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Here I am at 12:25 am, in front of the television that I rarely watch. It's been an evening of unexpected emotion for me. I am known as the funny girl; the sarcastic one with the quick comeback. The serious, emotional side doesn't rear its face often on my blog [Link Removed] reserved for more private times.

However, this is one of the few times that I feel the need to share the other side of The Daily Blonde. Yes, I am real: I do cry...I do like to talk about things that aren’t funny.  

Tonight after my children went to bed, I was to sit and be a guest “tweet” on the Mommy Gossip GNO ...pegged as a liberal funny girl. I won’t deny that...but I never thought I’d be so entranced by this election night and SO NOT FUNNY. I was just too distracted by the speed of the decision in this election. I’ve been around 45 years now and I don’t recall an election that was decided this fast. Perhaps it’s just because this one was so controversial. Whatever the case, my typically flippant mouth was silenced to the point where I’m sure I disappointed someone out there.  

I have been a single mom for over 7 years. I’ve struggled to raise 5 children on my own, the majority of those years without the benefit of child support. I have worked hard to provide for my children and it wasn’t without frustrations, tears, tough choices and sacrifice. Might sound dramatic, but not many would even realize that I’ve walked the hard road while keeping the face of a happy-go-lucky woman. Never let them see you sweat...isn’t that what they say? Well, I’ve done plenty of sweating. How can you not when you‘re trying to do your best to juggle the lives of five very important people without financial or emotional support?

This isn’t about my struggles to be the best possible Mom I could be without a guide book...this is about the promise for the future. I have NEVER cared one iota about government, politics or who is running for what. After struggling for over a year after an accident took away my job, my paycheck, my ability to walk normally like I used to...I realized that it was time to pay attention. I’ve endured two major surgeries and I have another one coming up next week. I joke about it...but it’s just to cover how incredibly taxing it’s been on my spirit. I needed more than ever to have confidence in the future for the sake of my children. Both candidates didn’t impress me much. So, I started reading, learning, making choices on my own without influence.

Tonight was not only historic for the country, it was historic for me. I’ve never voted in my life (there’s a long story to that) and this year I needed to do that. No matter if my one small vote meant noting, it felt powerful. I want my children to have bright futures, not the worry and stress I’ve experienced. I want my children to feel safe and feel confident that in time we will bounce back as a nation. My two oldest daughers are now adults in this unstable economy...I want them to feel secure. My three youngest children need to see a positive role model in the White House while I continue to try my dammed best to be a positive role model for them.

I watched McCain concede with grace. The best speech of his campaign. Perhaps because there was no longer the pressure to perform. I give him kudos for all he set out to do.

I watched President-elect Obama’s speech with unexpected tears. I watched as he held his little daughters hand with REAL affection. I watched him kiss his wife with real love. He glowed with pride. When in the hell have we seen that in recent history? You can’t fake real. I know that because I can’t fake emotion. I am deeply emotional when I care. I am completely aloof when I don’t. Life to me is black and white. Sort of ironic isn’t it?

My son Maxx, 10 years old and extremely in tune with life, asked me before bed, “Mom, will this mean that more people can become big things no matter how they look or what color they are?” How awesome that I can wake him up in the morning and say, “Yes, Maxx, we’ve made history while you were sleeping.” I find it simply amazing that I can share these moments with my children that they will remember far into their adult lives. My older son, newly 13, kissed me goodnight tonite (yes, he still does) and said, “Will they paint the White House or doesn’t that matter?” Interesting take on race. I love children for that sort of innocence.  

I’m hoping there is a feeling of “family” and unity in this historic night. I want to hug my kids and say, “I had no idea who I wanted in the White House. There was a point where I wanted neither. But tonight, I am proud of my choice. I saw a real man who might make mistakes but is going to be handed a huge task. A gigantic undertaking. Let’s give this man our support. President Obama, after his moving speech, gives me hope that we can now focus on family more than ever because we have someone who understands the value of that.”

I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled funny stuff in no time. I’m just excited to tell my children that we‘re going to move forward, no matter how hard the climb. Now let me go wipe my eyes and don’t spread the word that I’m an emotional chick. But isn’t it sort of nice to know I’m real beneath all the snarky comments?

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Member Comments

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      Bcr8ive wrote Nov 9, 2008
    • I think you hit the emotion of the night right on. I live in a world where the majority of people around me were devastated by the election. I may be the one of the few in my circle who saw signs of hope as an outcome. I sat with my 18 year old son, who voted for the first time on Tuesday, and proudly cast his ballot for the man who would be his commander in chief, as he is leaving for the navy early next year. We watched the two speeches and cried and cheered over the potential for change.

      Like you, I’ve been a single mom for a long time. Two years ago I was laid off from my job, diagnosed with FMS, and have struggled every day since then to keep my family living normally. Like almost everyone who really evaluates their situation, I’m definitely not better off than I was 8 years ago. And pray that this new administration can change that.

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