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Do you have a few inches to lose to get into your wedding dress? Do you have a special occasion coming up? Or do you just want to lose a few inches to look better in your bathing suit? I am so excited to tell you about a company I have partnered with called ItWorks! ItWorks offers at home body wraps to help you loose those unwanted pounds. It Works! top-selling product—the Ultimate Body Applicator, is a body wrap that tightens and tones the skin, reduces wrinkles, fades stretch marks and shrinks spongy, cellulite prone parts of the body. The Applicator is used on the abdomen, back, legs, arms, facial and chin areas.The Applicator is a special, non-woven lotion cloth which is easily applied to the skin in a simple one-step process. There are four Applicators per package. It Works! has received national media attention including an appearance on Comcast Newsmakers news program “Alternatives to Surgery” which aired on CNN South for several weeks. It Works! was also recently featured in Opportunity World Magazine and at the EMMY Swag Gift Suite.

Why wrap?
Skin is the largest Breathing organ of our body and everyday we expose it to harmful toxins, smoking, air pollution, Chemicals and even exposure to the harmful dry windy weather. These harmful toxins get caught up in our fat cells, leaving us feeling sluggish, fatigued and sometimes rather physically ill.

Body wraps are not only for weight loss they are a total body Makeover internal and external. A well designed body wrap can help fix your skin problems, improve circulation, ease muscle and joint pain, rid the body of harmful toxins and activate the breakdown of fat cells so it can be eliminated from the body naturally through our own lymphatic drainage system.

So what is a wrap and does it really work?
In the golden days, they were simply an ace bandage or saran wrap tightly wrapped around your body. With the increases in science and technology, they are much more than just something to make you feel a bit slimmer.

Today a body wrap is likely to be a treatment where you are lathered up in a rich mineral body mask of seaweed and other various botanical or herbal ingredients that help to speed up the metabolism and help to rid your body of toxins. This treatment could last anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

These treatments are performed at high end Day Spas and salons, and are becoming increasingly popular as a private, in home treatment.

Are all treatments the same?

There are essentially two types of treatments being sold today. Both types of wraps will cause drastic improvements in the healing, conditioning, and moisturizing of the skin. However, there is a big difference between the two.

A Big Night Treatment
The first type of wrap is particularly beneficial for a special occasion or a large event. It enables you to lose inches drastically through water weight loss. These can be very useful on an evening or weekend when you want to be looking your slimmest and fittest. However, the inch loss from this type of wrap is temporary, much like you would get from a prolonged session in a sauna.

A “Permanent” Treatment- The Wrap sold by ItWorks!
The other type of body wrap is known for its capabilities to aide in weight loss. This type of treatment creates inch loss by allowing the lymphatic system to successfully remove stored toxins. These toxins enter your system through your environment, poor dieting, and pollutants.

This permanent treatmetn also stimulates lymphatic drainage, which in turn, releases toxins and fatty acids from your cells. These toxins are then eliminated along with the systems natural waste process.

A sign of this type of wrap is a necessary step in the instructions to “drink water.” Your system needs this water to aide in the release of toxins, and without it, your body won’t be able to perform this process properly i.e you will not get the results you are looking for.

The results from this type of wrap can vary depending on an individual’s toxicity level; however, the inch loss obtained is often permanent.

You tried a wrap but you didn’t lose any inches
Although most begin to see improvements and inch loss after the first
application, some may take up to 3-4 applications to achieve optimal results. Those who are on medication and/or who have toxic systems (i.e.,
are not regular) may fit in this category. Inch loss is not the only benefit
from the Applicator. It also defines, tightens, tones and firms the skin, and
visibly enhances the body’s contours. It also diminishes the appearance of
cellulite and skin slackening. Improves the elasticity, moisturizes and vitalizes the skin, leaving it smooth and flexible, with a youthful and fresh appearance—so don’t be too hard on yourself try another wrap. There are several reasons why your loss may not be as great as you would have hoped: you are on your menstral cycle, you did not drink enough water, you have not eliminated waste recently or you are on medications that prohibited your body from working as effectively as you would have liked.

What if I gain inches:
Don't be alarmed...this is actually a good thing! The Applicator will
cause the toxins in the body to get stirred up, which will initially cause the
body to bloat and produce an apparent gain in inches. Drinking a large
amount of water within the next couple of days following the use of the
Applicator will allow the body to flush the toxins and many have then seen
a significant inch loss as a result! With the Ultimate Body Applicator, results are progressive. With each treatment you will be more pleased with your results. Your skin will look and feel smoother, younger, more toned, and tightened. A once a week application is recommended for continuous, progressive results and for ongoing maintenance. The more consistent and diligent you are in applying the Ultimate Applicators the better the results!

Key Ingredients in ItWorks wraps:
Bladderwrack: A type of seaweed that was the original source of iodine, and was used extensively to treat goiter, a swelling of the thyroid gland related to insufficient iodine. In the 1860s, it was claimed that Bladderwrack, as a thyroid stimulant, could counter obesity by increasing metabolic rate, and, since then, it has been featured in numerous weight-loss remedies.

Green tea: Green tea is well known for its antioxidant properties. Its antioxidants are up to 25-100 times more potent than Vitamin C and E. Green tea contains some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, called ‘catechins’ which detoxify and purify the skin and also reduce the photo-aging effect of ultraviolet rays. It also helps in maintaining a firm and elastic skin, ie: the anti-aging effect. Skin products with green tea extracts are therefore extremely useful in fighting the ill-effects of pollution as well as premature aging of the skin.

