are alone.
Despite the winter weather, the holiday sparks our hearts with its vibrant red roses and warm pink chocolate boxes. These days, it seems people can't tell the difference between the gloom of the outside weather and the gloom in their hearts.  This Valentine's Day, don't let yourself get caught in the gloom.  Here are 5 things to avoid this year on Valentine's Day.      

1. Do not spend the holiday alone.


There is nothing more depressing than spending the holiday of love alone. I don't care how you try to spin it.  Winding up with a bottle of wine and the Oxygen channel with a box of Kleenex is no way to spend the day.  Instead, take that same bottle of wine and gather your friends, sibling(s), co-workers and anyone else who is free and available to celebrate life.  It's all too easy to lose perspective and remember that the celebration of love should center around life and the people who make your life wonderful.  The truth of the matter is, the fulfillment of life and happiness does not depend on finding a mate.  

2. Do not go on a first date.


The world of dating is highly pressurized and nerve-racking enough, so adding the additional stress of going out with someone for the first time on the nationally-recognized day of love will most likely only make things awkward and strained.  



This one goes in all capitals because it's something you can't help but (seriously) contemplate on the day of love, especially when you feel like your single status is suddenly under a microscope and on fire.  Believe me, the flames will only be fanned and the next day, when it's more of a smoldering heap, you'll regret the call.  The last thing you want is to feel the pit of anxiety in your stomach grow because you made the call.  Be strong and put the phone down!    

4. Do not complain and put yourself down.


4. Do not complain and put yourself down.  Dwelling on the loneliness will only prolong and intensify it. To make matters even worse, personalizing that loneliness and taking the feelings on as a symbolism of personal failure will only bring you down.  Do not spend the day complaining and griping about your not-so-hot love life to other people, don't become the Debbie Downer of the group.  Negativity only breeds negativity.                  

5. Do not overreact.


There's no denying that it's upsetting to be surrounded by the signs of love, romance, and passion when you don't have anyone to share it with but letting that disappointment wreck your day and along with the people around you is far worse than accepting the way things are.  Going to a bar and getting over-the-top drunk in attempt to numb the pain will not solve anything or make you feel better.  Neither will going to the bar with intentions of meeting someone to spend the evening with-- spare yourself the embarrassing situation.  Don't tempt yourself with alcohol or strangers—get your best friends and most supportive people close and celebrate your love for each other, romantic or not!

Love it

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