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By Anita Briggs, DCEd, MSc, DAc.

I recently started a new practice in life. This is something I did awhile ago and lost the connection to it as life got very busy for me. But then I read some short writings I had on the go and was reminded once again of the power of belief, and the immense power of empowering beliefs! So I started up the practice again, and find the effects are better than ever.

The practice I do, which is so simple, is that under any circumstance where things don't look great in outer reality, I feel disappointed, anxious, or unhappy, have doubt about a decision made, or am uncertain about a decision not yet made, etc. I will pause to think the following:

What is the most empowering belief that I could have right now?

And then I consciously choose to align to that belief, by going within, connecting to the divine presence within, and feeling that belief as the only truth of my reality.  Usually the discomforting emotions dissipate on the spot and I feel a renewed sense of being master of my life and excited at the potential unfolding. If there was not an immediate shift, then I look at the deeper unrest and apply the process to that level.

For example, if I have an unusually slow week with clients, rather than feel unease or self-doubt over it, I will think of the most empowering belief that I can make at that time.

 "I am being given time to develop new ideas for a product that is very important for people to receive at this time, which will also deepen my connection to spirit and develop my healing gifts."  

Or " The energy is perfect for me this week to get amazing inspiration and insights and get things done quickly."

I will then go within and connect deeply with that belief and know it as truth.  This process aligns me deeply with a reality in which that belief is proven true.  We are continually creating and tearing down futures with our many thoughts, but when we consciously align with beliefs and monitor our thougths and emotions to be supportive of those beliefs, we sustain the created future until it comes to pass in our reality.  

It is quite simple. If you want to be powerfully creative of your reality, you need to consciously choose to believe in things that empower you. Belief is foundational to how you feel and think and eventually manifest in your life. When you align with empowering beliefs, you are infused with excitement and hope, and feel open to good things. You become magnetic to new potentials coming into formation.  Disempowering beliefs, on the other hand, rob you of your power and kill potential formations.

How do you feel when you immerse in each of the beliefs in the following situations? It will become evident how the beliefs you choose deeply affect your vibration.

a)You are laid off from your job.

"I have the worst of luck. I'm no good at anything. If I'm off for long I'll go brankrupt. This is the worst thing that could have happened and at the worst time!"

 "This is happening because I am being guided to something that is in better alignment with who I am. This is a blessing and opportunity for wonderful growth. My financial obligations will be easy to manage through the transition, as I am being supported completely."

b)You made a decision between two job offers in two different cities.

"I wonder if I made the right decision...maybe the other job is more challenging...the one I picked is not as pretigious...will I like it in that city? Housing is more expensive there...maybe I'll get burned in the housing market...I'm not sure I made the right choice. It's too late to reconsider...maybe I blew it."

 "My decision was divinely guided. This new job is the perfect one for where I am headed in my life. There are people there I am meant to meet. The housing market is more expensive because the economy is robust and on the rise. I will find the perfect place at the right price."

c)A business deal falls through at the last minute.

"I nearly had it! If it had gone through, it would have been so great. Why did this have to happen. It's not fair, I did all I could..."

"The deal fell through so I would be ready for an even better one. I am grateful that I am being divinely supported in all that I do."

d)You and your spouse have a big argument.

"I'm so tired of fighting over this issue. I've had it. We'll never see eye to eye on anything. I'm not sure I love him/her anymore...He/she is so unfair and stubborn..."

"This argument is a godsend and shows me where I am not paying attention to things in my life. I welcome spiritiual insight and help to own and process it deeply. I am excited at the possibilties for greater clarity and truth in our realitonship, through the resolution of this issue. I am seizing the moment so that our relationship becomes more loving."

Very simply, empowering beliefs impart power to you, regardless of outer circumstances. Nothing on the outside has power, as it is maintained by your inner thougths. When you hold empowering beliefs, potential is stirred into formation through that power. You will radiate potential and possibility and the universal energies will magnetically respond to this power and potential by flowing energies to support your thought formations. Outer reality will bend and shift according to your willled beliefs.  

To be a deliberate creator, you must become a powerful force in life. This you do by reaching for the grandest and most powerful beliefs you can in any given situation. Outer reality can only get better when you think and act with power.  

There are some fundamental beliefs that can impart great power to you in life. Some of these are listed as affirmations in Part II of this article. Essentially, the more empowering your beliefs, and the more faith you have in your beliefs, the more powerful you will be.  

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Your unwavering faith in the unseen shapes your thoughts and feelings, which create formations in the subtler energy levels that are precursor to matter. Consciousness is all that is real. Outer reality is simply images of the mind expressed. And so it is that anything is possible for those who believe. With faith, your consciousness knows it has what is yet unseen, and the manifestation in outer reality is thus assured.  

Practice choosing beliefs that are the most empowering to you in a given situation, and watch your life move into higher levels of excitement. Challenge yourself every now and then to think empowering beliefs that are beyond your usual capacity, and see how these accelerate your evolution.   Nothing can limit you except your own beliefs.

To access a set of trigger affirmations and a vibrationally encoded image to support you toward thinking only empowering beliefs, read Part II of this article.

The trigger affirmations will activate the [Link Removed] 

 (AET) for you.  The AET clears all that is impeding the integration of an affirmation energetically, and will quickly put you in vibrational harmony with it—a necessary step for its manifestation in outer life. The AET enables you to embody the energy of the affirmation instantaneously, at deep levels of being. If you want to read more about this Tool of healing, manifestation, and transformation, click on the above link or go to the [Link Removed]
and select the Tool from the list of Inner Mastery Products.  If you have the AET, it is recommended that you use it on the empowering beliefs that you create in situations that challenge you in life, as it will help you to reach a state of knowing and faith and will accelerate the manifestation of that reality for you.  

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