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Is this where I bitch?  I hope so.  

Is there a financial crisis going on? I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t handle it if there was. I have been working my ass off my entire life to support myself and my family. I have always made 70% of the household income while the spouse sits back with his 30K Master’s degree and decides I am lucky and have had more opportunities - since we are in the same industry.

Of course all this changed this past Mother’s Day when I became the sole breadwinner because DH was “laid off“. After discussing for several months how he could make himself more valued at work and seen as a self-starter and me giving him several suggestions, he failed to do it at all. Which now, HE is “kicking” himself for. Why is he the only one that gets to kick himself, I ask you?

All summer long he supposedly looked for a job. Didn’t collect his severance because he didn’t GET ANY. And walked this fine line between poor me, I am laid off and OH SHIT MY ASS IS BUSTED for being a slacker. We are going on 5 months now, which is going to be more than I even want to say before it’s all said and done because the economy is in such bad shape and Sarah Palin, God love her, is just creating too much of a diversion.  

So DH asks me last night if I am worried.... About what I am thinking?  That you still don’t know the diff between a zuchinni and a cucumber? That while the kids are running the streets you are buried on the computer in the back bedroom - all because I refuse to pay daycare since you aren’t working?  Worried that you think you can just go sack groceries like your dad did when he was laid off and got his pension from the steel mills?  Or worried that you still don’t see a problem driving an F150 that gets 8 mph even when gas gets to $5 a gallon?

That's what worries me, but what pisses me off is this laissez faire attitude that you project that "everything will turn out fine" because your wife is busting her ass working with people named Dikshit all day, going to class at night to beef up her resume, even though it's the one that's supported you for the last 12 years and not having time to do squat for herself and coming home to you, who thinks I would actually WANT to have sex with you.  

You are failing your family. It is time for you to suck it up. It is time to stop seeing your current Mr Mom role as such a big contribution.

Since you are so accepting of everyone, I think you need to go back home to your mother. You can make your 40 year old sister that let herself get knocked up feel better about her situation. Heck, maybe you can even buy her some birth control, being the son that “has done so well“. You said yourself that the whole reason she got pregnant was that she couldn’t afford birth cnntrol. They will be glad to have you.


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      Kristine McDavid wrote Oct 1, 2008
    • My friend was married to a guy like this.  It was awful.  We called him the really expensive baby sitter.  He manipulated her into feeling sorry for him so she wouldn’t kick him out.  His last name was Wentworth.  We called him Wentworthless.   It was that bad.  She had a son from a previous marriage and Wentworthless constantly forgot to pick him up from school, sports practices, etc..  He also couldn’t hold a job to save his life.  Not that he ever got fired.  He would quit! and  he would tell her that he couldn’t handle it, and that he was depressed. At one point she said, I just need you to bring home $200 a week to help out with bills.  He couldn’t even do that.  He had diabetes and NEVER took care of himself.  He always felt sorry for himself.  It was pitiful, and she didn’t deserve to have his horrible life put on her as her responsibility.  You don’t deserve that either.

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