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Love it

It’s a fact! Far too many people have bad websites and misuse social media.  Many websites are just simply out of date because the technology has progressed, but more often than not, it is just simply because people don’t understand the importance of having a good website.  A lot of the time, the technology is confusing and overwhelming.  

I have run into a fair shake of people who have trusted someone to build a good site for their business and $20,000 later they still have junk.  I see people posting incessantly about themselves; as much as 5 -10 posts in one hour on social media. With scams littering the Internet, each click of the mouse is like walking in a minefield.

So, it is time; time for a few tips that is. A good or a bad website is like your signature on the Internet.... And social media used poorly is just like static on a radio.  Total and complete NOISE.
So how do you get Heard Above the Noise?

1. Find a company you can trust.

A good website these days should be CMS based and you should have easy access to the back-end of the website to be able to make simple changes.  Your website should never be held hostage by a website or web-hosting company.  You should have all passwords and the website domain should be registered in your name. In this day and age, if you are a serious business, find a serious company to help you with your website.

2. Did you make your website yourself?

Go back to #1 above and find yourself some help.  Unless you are a trained professional, creating websites on your own, particularly if you need to sell products over the Internet, is a no-no.  Unprofessional will be your signature on the Internet.

3. Are you a professional company using anything but ecommerce to sell products?

We hope not.  Go to #1.  

4. Are your website expenses as routine as a light bill or heating bill?

We live in a day and age where a good website is just as important as lights and heat. In fact, without one, you may not be able to pay the lighting and heating bill!

5. Yikes, where am I?

You’ve Googled, Best Searched, and Bing’d, but your site isn’t anywhere to be found.  These days your site needs to be SEO.  You need a site map.  I have said this before... go back to #1.

6. Yes, we are idiots.

I mean this nicely, of course.  But seriously, if you have a Harvard degree, do not show this in your website.  Keep it around an 8th grade level. Remember, we live in a day and age where people post videos of their pets dancing and it gets millions of views. Dumb yourself down- this doesn’t mean be stupid- and make your site easy to read and get around.

7. Always join or upload your profile...

especially if you are older than 35.  If you don’t, your business will miss a generation who is using the Internet.  Actually, they LIVE on the Internet, cell phones, etc...  Your company needs a social media presence as well as a mobile or ecommerce presence.

8. To put it nicely, your website is sub-par.

You pretty much know this already or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Remember these simple rules:  (1) Those 5 page static websites are dead.  (2) I didn’t last more than 10 seconds on your homepage- especially if up popped sound or worse- sound and video combined.  (3) It took me more than 7 clicks to get somewhere.  My standard is 3. (4) Your website is too chaotic.

9. Goodbye.

You put a link on your site that takes a visitor to another site.  I understand if you are partnered with or are writing for a certain website that promotes you... if this is the case, open up a link in a new window.

10. Who goes to your site and why?

Get your website statistics.  You can find out analytics for exactly how many people visit, where they are from, how long they stay on your page, etc.

10 ½.  ...Because we can.

Contact us at Best Media Company ( & WebGem Network ( for a no obligation proposal.  We will go through your website and let you know what you need to update on your site or create a site for your business. It won’t cost you a fortune and we‘re a company you can trust.

Contact us last to see why we‘re first!

Love it

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