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The biggest paradox spiritual people see is that – the more pure heart-ed and authentic they become, the more they attract not only people on a higher vibration but also people who are more than eager to drag them down. Good news is: they begin to see what others hide behind the masks and see them for who they really are. Nad news is: not everyone likes that. 5 types of people surely don't:

1. Dirt Diggers
They store up a lot of resentment, bitterness and suffering. They feel satisfaction every time they tell you a snide remark about something in the past that they blame you for – regardless if this something is true or not. And if you have somebody like that in your life, then you know that they never miss a chance to "remind you" how bad, wrong, not good enough you are every time they speak with you. In this way they feel superior. Something that they never had earned or never could have earned any other way. To protect yourself from them, simply find a contra argument that states the facts and the real truth for every situation that they dig up about you and don't leave them with the last word on the subject.

2. Greedy Backstabbers
Unfortunately, they can't make it on their own to the top, can't be the center of attention in the family or the heart of the company in a friendly circle, and they know it. So, their success strategy in life is: pull down the competition. One way or another -they see everyone as their competition and this is how you will easily recognize them. They make up stories and spread lies for just about everyone in their circle, including themselves. Just that the lies they make up for themselves are flattering for them and the lies towards others are not flattering for the target. They thrive only when they involve everyone around them to believe that their make believe benevolent and virtuous persona is their true color.

3. Black Holes
Have you ever felt "the negative presence" of someone else? You live your life happy and hopeful, making plans and dreaming out loud. Then, you have the misfortune to spend time with somebody who cuts your wings every time you want to fly. They don't just criticize, they tell you in the face that "You can't do it!" – whatever you are up to. So you end up defending your dreams, convincing them that yes, you can succeed, over and over again. In the end – you start thinking: Maybe they are right. Maybe I can't do it, I am not cut out for this. And this is the moment when the last drop of positive energy is drained from you. Like a black hole, they don't have great ideas, and plans for the future. That's why they take yours. But don't dive back. So, start psychic protection rituals daily.

4. Bullying Haters
They just can't stand someone else to have more than them, or what they want. They hate it when someone in their environment is popular, wealthy, has nice things and nice friends. They don't like fair competition or investing in yourself to succeed. You will recognize them when they do something "innocently cruel" and then pretend that they were just joking. They fancy being superior so they just declare it and make their top priority to ruin your life so that there's no evidence that someone else can be better than them. For some reason – hate propaganda for people and causes are very popular in recent years but not a very happy place to be in or around.

5. Fake Victims
They are always the victim of others, of circumstances, of their environment. Always bad things happen to them and there needs to come a knight in shining armor and save them. Needless to day, some of those skillful "poor me" manipulators are men and they wait for the Powerful woman to take them under her arm and take care of them. What they do is: blow up smoke in your face with complaints, half-truths and excuses why it was never their fault, never their responsibility and always someone else or something else is to be blamed. If they target you, just like con men, they have an agenda and want something from you – your power, your position, your contacts, your money. If you can't run away, find out the tricks they use when lying and avoid their traps.

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