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Abstract: You cannot change what you cannot first accept. You cannot exit a condition that you cannot approach with love. Acceptance positions you in the present moment, which is your point of power. Acceptance is not passive by any means--it is a process of getting your bearings so you can begin to make lasting and purposeful change. Love is the power of transformation.

Acceptance - A Prerequisite for Lasting Change

Most people are taking stock of their lives at this time of the New Year, and pondering on what they might do differently. Many such efforts are either superficial or completely in vain and will never even get off the ground because of one fundamental law that is often overlooked, which states: you have to accept where you are right now in order to engage purposeful change.  

The first step in transforming something is to accept it—without acceptance, it locks into your reality. Why is this?  

Your power is always exclusively in the now, and you must be present to something in order to exert power over it. When you resist current conditions, they are never in the now moment—the only moment of power. And so you cannot transform something without first accepting it. Not accepting yourself and your life in the present, yet trying to reach for something else, is like wanting to go somewhere without knowing where you are. It’s difficult to take any direction with conviction, since you really don’t have an overview of the land you must navigate, nor do you know what resources you have to make that trip. Acceptance is like getting your bearings so that you can move on resolutely.Acceptance is like getting your bearings so that you can move on resolutely.

Furthermore, you can only exit a condition that you can approach with love. When you accept current conditions you can be present to yourself in those conditions. From this, you will derive understanding of how your inner reality is allowing them, you can begin to change inwardly in a manner to support the desired transformation. You will also come to appreciate the experience for what it is providing you: the opportunity to consciously transform and grow. And when you can be grateful for the experience you underwent, you can easily leave it behind.  

Acceptance does not mean you love the actual limited conditions, nor does it connote passivity; it means you accept the process of growth, and you love the being that is continually striving for better and the empowerment that this process affords. Any movement without love is reaction and escape, with fear or judgment as underlying principle. In escape, you attempt to leave a part of self behind, but that is impossible. Any change will be temporary at best, or lead to even greater despair. You cannot leave anything behind that you cannot exit (or rather transmute) with love.  Love is the power of change. All transcendent or transformative change is of the Spirit, which is commanded by love alone.

In true acceptance, you will release all self-judgment, blame of others, shame, guilt, regret, and so forth.  You will see that you are where you are because you were not fully conscious, and with that understanding, you become increasingly conscious and able to make purposeful change that results in growth and empowerment.  

You don’ t have to understand your present condition in order to accept it. You simply have to give up looking for blame or excuses and be open for new insights.  Say “I am sorry” and “I love you” to yourself and all involved in your unwanted condition or situation, and let the power of love undo all error in your thinking. You will become clearer, and all resistance will eventually release. From there, your inner state of increasing self-love will invite accelerated movement and you will attract much good into your life.  

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(C) Anita Briggs 2008

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