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Since there is no one scheduled to blog this a.m., I’ll take a shot at it after a partial day of rest from the keyboard! Thanks so much to DIANE & KATHLEEN for setting up bloggers this week. You don’t know how much I appreciate your having done so. . . .just keep it up as that’s great work!

I decided after yesterday a little frivolity & mirth might be a good thing. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m an observer of life & of people. In the ‘olden-golden’ days, we were called philosophers, poets & sometimes ‘mystics‘. Well, whatever!

I’ve decided I need to say something about the assinine advertising that comes our way on a constant moment by moment basis. I get so irritated listening to the radio (only when I drive I might add) and a really great discussion begins & boom! On comes an entire series of ads that either irritate the hide off me or give me a hearty laugh. I might add (excuse the pun) that same is true of TV.

Here’s a few that rattle my cage:

There’s this syrupy-voiced gentleman in Indy who sells diamonds. I cringe everytime he comes on because he’s just tooooo smooth! He’s got the best & cheapest diamonds in the city according to him and when we come in, all his folks care about is what’s best for “us“. . . yea, like I believe that being the sceptic I am. And he’s on every break it seems. What really rattles me is that we are approaching the holiday season and he’ll be on ALL THE TIME! So I’ve taken BOLD ACTION. . . I hit the “power” button for a few seconds so I don’t have to listen to him ‘slobber’ all over the airwaves.

Then there’s the E.D. ones. And I don’t mean “Doctor of Education” either. You know the condition that became subject of public consumption when Bob Dole needed some pocket change! Now I ask you. . . . who cares! Oh I realize it may be something very important to some members of the other gender & a few of us girls. . . but wouldn’t you think it would be a subject for discussion in the privacy of your physician’s office where no one else could hear? Let alone - listen to. It would be totally laughable if I hadn’t heard the mom of a young son ask - “Mom, what’s ED? Oh the blush that came over her face as she twisted & turned to try & explain to a six year old about a condition for which his anatomy had not yet grown to size - oops!!!

Well there goes the “power” button again. . . . hummmmm wonder how many seconds this one lasts!

Yesterday, there was this car repair ad that was so ludicrous that I was laughing out loud. 2 grown men yelling at one another in such manner one couldn’t hear what they were saying. Now do they really think that sane, intelligent, rational folks would do business with two grown men speaking English (at least I thought that’s what it was) with such a heavy accent from outer space that no one knew what they were saying. I would assume the “bill” would be equally unintelligible!

But the one that really rattles my cage is on TV. It’s somewhat akin to the E.D. ones only this time we get to watch 2 folks acting like utter teenagers when they should know better - right? And I love the ending with each of them in separate ‘bathtubs’ holding hands overlooking a body of water! Now isn’t that just too touching (oh there I go again with the puns).

I have to tell you that the last time I laughed so hard I wet my britches (well I do have a ‘chronologically maturing bladder, you know) is during a 50th class reunion meeting when the subject turned to stupid TV ads. I made an off the wall comment about the “4-hour warning” (oh come on girls. . you know the one I mean) and the guys in attendance took off from there. One of them said - “If I had that problem I wouldn’t see a doctor, I’d tie a yellow ribbon on it and parade nude down the street shouting, See what I’ve got!” Well we nearly fell off our chairs laughing!

I tell you I can’t watch that ad without a visual picture of Tom walking down their hill with a huge smile on his face! And that ain’t all!

Anyway, enough for today. My maternal g‘dad was the advertising editor (and editorial writer) for the local newspaper for eons. He was a man of considerable integrity and propriety. He would do more than his usual “humph” these days when he heard something he disagreed with. He’d probably pass out entirely.

You know, I’m certainly not a prude. . . but there are some things that simply don’t belong in the public arena. If you have a challenge such as spoken above. . . don’t tell me about it as I can’t help you. And please don’t polute the public airwaves about it either. Oh I know it sells. . . but I’m NOT BUYIN‘!

Have an awesome day & remember. . . .we all have access to the ‘power button‘!

Linda, a fellow journeyer


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Rena Bennefield wrote Nov 6, 2008
    • Linda I know what you mean..The one that kills me is the one on TV for the Male Enhancement product..This 20 some year old dark haired girl is promoting it..She says this in the most annoying voice..So much so I have considered writing or calling the company or TV station and complaining.. I believe her line is ..It's designed to enlarge that special place on a man's body..OMG...I just want to reach in and slap her..She bats her lashes and wrinkles her nose and talks really cute..EWWWWWWWWWW.. and lest we forget the ..VIVA VIAGRA...LMAO

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Linda S Fitzgerald wrote Nov 6, 2008
    • Oops, Kat. . . the other product of the same ‘bent’ (oh excuse a crude pun) will demand equal time.  Actually it’s the one that starts with a “C” that broke us up at the reunion meeting.  I guess if it didn’t happen for Tom I’ll have to call & tell him to “Viva Viagra“!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Marie Hempsey wrote Nov 6, 2008
    • Thank you for sharing this with us. I so enjoyed reading it!
      Have a great day!

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