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Women of Fabulously 40,
Back in April of 2010, I wrote a blog about a test that's now available to check a woman's Estrogen ratio. It's called the Estronex test. There is a ratio of "Bad" Estrogens to "Good" ones and the lower the ratio is, the less potential there is for breast, uterine and other Estrogenic cancers. This is not some weird, wacky suedo-science; this is seriously researched, reproducible information accumulated from scientists in the areas of medicine, alternative health, cancer centers and in particular, OB/GYN health care.  The wonderful aspect of this test is that a person can change the ratio herself at home and help decrease those chances for possible occurrence or return. Depending on what the test shows; things like DIM, Resveratrol, Glutathione, Grapefruit, Ginseng, cruciferous vegetables and B vitamins can bring those ratios back to normal and help improve your odds toward maintaining or recapturing your health.

Things that can increase the "Bad" Estrogens are; birth control pills, Diabetes, Obesity, Xenoestrogens and diets high in processed-sugars. Xenoestrogens(“zeeno-estrogens“) come from meat or produce grown using hormones or pesticides, vehicle exhaust, plastic products and cosmetics and beauty products.  And if you're around any of these things for a living, your likelihood of having higher amounts of them is greater. These are bad for everyone but women get bombarded with a lot more of them on a daily basis.

The cost of the test is $179 and the cost of the supplements usually runs from about $60-$100 a month. You follow the program for 3 months and then retest. Insurance often doesn't cover it. Over the years in practice, I would talk with patients about their health and money always came up. The same person that wouldn't think twice about having the repair guy come out to the house to fix the wash machine and even put the bills on a credit card, hesitates about that same money when it come to their health. HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH???? I tell any patients that if they have a history of Estrogenic cancers or have it in their family, they should find out this information.

I wrote this article again because I was shocked as to how few women showed even an interest. Yet, I've heard from a much higher number of women contacting me about cancer walks, events and other similar fundraisers. These groups do important work and I know the people involved care very much. I know hundreds of thousands of women and men have had their lives touched by these diseases. And maybe sometime in the future, some one or some company will find a "cure". But here we have a test that can show someone some of their present risks and then show them how much they've improved those risks. Here's something that is an active step towards possibly tangibly changing someone's odds right now. So let's take advantage of that. Take charge of your own life! Contact me with any questions.
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