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Yesterday, I spent time with friends! We met for a specific purpose - the Indy Greenwood South AWI network monthly meeting. There were a number of us and energy was high as women new to AWI joined us, etc.

But that’s not the point of this post, nor is it the importance of why we were gathered! At least not totally for me & hopefully not so for the others.

The ‘prologue’ to this post began several months ago when I attended another networking organization’s large monthly gathering. The short program was given by C. J. McClanahan (that name won’t mean anything to those of you outside Indy, however worth mentioning). C.J. was part of the original group of men who put together the organization several years ago. His emotional message particularly resonated with me for many reasons.

Basically, C.J. urged us to form “personal relationships” -“personal friendships“. The reason for his sense of urgency was the fact that another member of the original team was dying! Dying at a very young age of a brain tumor. C.J. had spent time with his friend around their kitchen table in recent days. They didn’t talk business; they didn’t talk networking; they didn’t talk about the organization. They talked about life and about their friendship.

When all was said and done. . . the ‘bottom line’ had come down to the friendship the 2 men had as a result of working together to make something happen! C. J. noted that there is no “price tag” one can put on personal friendships! And as important as doing business is. . . nothing, but NOTHING can replace the value of personal friendships!

As I drove home last evening (yes, 2 of us stayed long after the meeting closed & shared about many things), I
thought about the value of what had occurred in that room during a ‘networking luncheon meeting‘.

It wasn’t about the model, although the model helps women greet, meet & get to know each other on a more personal level! It wasn’t about enrolling new members although for any organization to be truly valuable “business-wise“, we must enroll new members! It wasn’t even about Susie’s awesome brief program that caused us to think about own ability to attract those we want to attract!

It was about the personal friendships that are forming in that room! It was about women chatting with each other about anything but “doing business“. It was the ‘bond’ I felt with each of them - all of them. And I believe about the bond they are beginning to feel with each other.

“What value friendship?” If I asked you “how much is that relationship with so & so worth to you - in $$$ & cents - what would you say?” Can we put a value on friendships? And can any relationship we have with another ever truly be replaced?

C.J. told us there is no dollars & cents value we can put on personal friendships! And he eluded to the fact that no friendship can ever be truly replaced. Each of us is unique and the friendship we have with another is unique to each of us.

But what struck me about his remarks (other than he could have been giving a ‘commercial’ for AWI) was the total lack of anything remotely related to “business“. It was all about the friendship he had with his dying friend.  

When it came down to days before a dear friend might leave this earth - nothing else mattered. The time spent at his friend’s kitchen table could not be measured. It’s “value” was in the men’s sharing of their personal love for each other. A “love” of the other that grew out of a common interest, a shared vision & most likely business
-done at some point in time. None of that mattered anymore!

I think of this today because I realize that I’m one of the most fortunate women in the world! I realize that the lump I felt in my chest as I drove yesterday had nothing to do with the fact that growth is occurring in the Indy neighborhoods. Nothing to do with anything other than the personal friendships I’m being privileged to have as we continue down the AWI path. Friendships that don’t stop at geographical boundaries!

What I’m privileged to experience is friendships across space & time because I live in the 21st century & modern technology makes it possible to bond together with women from all over the world in such a way that true friendships are forming, bonding & emerging! I couldn’t ask for more.

I urge each of you to take stock of the personal friendships you have in life. And those that are forming, bonding & emerging. Ask yourself if you can put a “value” on them beyond the intrinsic value that true friendships bring
to our lives.

And then do something to say to those who “have become part of the fabric of your lives” (from the song “Wherever You Go“) that being part of the fabric is one of life’s greatest privileges!

Have an awesome day with memories of friends close to home & far away!

Linda, a fellow journeyer


Member Comments

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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Oct 23, 2008
    • Totally agreed.  I see everyone that cross my path is angel from God.  It can be anyone - may not even bother to say hi or smile back - but they are... sometimes it clicks for a second, sometimes a few more minutes and some last awhile and disappear; some stay forever like chewing gum!  No matter what level, they are meant to be at that place, at that time to encounter the Me and I, on the other side, also meant to be there to encounter them!    Thanks, Linda.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Linda S Fitzgerald wrote Oct 24, 2008
    • Chinadoll!

      Thank you for your affirming comment.  There truly is no monetary value we can place on friendships and/or relationships.  Friendships/relationships change when we interject ‘money’ into the equation, as the ‘value’ of any friendship &/or relationships is intrinsic in & of itself.

      Thanks so much,

      Linda S. Fitzgerald,
      [Link Removed]

      Lf@awomensplace, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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      Shari Tenner wrote Oct 30, 2008
    • I have two or three best friend who are the most loving and supportive people in my life.  they are available, reliable and never too judgemental.  If not for these good women in my life I would be lonely and in a bad way.  the are the pillar of strength for me at the moment.

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