Ivy extract: Ivy Extract - Firms body tissue by eliminating excess water to give skin a firmer, smoother appearance. Also improves microcirculation Ivy in cosmetic use When used topically in cosmetic and skincare products, ivy has a decongesting, as well as toning effect and also acts as a penetrating medium. Not only does ivy help to boost the blood circulation, but it also tones and tightens the skin, while helping to remove waste products and fatty build-ups.

Horsetail extract: The flavonoids and saponins in horsetail have great cell rejuvenating and regenerating properties and also have a stabilizing effect on the connective tissue, thereby increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Horsetail is the most powerful natural supplement to repair the connective tissue and restore your skins natural firmness.

Butchers Broom extract: Butchers Broom Extract - therapeutic properties are used in skin care to increase circulation, reduce edema, reduce swelling and to act as an anti-inflammatory – all very useful when fighting cellulite. It has also been used with good results in the treatment of varicose veins.

Guarana seed extract: Guarana Seed Extract - aids in a temporary, natural increase in body temperature and metabolic thermogenesis through nutritional stimulation of the body’s receptor pathway, which can induce the breakdown and release of stored body fat, thereby allowing stored fats to be turned into energy. Thermogenesis refers to the body’s production of heat, a normal part of metabolic processes. Thermogenesis can be enhanced by certain nutritional substances. When stimulated through appropriate dietary supplementation, thermogenesis is also a mechanism that increases metabolic rate. Stored body fat, if released and available for use, can provide the fuel for this increased metabolic rate.

Jojoba Extract - The oil extracted from Jojoba (the botanical name of which is Simmondsia chinensis) contains adequate amount of myristic acid. It is owing to its presence that the oil has anti inflammatory properties. The oil quickly penetrates into the skin and works wonders for dry and sensitive skin. It will actually help rejuvenating the skin and new cell growth as well as sorting out problem skin, without clogging the skin.

Tocopherol - The most active form of Vitamin E in humans is Alpha-tocophero. Alpha-tocophero is a powerful biological antioxidant. An antioxidants helps protect your cells against the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are byproducts of the body’s metabolism that may harm you.

Rosemary Oil - helps in reducing skin fragility while boosting the skin in general, since it has a great ability to increase circulation and also contains antioxidants which have anti-aging properties as they reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Has excellent toning and binding effects on loose, sagging skin, while at the same time increasing blood flow.

Eucalyptus Oil - Promotes the regeneration of skin tissue. Eucalyptus oil has blood stimulation properties (A vaso-dilator that improves blood circulation). Rubbed onto the skin, eucalyptus oil stimulates blood flow. It helps a great deal in improving the blood circulation. It acts as a wonderful stimulant for the body.

So if a body wrap is what you are seeking, ItWorks offers a state of the art approach to helping you drop those unwanted pounds. ItWorks offers a variety of health and wellness products that are companions to the body wraps:  

Defining gel: Intensive skin care gel designed to hydrate the skin and firm areas such as the abdomen, back, legs and upper arms. Immediate and progressive results that work in conjunction with the body wrap.

Fat Fighter:
Advanced Formula Fat Fighter (60)
It Works is now offering a first-to-market product that helps fight that stubborn fat. Powered by NeOpuntia and the It Works proprietary blend, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter delivers dynamic, clinically tested results for both men and women.

A moisturizing facial cream with a unique blend of herbal extracts that gives skin a more youthful appearance. Good for normal, dry or oily skin. Improves firmness and evens skin tone. Boosts skins natural glow, tone and texture. Produces a tightening effect for lift and vitality.

It’s-Vital Advanced Multi-Vitamin-Mineral
It’s-Vital supplies all your essential vitamins and minerals and was formulated using the absolute highest quality ingredients with the highest effectiveness to your body.

Its Green:
NEW! Not eating your fruits and vegetables like you should? Get what you are missing with It’s Greens. It’s Greens helps to alkaline your body, balance your immune system and detox your body. Each serving has the nutritional value of eight plus servings of fruits and vegetables. It’s Greens is a pleasant tasting, orange-flavored powder mix. Simply add to water.  

Its Essential meal replacement bars:
The It’s Essential Whole Food Meal Replacement Bar is a convenient, healthy alternative for busy people on the go. The Essential Bar is a tasty combination of healthy fats, low glycemic carbs and gluten-free protein which will optimize your diet and keep you satisfied throughout the day!

Confianza is an all natural supplement that increases energy levels while reducing stress and fatigue. Confianza is a perfect companion product for low carb diets. Confianza is formulated with numerous adaptogens. Adaptogens help restore body balance which helps us cope with stress be it physical, environmental, or emotional.

It Works-Regular
It Works! is now offering a life changing herbal supplement designed to aid in elimination and support colon function naturally. Using It’s Regular insures daily removal of toxins and waste material and offers a gentle way to cleanse the colon.  

The Answer 2.0
The Answer 2.0 is a weight loss formula that is designed to reduce your appetite, increase lean body mass, increase metabolic rate and thermogenesis. burn more calories, and increase energy levels.*

New You 2.0 BRF
New You 2.0 is a one-of-a-kind longevity formula designed to stimulate and support the production and release of the body’s own human growth hormone. New You 2.0 helps the body turn back the hands of time. New you 2.0 aids lean muscle mass, enhances exercise endurance, provides better sleep and memory.

FITworks Online Program
Interactive online program to help you lose weight using Food Induced ThermogenicsTM while focusing on improving your health and well being.

Where can I get these great products?
The ItWorks products can be ordered direct from the company or can be ordered at a trimspa at your home! For being the hostess of a fun trim spa you would receive the wrap of your choice for free! I am also a Beauticontrol consultant specializing in the Spa Escape (or at home spa) so call me today to scedule your summertime Spa, trim spa or a combo spa- 678-227-1348 or look at my new website at www.itworks. net/getskinnybyginny!


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