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The universe is abundant in every aspect and every respect, and that abundance is in continual flow. If you think lack, you are not attracting lack but rather resisting or repelling the abundant flow that is never ceasing. It's an important distinction to understand: you are not magnetic to lack, but rather repellent to abundance, which is all that is real. God is all that is real—all else is the grand illusion or Maya. Your energy field is either magnetic, in which case you attract all the good that is your due, or it is repellent in some manner, in which case you resist the good that is flowing to you.  The law of Attraction is more accurately the law of Attraction and Repulsion.  

Why is this an important distinction to make? Why is it important to understand that you do not attract lack, but rather that you repel abundance? And likewise, you do not attract fear, but rather you repel love. It's very important because then it becomes obvious what you need to do to change things. The first step is not to try to attract abundance directly, but rather to stop resisting the natural state of things. You need to clear the resistance patterns, because they are in the way of the natural order of things. The only way to stop resisting is to accept what is, and perceive it as the divine wisdom at work in your life.  When you surrender to the present moment and accept what is, you align with the flow of life.

The Universe is always and eternally willing to flow abundant resources to you. It is as willing to flow resources to you as to your neighbour or the homeless person down the street.  YOU are the one who either allows or resists the flow of the universal creative energies.  The universe makes no judgment—the flows of universal energies are like water in a river. If there is an obstacle, the water's course will be diverted and it will carry on without concern.

When you acknowledge the nature of the divine universal energies: abundance, love, joy, beauty, truth, and align with those energies while surrendering to the course of life or a higher will, then you cannot NOT attract great good into your life. The only reason you may not have these energies abundantly in your life is because you have resistance to them. The key to all the good in life is to release resistance to the divine universal energies that permeate creation, and thus to life itself. For it is through life and how it appears to you that the divine intelligence will deliver its goods to you.  Eckart Tolle expresses this as 'not minding what happens' in his book, The New Earth. When you are inwardly non-resistant with what happens in life, you automatically align with life and are no longer at the mercy of what happens. It is only when you resist what is that the outer world determines your happiness or unhappiness.  When you are inwardly non-resistant, the outer world has no power over you.  And when you are inwardly aligned to the present moment, "your actions become empowered by the intelligence of Life itself". As you begin to flow with life, you can then envision your desires according to what is stirring in you, and you will be able to easily surrender those visions and patiently wait for the intelligence of Life to show you the way.  Infinite patience is faith—so when you are patient and allow Life to respond to your visions, you become a powerful attractor point for immediate results, as faith aligns you deeply with the mind of the God and is a great power for accelerated manifestation.

The following is a vibrationally encoded image created by one of the co-developers of the Inner Mastery Tools, which contains healing frequencies that will assist you in clearing all resistances to life so that you are continually saying YES to life and aligning to its wisdom.  Details on how to find out more about how vibrationally-encoded images work appears below.  

The clearing frequencies begin to work in you as soon as you look at the image. A few minutes a day for a few days (minimum 3) is sufficient, followed by frequent glances. Then glance at it for the next 21 days, and you will be shifted energetically as you integrate the coding in the image.


This short article was excerpted from the Prosperity Codes II Activations Module, which has activations to fully align you to your value—which is your source of unlimited prosperity—, clearing what is holding you back from expressing fully in life, seeing value all around you, connecting to the value of money, and clearing and healing your relationship to money. Visit for more details about this deeply transformative product. You may also read about how vibrationally encoded images work on the website, by following the links to details on any one of the products.

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