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What is it that makes some women so desirable that every man turns to look when they walk into the room? What is it about Angelina Jolie, Michelle Obama and Oprah.  Why do we watch every move they make?  There you have true magnetism or what we call charisma.  What is the magic and can it be learned or acquired?

I believe that every woman has that magic, the trouble is for many it is hidden deeply within, buried in lost love and disappointment. The reason I am convinced this is true is because of simple biology.  The survival of the fittest drives attraction.  The inner urge to keep the planet populated keeps males attentive to the fittest of the females....both physically and emotionally.

If you are not attracting strong, capable and emotionally healthy men, there is a good chance they are quite naturally repelled by you because of your low opinion of yourself.  Emotionally fragile women are not very appealing to anyone.  Neediness sends people running.  So what can you do?

Plenty!  While you may not end up hosting your own television show, you can become irresistible so why not start now. There are three "I"s in irresistible. Each one holds a piece of the puzzle.  Put these ideas into practice and become more magnetic to love today.

1.  Independence. Jerry Maguire and Tom Cruise are not to blame, it is an ancient mistaken belief that any person can "complete" you. Taking responsibility for your own happiness is the fastest way to turn up your love magnet. When I was single, between my marriages, I had a ball.  I loved everything about it.  One of the tricks I used to complete my self was to buy myself the gifts a man might buy me.  I bought a diamond ring for my right hand.  I went to a fine lingerie shop and bought myself a beautiful red silk gown.  Then I went to the department store and bought an expensive sexy men's cologne to spray on my pillow.  I chose to supply for myself the things that a part of me wanted from a man.

2.  Imagination. Active juicy fully engaged imaginings are a powerful way to build your romantic future. If your mind is filled with the painful memories of long lost love, there is a pretty good chance that you are shutting down your own imagination because the memories that live there are too painful.  Daydreaming is your birthright and it is about time you reclaimed it.  A great resource is Louise Hay's movie, "You Can Heal Your Life."  I call it "The Secret" with a heart.  Follow the story of a young woman disappointed by life who learns how to use her mind to turn herself around.

3.  Intuition.  Ladies (and wise gentlemen), you must reclaim and empower your intuition.  Acting against your own best interests is the fastest way to repel great partners. Back to our survival of the fittest example.  Intuition keeps us out of danger and preserves our very lives.  While we don't face the physical threats that our ancestors did, we do have to handle the emotional landscape. Strengthening your intuition will eliminate much of your dating grief.  Imagine being able to "read" your dating prospects quickly and accurately. When you see, feel or hear the yellow flags....listen up.  There is a part of you that knows what is best and is cheering you on.

Can you be irresistible.  Yes.  I know you can.  Set your intention.  Every morning, look in the mirror and say "I expect to be irresistible today and so I am."  Then keep your eyes open.  Watch for evidence of people noticing you, reaching out to you and being kind.  It happens everytime!


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