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Love it

Is America's national security policy weaker or stronger today than it was a year ago? Former Vice President Dick Cheney is very outspoken on this issue, and he pulls no punches when commenting on the present Administration's policies and procedures. Cheney's comments are usually caustic and to the point, something that seems to rattle the populous and disturb the Obama Administration. So what does the Obama Administration do to quell the uneasiness Dick Cheney is causing? It puts Vice President Joe Biden on the counter attack. And Joe Biden's main objective then is to paint Cheney as a hawkish, foolish, bitter old man who cannot distinguish truth and reality from fairytales and falsehoods. So when Dick Cheney was scheduled to take center stage last weekend on a Sunday talk show, the White House quickly booked Biden spots on two other talk shows. And the battle of the Vice Presidents was on.

On one TV show, Cheney accused the Obama Administration of being soft on terrorism while Biden countered on another station that Cheney doesn't know what he is talking about. Biden said that negotiating with our allies and Iran is doing the job and that the imposition of sanctions will stop Iran from making nuclear weapons. Cheney, on the other hand, retorted that military force should remain on the table and that we can't be certain this Administration will do what is necessary when it is necessary. And so it went. Question after question was asked of both of them until finally the major issue of today was broached—how terrorist threats are being handled. Biden argued that the underwear bomber, the 9/11 terrorists, and all other enemy combatants should be tried in federal court, rationalizing his position with the premise that Bush did that very thing himself. Cheney, on the other hand, simply and emphatically disagreed, once again supporting the use of military tribunals instead of our federal court system.  

But strangely, Biden's and Cheney's answers to questions on national security, terror and terrorism, and the coming 9-11 and underwear bomber trials obviously avoid the single-most important reason that George Bush didn't use military tribunals. The deliberately ignored fact is that military tribunals were not yet legal.

Biden and almost everyone else who defends prosecuting the underwear bomber in federal court use the shoe bomber as an example, forgetting that the shoe bomber was arrested back in 2002. Biden and almost everyone else who defends the decision to prosecute the 9-11 detainees in federal court heavily rest their case on the fact that President Bush held 300 terrorist trials in our courts instead of in military tribunals. But they neglect to mention that all these incidents took place before 2008, the year that military tribunals became legal.  

The only person who even questioned this was Ann Coulter who, after researching the subject, found that the answer is purely and simply that by law a military tribunal could not take place. About a month after September 11, President Bush had issued an executive order for the creation of military commissions. But immediately after he signed the order, Congressional and secular opposition rose up against their formation. This continued for the next seven years. So ferocious was this opposition that twice the constitutionality of military tribunals was argued before the Supreme Court. And it wasn't until the summer of 2008—six years after the shoe bomber was convicted—that the issue was resolved and the first military tribunal case was heard. Until then, President Bush had no recourse other than to use our Federal court system to bring these terrorists to justice. And that includes Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. So the truth is that the opposition's argument—that Bush did it by choice so it is okay for Obama to do it by choice—is absolutely false.

But what does this Administration care about whole truth? They continually seem to be making it up as they go and then have the utter audacity to claim that Cheney is rewriting history. No one in this Administration seems to remember vital information or to have the ability to research any subject in question to find out real, honest answers. No one having anything to do with this Administration seems to remember just how heavily litigated the whole issue of military tribunals was, even though they were part of the opposition. No one having anything to do with this Administration remembers anything that would or could give even an inch on issues that would vindicate George Bush. No one having anything to do with this Administration will ever thank George Bush for anything or stop blaming him for everything. Because no one in this Administration seems to be capable of shouldering any amount of responsibility decorously or otherwise or accepting even a modicum of criticism about anything ever.

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Love it

Member Comments

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      Tamra wrote Feb 22, 2010
    • Agreed.  The current administration wants to leave out pertinant details in order to further its cause.  I am disgusted by its lack of respect for the American people who put them in office.

      To constantly criticize the previous administration is a cop out.  With a year in office under their belt, it’s time to move forward, don’t ya think?  Besides, to continuously ridicule the Bush administration is to, once again, show little respect for the half of American citizens who put him in office.

      The arrogance of the Obama Administration, and the Democratic Party in general, will soon be its demise unless they start to listen to us, the voters.  Ever heard of the Austin to Boston connection?  Instead of “Remember the Alamo,” the cry will soon be “Remember Massachusetts!”

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