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It's mornings like this I am reminded of how bad my marriage is...

My 8yr old had one of her ( I don’t what to go to school ) fits, you can’t
reason with her when she gets like that my husband wouldn’t help me he
just sits back and barks and tells her she a brat and threatens .. but I am
The one doing something and dealing and its not easy for me to deal with
her When she's like that. I get to upset and she fights me and falls around
over exaggerating things so it looks like I am rougher than I am..
so the husband steps in and I get called abusive and lousy and he’s in my
face spitting words at me so I shoved him, he almost fell.. its the first time
I ever had the nerve to do that or maybe I was just mad enough to.. I was
ready for him to retaliate but he didn’t touch me.. so I was a bit crazy, he
drives me crazy.
He doesn’t work with me or help me, he just makes me feel bad. There
Is no partnership.. I know I should of stepped back and took 5 but I didn’t
want her to miss the bus if they miss or are even late to school it's a bad
mark on us. We have had to go to court twice because They have been late
or sick from school .. I do feel pretty lousy as a mother today but I did hold
her and said I was sorry .. I hope you don’t think I am a bad mother I did
use control I am full aware of using control. And this isn't An everyday
thing with her.. But I can't Stop rerunning this morning in my head.. It feels
like a bad dream.
He took her to school and it wasn't fun for him, she made a scene There to..
I called him to see how it went and I apologized for Shoving him. Rather
he deserved it or not I felt bad for it...


Member Comments

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      Angie08 wrote Mar 24, 2008
    • Hi Tina,  

       These things to happen with children where they refuse to do things, in your case go to school.

       I completely understand that you were primarily frustrated with her, however on top of that, the fact that your husband just sat there and make it look as if what she was doing was okay goes against your partnership of being parents together.

       We are all human beings, with anger we sometimes use physical action, other emotional.So its okay that you did that. Its great that you apologized to your husband specifically for that.

       I do think that you should have a serious, yet very calm discussion with your husband about your parenting so that if you are ever encountered with such an event again (which you will because children often act up), you will be able to handle it together.

       If you have a tough time talking to your husband, write him a letter. Highlight (verbally or on paper) ,what a partnership/marriage is, and that you 2 are on the same team. You are supposed to be there for eachother to help one another.  

       Also reiterate that you were angry and shoved him, and you are once again sorry. However, the fact that he sat there and let your daughter throw a fit acting as if everything was okay, is telling your child that her behavior is normal and rational- and this will tell her that it is okay to act up again in the future. And this type of behavior will reflect both her private life at home, and her public life when she is interacting with others.

      I hope I could help, and I look forward to being updated

      Best of Luck.

      Stay Strong.

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      Stephanie wrote Mar 24, 2008
    • Hello Tina,  

      I am sorry that you had to go through such a difficult morning.

      I agree with Angie. If you communicate with your husband your entire life may change!

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