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Ok, guys it’s here!!!!! Official Bitch Day - Show me what your working with!!!!

Let me warn you now, there will be profanity used in this post. If that offends you - skip it cause I don’t give a rats ass.

My bitch today is about drivers. Not limo drivers, but every other douche bag out there on the road. There have been several stories here lately about road rage incidents. And I’m not talking about your ‘beep a horn, cuss out your window’ road rage. I mean the ‘follow you to wherever your going and maybe even run you off the road and kill you’ road rage. These people are nuts! What is going on in their minds? I don’t understand.

Well, guess what? I am these people. I have mentioned my need to confront people lately, well it’s growing. Into the ‘follow you to wherever your going’ variety. It hasn’t made it yet to the ‘run you off the road’ and I don’t see it ever turning into the ‘kill you’ type, but lets not rule it out entirely. After all, I only have the one ovary and don’t take hormones.  

I had Lissa and her kids in the car for one of my more recent incidents. And when the crazy old bitch nearly hit me and ran me off the road, it was all I could take. I said some very colorful words, perhaps too colorful for 6 and 7 year olds to be hearing, and spun the fucking tires. I was hot in pursuit of the blue hair and wasn’t gonna let her get away with it. I followed her all the way down 501 (a major highway here) with everyone else in the car deadly silent. Then I realized what I was doing. I knew I was chasing her because I was afraid for the kids. Then I realized I was putting them in danger too. So I stopped following her and went to the house. I apologized and knew I could never do that again with the kids in the car.  

Fast forward... The hubby and I are out the other night, we went to Barnes and Noble at the new Market Commons (I wont say what for, cause that would provide Jill for too much fodder for her next B&M session) and then went to dinner at this awesome new Italian restaurant called Travinia. The food was so good and we had such an enjoyable evening. But it was late and time to go home.  

I drove, I don’t like Mike to drive if at all possible (which looks as though it may change now) and we were almost home when some jackass in a monster truck came hauling up behind me. I had just been about to get in the other lane, my turn off was coming up, when the mother fucker flashed his high beams at me. Now, I was willing to let go of the fact that I thought he was about to be a permanent fixture to my trunk, he was that close. I was willing to let go of the fact that the speed limit is 55 there and I was already doing 60. I was willing to let go the fact that the fuckwad could just have easily gotten in to the other lane and gone around me if it was so all fired important to get to the next fucking traffic signal faster than the speed of light. Yes, I would have let all that go by, if not for the flashing of the headlights at me. So instead I sped up - just enough to catch up to the truck in the other lane. And then I stayed steady with his speed. Just doing my part to keep fuckhead honest and within the legal limits of speed.  

Dickweed, kept flashing me. I hit my brakes. Shit for brains got in the other lane. Then when he caught up to where I was, I ever so sweetly (NOT) looked over at him and flipped him off. Didn’t have quite the warm and fuzzy feeling I was hoping for. The son of a bitch wouldn’t look at me. So, I got in behind him and began flashing my lights. At this point I was sure I was following him to wherever he was going. My turn off had already passed so fuck it!! I was in my own head and couldn’t hear the hubby saying, “just turn around up here so we can go home“. What? Who said that? OH, shit...

All I can say is that I’m glad the hubby was there. Who knows what could have happened! There’s some crazy people out there! And that population has just increased by 1.


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      Kris Schultz wrote Oct 2, 2008
    • OMG - you are just like my sister...(that’s a good thing, she is hilariously funny)  In fact I printed out a copy of your blog so she could read it!

      Thanks for sharing :)

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