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News on the Max WLX Front!
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I heard a lot of wonderful Max WLX testimonies and saw a lot of jaw-dropping "before and after" pictures from so many who have seen such great results. I met one woman who has lost 85 lbs since starting on the product during our "pre-testing" mode in January and many others who have lost 20-40 lbs since going on Max WXL this past summer. I met another woman who only lost 3 lbs (in about 6 weeks) but has lost 17 inches off of her waist, hips, arms and legs. Her before and after photos were also amazing, which demonstrated to me that losing inches of body fat is a lot more important than the numbers on the scale.  

In my family, Max WLX is batting a thousand—wonderfully effective for both my wife and me. has now lost 30 pounds, and my fat loss ranges between 15 and 20 pounds depending upon how consistent I am in the correct use of Max WLX. Prior to Max WLX, neither of us had ever been able to lose any weight whatsoever.  

Because using the product effectively will produce the best results, I wanted to share with you a few simple suggestions I was able to give at the convention that I believe will make a big difference in the amount of fat loss you will experience.  

There is magic in The Max Weight loss Accelerator System!  

Max WLX Weight Loss System includes
2 Bottles of Max WLX
The Leptin Connection book by Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D.
The Leptin Connection DVD by Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D.
Convenient Capsule Case
Tape Measure

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We believe that these tools will assist you in your journey to the perfect weight and the shape you've longed for!  

Some Steve Scott Suggestions for Success with Max WLX
I would like to share some of the things my wife and I learned as we took Max WLX and began to see the results of our journey in weight and fat loss.  

1. Be Consistent in Your Use of Max WLX
Do your best to take 2 capsules of Max WLX with a full glass of water 30 minutes before your two largest meals, every day. Now this suggestion may not work for you, but Shannon and I personally found that taking it 45 minutes to an hour in advance worked better for us than 30 minutes.  

2. Develop Better Eating Habits
Help Max WLX do its job by changing your old eating habits. Do away with consuming the same number of calories you've always consumed, or continuing to eat all of the high fat and high carb foods you used to eat! Max WLX can help you develop better eating habits. Because appetite and cravings decline as your leptin levels decline, Max WLX can serve as a springboard to overcome bad dietary habits. But YOU have to decide to use this wonderful springboard effect to eat better and eat less. In only 4 to 6 weeks, you can literally have mastery of your cravings and appetite, when you pay more attention to what your body tells you than what your senses tell you. (See number 3 below.)  

3. Respond to Your What Your Body Tells You:
Remember, Max WLX is a springboard. It will reduce your appetite and cravings if you decide to let go of old eating habits. When your body tells you that you're full, stop eating. It's okay to leave food on your plate! When you're not craving dessert or carbs, don't eat them. Don't order dessert if you're not craving it, just because everyone else is. If you begin to pay attention to your body's messages instead of your senses of taste and smell, Max WLX will give you the power to consume fewer calories, your leptin levels will continue to fall and you will lose body fat.  

4. Avoid Tempting Fate
As your appetite and cravings decrease, you need to play to them rather than play against them. About 4 weeks after I started on Max WLX,  my appetite and cravings began to subside. I'd find it easy to stop eating about half to two-thirds through the meal, and was never hungry for desserts. I actually lost my craving for sweets. However, I noticed that if I ordered my favorite meals at restaurants or if we cooked my very favorites at home, even though my hunger was satisfied half way through the meal, I would keep eating, just because it tasted so good. For example, even when I wasn't hungry any more, I'd continue to eat one of my favorite meals, angel hair pasta with a pink cream sauce, long after my hunger had ceased. So, to make life a whole lot easier, I made my "favorite few" off limits. I simply wouldn't order them and my wife wouldn't cook them. The same was true with other cravings. The only treat I would feel compelled to eat, even when I wasn't craving it or actually hungry was "fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies." If I could smell them, I would want them. So, my wife no longer bakes brownies when I'm home. If there are some foods or desserts that you like so much that you will continue eating them, even when you're no longer hungry or craving—put those foods on your "black list" of foods to avoid.  

5. Skipping Meals Can Lead to Overeating
People who eat a healthy breakfast lose weight 40 percent faster than people who skip breakfast altogether! A healthy breakfast jump-starts your metabolism. The key is moderate, portion-sized, low carbs and not an excessive amount of fat. (Remember, fats need to be "good" fats! Please see Dr. Rosedale's book in the Max Weight loss Accelerator System to learn which fats are healthy and which fats are not.) I was shocked to hear how many people skip breakfast. Skipping meals makes your body want to store fat instead of burn it. It also results in overeating later in the day or the evening. In the clinical study, participants ate a healthy breakfast, a healthy snack between breakfast and lunch; a healthy lunch, a healthy snack between lunch and dinner and then a healthy dinner before 8:00 PM! Following this regimen with moderate exercise, even the placebo group lost weight and fat. But the Max WLX group lost 92 percent more fat than the placebo group! Healthy meals are moderate portion sizes, low carbs and low to moderate healthy fats. Healthy snacks were protein oriented rather than carb oriented.  

6. Be Sure You Get Enough Sleep
recent studies show that lack of sleep can radically affect leptin levels and result in significant weight gain. If you're doing everything right, but not getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night, Max WLX may not be able to offset or overcome your bad sleeping habits. Dr. Keller tells us that having bad sleeping habits is among the worst things we can do to our health. So if you're not getting a good night's sleep, realize that it is a problem you need to seriously address, for your health's sake.  

In closing, I just want to give you this one last bit of encouragement. Max WLX has been 100 percent effective in our home. Believe me when I tell you that my wife and I are no different than you. We've simply learned to pay attention to our bodies and to stop eating when our hunger is satisfied. We don't tempt fate by putting our favorite meals and desserts in front of us. And most important, we haven't stopped using the product.
It's great not being a slave to my appetites and cravings. That is a wonderful new feeling that I realized about 4 weeks into my use of Max WLX.
We are proud to have brought a complete weight-loss system to you at our Convention to help you bring your leptin levels under control so you can lose fat and keep it off!  

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