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“Do this in remembrance of me!”

The Lord’s very words as He celebrated the seder the night before His death. He asked those gathered about Him to “remember Him“. Remember what He had done, said & taught them.

Mostly to remember what He was getting ready to do for them! I doubt they had any comprehension at all as to what He was preparing for them. It was quite some time before the reality sunk in and they totally understood.

We’ve codified & ritualized that meal. We call it the Seder & now celebrate it with our wonderful Jewish friends. Or we call it “The Last Supper” because it was. His “last supper” with friends & colleagues with whom He’d spent 3 long arduous years. I doubt that’s what He had in mind.

He asks us to “remember” Him. In all that we do! Not just at weekend liturgies or a quarterly celebration. Certainly not just once a year during the week we ‘officially’ celebrate that meal.

When we eat & drink! Think of where He was & what He was doing when he uttered those words. He was dining with friends. Folks He loved dearly. Folks who’d stayed with Him through thick n’ thin. How it must have saddened Him to leave them behind even though that had been the plan from Day 1.

In 1995, a small group of us visited a site outside Bethlehem where they have recreated much of Biblical history, including how the crosses were actually made. I can’t remember the name of the exhibit, but they served us a meal very reminiscent of the “Last Supper“. We “reclined” at table. We ate humus, broke bread & drank wine (and yes it was fermented!) as the director of the center instructed us as to how it was in Jesus day. It was an awesome experience.

The folks with whom Jesus ate his final earthly meal were a motley crew. They had been fishermen - big, burly & strong. There was a tax collector whose societal role was one of the most hated. These men had been so attracted to this man Jesus - that they dropped everything and hung out with Him for 3 long years. Now they were reclining at table with Him for what would be their last meal with him in human flesh.

I’ve often thought about what we’ve done with the “meal” and how we’ve trivialized it by setting it into a ritual setting. But I’ve also come to recognize that in some ways we are “feeding” Him Who lives within us & in so doing, we are asked to “remember” why & how that came about!

How many of us remember Him daily? Moment by moment? How many of us “remember” when we partake of the food we eat, the liquid we drink? I believe we are to “remember Him” in all that we do, say, eat or otherwise engage in in life. Yes, there is that special time when we celebrate the “meal” that we are reminded to “remember“.

“Remember” what? What is it we are to remember? Well, if we examine that last meal, what it is they were doing (the common evening meal of Passover celebration) - they were following the Hebrew ritual in preparation to celebrate the Passover. But they were doing more than that. At least He was!

He ushered in a new thing. Something of greater value than we can imagine. He made it possible for us to have the same ‘connection’ with His DAD that He has. He made it possible for everyone to have such an intimate relationship with the God of creation. The Almighty, ever-present, ever-knowing, Alpha & Omega - beginning & end!

He made it possible for us to cry out “ABBA” in the same manner as He & know that DAD hears us & will respond!

So it isn’t just “Him” we remember. It’s Him & the “what” He did for us. If we haven’t arrived at a place where we know that, then the meal is just that - a meal!

Let us enter into this season of remembrance with a renewed vigor to “remember” the “what” He has done for us. Let us share with others the wonderful story of why we celebrate with Him on a daily basis. Why every meal we eat & drink is an opportunity to drink in the fullness of Him that resides within & lives when we simply say “yes” to His vicarious act on the Cross.

We ought not carve out certain times of a year as a “season of remembrance” though. We ought to make every day; every breath the “season to remember“. Every meal; every waking activity. And yes, as we sleep! As we sleep, our minds are still & He can walk in and plant seeds of Truth our otherwise conscious mind would dare not entertain. So perhaps we want to celebrate “sleep” as well.

“Do This (everything) In Remembrance of Me!” When we eat & drink & walk & talk & ride & share. . . . remember!

And let your remembrance be an opportunity for Him to feed you!


Linda, a fellow journeyer
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