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Scott, in his wonderful and handsome encouragement of all things frivolously feathermaye, suggested we go to the local sports bar on Saturday night to accomplish 2 things:  

1.) Watch the Georgia Bulldogs trounce the Alabama Crimson Tide

2.) Test out my new WiFi ready think_tank (a.k.a. laptop)

As such, I intend to write most of this from a barstool in Coaches Sports Bar in NW Houston.  

Currently, I’m enjoying a tall Coors Light and an occasional chip dipped in queso. I’m surrounded by oodles of TVs, each of which is broadcasting pigskin encounters of a grand magnitude. The scent of testosterone is in the air, and random and various shouts surround me. We appear to be the only people in attendance to root for the Georgia Bulldogs, and it appears as if we even have a single rival Crimson Tide fan in our midst.

This, my friends, is college football. My husband Scott is a ravenous fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. I am a ravenous fan of Scott. You do the math.  

We arrive at the bar about an hour before game time. In addition to the 2-part mission described above, we also intend to have dinner, drinks and one hell of a good time. And then there is the laptop to consider.

Yes, I’m late to experience the pc-freedom movement of the laptop computer. But that doesn’t mean I’m any less appreciative of the rush of adrenaline it provides the first time you see the message “Wireless Network Connected“. A late bloomer, perhaps, but a bloomer nonetheless.

To be honest, at first I was a bit self-conscious about the whole thing. I mean, I’ve never whipped it out in public before! Well, okay... there was Mardi Gras ‘02 when I caught bronchitis because I gladly flashed the twins for every sparkly bead waved in my general direction, but that’s a completely different kind of whipping it out. Yet, oddly enough, the exact same standard sort of bronchitis. But I digress...

Tonight, however, we have no sooner sat down and ordered our first round of beers when Scott actually commands me to  


I was startled, and my face flushed at the suggestion. It was so early in our relationship to take things public. I mean, I didn’t even have a proper laptop bag yet. I’d carried the think_tank into the bar in a Canadian beach bag, of all things—and I’m not even sure there are beaches in Canada!

And I was so nervous... What if we didn’t make a connection? What if we failed to communicate? Oh God... What if we failed to actually hook up??  

So I said to Scott, “But nobody else has laptops out...”
And he said, “We didn’t buy anybody else laptops, so I don’t care.”
And I said, “Do you think they’ll think I’m weird?”
And he said, “I certainly hope they do. That way, they’ll leave you alone to do your thing.”  

Have I mentioned that I absolutely adore my husband?  

So I did it. I slid it surreptitiously out of the bag and laid it gently on the table. I ran my hand across the top and smiled at the blink of the little blue lights as I lifted the screen. And, quite frankly, the longer I have it out, the less self-conscious I am. It feels natural. It feels right. And as if I’d been at it all along, I am WiFi‘ing with abandon.  

I’m blogging, I’m twittering and I’m checking email (I even tried downloading Skype, but decided the 11 minutes it would take is too long and decided to do that at home). I’m learning a lot about the think_tank, and I’m pretty sure it’s learning a lot about me.  I’m having the time of my internet-life and I don’t care who sees me!!!!

Unfortunately, Scott isn’t nearly as entertained as I am. The Dawgs are making a poor showing. Or, to hear him tell it between the first and second quarters, they “haven’t even bothered to show up yet.”

This trend grudgingly continues until the glorious relief that only halftime can bring.

As both teams are exiting the field, the Dawgs are down 31 - 0. Scott announces that the first play of the 3rd quarter will decide if we stay or go. (I rather think that Coors Light #8 will be making that call, but I allow him this minute of authority.) I am out-loud supportive of the bulldogs, encouraging a continuation of the excitment we arrived with. Secretly I hope that the Dawgs can pull it together long enough for a rally-style 2nd-half comeback; if that happens, I might be able to finish this blog! And how better to spend my Saturday night than blogging amongst a medley of alcohol-consuming strangers who are probably judging me and my think_tank as I furiously type this.

I don’t care. They‘re obviously jealous because I’m WiFi ready and they‘re not.

At 8:30 the Dawgs take the field again. Scott is beginning to slur and all I can do is hope for the best. My hopes, however, fall on deaf hope-fulfiller ears, and Scott’s floundering enthusiasm falters even more as the Dawgs continue their previous catastrophe.

Furthermore, the only Alabama fan in the entire bar is apparently “really, REALLY” pissing Scott off. And I’m pretty sure that the poor schlep has no idea.  

By 8:45, the cigarette smoke and Scott’s wilting mood are telling me that it’s time to call it a night. Barring an amazing set of downs from the Georgia offense, the game is over. And it looks as if I’ll be driving home. So I signalled the waitress for our tab and  

my battery died.

We left the bar shortly after the 2nd half kickoff, and Scott was asleep in less than an hour. I put Shrek in the DVD player and let it play while I edited this blog.

I had a blast, being the geek in the sports bar tonight, and can absolutely see myself doing it again. Scott was so much fun (all things considered), and I just love his enthusiasm for indulging me. I wish his Bulldogs could have pulled off a victory for him, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

The food and service were great, by the way.  Scott had a NY strip with baked potato and I had Coaches Famous Pasta with chicken and fettucine sauce. And lots and lots of beer...


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Daphne wrote Oct 1, 2008
    • You have missed your calling.  Find someone to publish you!!!  Your writing style is wonderful...i especially enjoy the “familiar” feel to it.  You “feel” like an old friend...keep up the good work!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Daphne wrote Oct 1, 2008
    • You have missed your calling.  Find someone to publish you!!!  Your writing style is wonderful...i especially enjoy the “familiar” feel to it.  You “feel” like an old friend...keep up the good work!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Oct 6, 2008
    • I think not only am I an addict, but a ranting maniac. Anybody else yell at their computer? How MANY times will I have to lose a post when I hit the comment button before I start saving it first?????

      I enjoyed your rendition of the tink-tank debut. I can remember all to clearly what it felt like for me to whip mine out in public. Seems as if all eyes are watching, waiting, scrutinizing your every move. :)

      Gleeful that I had a copy when it expired this time!

      Dee Dee

            Report  Reply

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