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Love it

I am very INTUITIVE!  

Since I was a little child I always knew I had a special psychic gift. My parents told me I was crazy and not to tell anyone. Actually growing up I was more of what you’d call a medium..I consider myself both as I get messages from specific loved ones at times and also just from the Universe. The word psychic, I believe, originates from a Greek word and its’ “of the mind, mental“. We know I’m all about the mind so it’s perfect for me...isn’t it?

I have to tell you a little story that was very interesting to me. Before my dad passed, nurses, aides and physical therapists kept coming and saying to me - “I didn’t know you were psychic“. "Is that what you do for a living“. I said “No, I just do it for fun but it’s always been a gift“. The funny thing is my father never believed in or acknowledged it until one month before he passed. Isn’t that strange? Because of that, I feel it’s something I should share and do. I keep steering away from it because I feel as if people won’t take me serious as a Self Empowerment Coach but I now am realizing one has nothing to do with the other. I am good at what I do. While reading cards yesterday, I realized the cards speak to me and I am able to help people, possibly change their lives from bringing it out and giving them possible solutions or alternatives if asked.

My definition  

I guess my definition of my gift is an ability to be open enough to hear and feel things the normal senses do not feel on an everyday basis. I pick up signals, voices, thoughts and other things. My belief is everyone has some kind of psychic abilities but we aren’t all open enough to let it in. That’s not a bad’s just a fact, in my eyes. I just think many do not pay attention to the signs while others do. I do.

Of course, some do not believe it is real...but i am here to tell you first is. When I am clear and allow it in, it flows in. I love reading cards for friends and family. I only do positive readings though; I either talk about what is going on in their lives now and/or what they need to improve upon and what's good. I don't believe in telling people the negative or bad stuff.I don't even see it in the cards or feel it in my being. I base all my readings, thoughts, messages on the positive or what needs to be worked on/solutions. I stopped reading for years but dad made me realize it's what I should be doing to help others, besides my Self Empowerment Coaching and Vision Board Workshops.

I do my readings in person and also via video chat, Skype,  web casting and by phone, Instant Message. Fun. Fun. Fun... I am also doing readings with coaching and just my usual Self Empowerment if you have a specific question we may be able to set action steps towards your goals within the readings. If you‘re interested in any of this or just want to comment please feel free.

Thanks Dad for bringing me back to where I kept steering away from.  

Some Psychics are real and true  

I know some are very, very skeptical and maybe if I didn’t grow up knowing it’s all true, I would be skeptical too but I can’t change what I know. What I know is I have psychic abilities and I can sometimes give people the tools to help themselves with intuitive coaching in addition to normal coaching. It’s a wonderful gift and it’s time to start using it to help others if possible. So many worry it interferes with their religion and I don’t see it that way. I simply get messages to help someone in a way they may not have thought can that be against anything? It’s simply to help.

I do not read Tarot cards because I’m just not good at it. I do not have a devil or death card in my decks, not that I think there is anything wrong with those decks, cards or readers. The meanings are not what the picture on the card symbolizes anyway. It just scares some people. I have my cards read with Tarot Cards I just am not great at reading them.

Card readings are never guaranteed but they can help with different things going on in your life; even if it’s just to clarify something. I think they are a wonderful tool to helping people move forward when read by a person who not only wants to tell the past, present and future but to help someone break through challenges in their life as well.
Reading cards

I don’t know how else to explain it except the cards speak to me. I am always thrilled when I can help give insight/guidance or just reassurance or validation that someone is on the right path or perhaps lead them to the possible right path. I feel every reading helps the person because the cards are so right least that’s been my experience with my cards and reading. It’s amazing. I am truly blessed to be able to help others in this way.

Thank you Universe! Thank you dad for seeing it in me! Thank you for this gift!

Love it

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