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As the end of the year is within arms length, I have just begun to plan my life in the new year.
This may sound a bit crazy, but I was never much of a forecaster when it comes to my own personal life.  

My plans for my business, plans for my child, plans for everyone and everything else always came before my own personal desires.  I always thought that I had everything that I always wanted.  Then my son grew up and went to college, I gave up the hectic restaurant life and..., nothing.

It seems that I had nothing to do.., nowhere to go.., not even an inkling of an idea of what I wanted.., for me.  I have lived in many states in the US and even lived overseas.  But it was always something or someone elses circumstances that took me there.    

My relocation to Washington is the first move that I made...for me.  I am now on a quest to experience what I like.  Truth is, I have no idea!  The only thing that I have ever loved doing was cooking for others (really!).  I have always loved the food field and I was lucky enough to have found that out early in life, thus-no regrets.
I never thought I could or would ever want to do anything else with my life.., I knew I would do this til the very end.

Now.., I am thinking a bit differently.  I realize that working in the hectic restaurant business is probably not going to feel great to me at age 65.  Quite a ways down the road but I kind of have the feeling that it just won’t be as much fun.

So., what now?  I don’t know anything else!  Or do I? That’s right folks, I am on the road to discovery!  I have to research myself all over again.  I am learning how to dream. My own dream.  Not what peers and publications view as “the good life“, but my own personal wishes and desires.
So what DO I want?  Power? Money? Big houses?  I remember as a business owner I was constantly approached by network marketing reps who wanted me to join them.  They always start out asking me “What is your Dream?  I would always answer that I had everything I wanted.., I was living my dreams.  And I guess I was for that moment.  

 But I was always perplexed by that question because in reality., I had no idea of any dreams.
I have always known that I was not a material person. One who “keeps up with the Jones’s” (whoever they are!).  I have always felt that it is was bad to have too much money when there are so many others with so much less.  How many times do you see the rich and powerful portrayed as the “bad guy” on tv?  If you had power and you were rich, you were automatically the guy that everyone hated.  The broke underdog always prevailed.  (It’s amazing how the media has shaped our viewpoint on what’s “right“).

My dreams I guess were just never fed.  I have always only read business books and cookbooks.  That’s it.
Fiction was just never on the list. I think, in some way, that may have hindered my ability to dream. I only say this because I see now that there is a place for fiction in my life. I began cutting pictures out of magazines of things, places I would like to visit (started my own “bucket list“), and things I would like to try (like skydiving...or writing).
Some of these will become my “dreams” some of them won’t, but I will love and remember the experience of the search.

I definitely want to stay in the food field.  I thought perhaps I can share with others and create a love for food in them.
I was thinking of teaching individuals to cook.
I think cooking is a dying art. Something we watch on TV.., like it is a sport only for those well trained.  

 As a Personal Chef, I have found that there are so many people that cannot cook nor  have any desire to learn.  

 I think everyone should know how to cook-even the simplest of meals.  I cook now at Tuesday’s Table in Tukwila.  We provide a very nice dinner meal to anyone who wants to drop by.  It is free and all you need to do is show up.  Right now we serve about 110 people.  If you know of families, elderly, anyone in the Tukwila area that may want to visit.  They can just drop by any Tuesday.  5:30-6:15pm.  It’s Free of Charge.
So now I am off  to build my dreams.., I now realize that first I have to allow myself to dream.., pick the good ones and then live them.

Not to dream more boldly may turn out to be, in view of present realities, simply irresponsible.( George Leonard)


Member Comments

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Dec 19, 2008
    • I have a brother in Kent and I used to live in Sequim. I’m a chocolatier and, like you, I believe that cooking is a lost art. The younger generation doesn’t seem interested.

      But then there’s the food network and its growth since its inception in the 90’s. Is it just entertainment or are people really cooking the recipes featured there? I don’t know.

      I’m a foodie and I’ve cooked since I could walk. When I needed to find work I turned to food since it’s what I know best and what I feel my natural abilities are. When I was starting my business I worked for a caterer to save the money for my equipment. I also designed and produced a culinary line for a lavender farm in Sequim.

      I admire that you built a restuarant of your own. I’d love to know more about it. Now that you are in transition you may find another passion but I tend to believe that a passion for food and cooking is hard to shake, at least that’s been my experience. After all, we all have to eat, don’t we?

      Best to you

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Dec 19, 2008
    • page turning leads to newness
      newness leads to finding and questing
      questing leads to daring
      daring leads to trying
      Trying leads to testing
      testing leads to seeking
      seeking leads to evaluating
      evaluating leads to discovering
      discovery leads to truth fulfilling
      fulfilling leads to awakening
      It is just my mumbling.

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