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How comfortable are we with our body images.  Are we ever really satisfied with the way we look?  With a show like “How to look good naked” you would think that oh, maybe finally women are starting to love themselves and accepting their bodies as they are, even if they are out of shape.  They seem to be saying you‘re OK the way you are, even if you are overweight and out of shape.   I’m not sure about that.  If that was the case, then those glamour magazines that we buy off the shelves wouldn’t sell as well as they do.  Not to say that the distortion of a woman’s body image is a good thing, not in anyway, shape or form but how happy are we if and when we stand in front of the mirror looking at ourselves, naked.

The human body is a tricky thing.  There never was and never will be an age attached to how fit a body can be.  That’s a myth.  The human muscle does not know age.  I wonder how many people know that fact.  As long as you‘re healthy, you can whip your body into shape and look as fit as you may have been when you were very young.  You do have to want it though, so why not invest in ourselves and our bodies by setting some time aside to get back into shape, if not for the look of it, for the health benefits that we will gain by doing just that.  Again, will has to play a big part, but ask yourself, are you worth it??

I am and because I believe for the first time in my life that I am well worth it, it must the over 40 thing (:) I have begun the body shaping/weight loss journey and I can’t wait to see the end results before my next birthday.  I am worth it and I’m going for it.

Are you OK with your body image??


Member Comments

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      Stephanie wrote Sep 5, 2008
    • I completely agree with you!

      Although it is obvious that we have control of how our bodies look (for the most part), I am just starting to realize that I can shape myself in any way I want (stay normal, get toned, or gain weight), through the food that I eat and the activities I participate in.  

      I am happy with my body image. Once in a while I am on a  “no-carb” meaning no heavy foods like bread, rice, and pasta, and sometimes I get a little hung on it and get too thin, thats when I get mean because I am hungry!!

      I would rather be a few pounds up and happy, then skinny and miserable!!

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      Talkytina wrote Sep 5, 2008
    • I agree with you, especially the last paragraph.  I find it very concerning that in this country we associate being skinny with being healthy and fit.  That is why I talked about getting in good shape, not being thin.

      I found out that if we just include eating healthy, green, red and sometimes beige naturally grown foods they can and will protect our bodies from the free radicals, as you mentioned above we can reshape our bodies.  It is by no means easy, especially when I am one who loves the breads, cakes, rice and ice cream snacks from time to time but I am up to the challenge finally after 11 years since the birth of my son.

      I am definitely on the bandwagon.

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      Yana Berlin wrote Sep 5, 2008
    • Did you know that it's possible to get your self-esteem back with a pair of jeans?  

      It's true!

      If you're a woman suffering from a Fabulously40 syndrome, your groove can be fully restored simply by obtaining the right pair of jeans. And if you have a loving and devoted daughter, you don't even have to go shopping for them.

      Before I tell you how I came to this conclusion, I have a confession to make – I don't like to shop. With my Type A personality, I have absolutely no patience for schlepping from one store to the next, trying on clothes and hoping to make them all match and look good. It's fun for the first 15 minutes, then I get frustrated and bored. Shopping for a size four, six or even eight, might be different. But shopping for my size (10 - 12) poses challenges that I just don't care to deal with.

      By now, many of you have heard that I had shoulder surgery, a relatively minor operation that came with a "bitch of a recovery." Not being able to take pain medication, I was incoherent half of the time.  As a result, I made the dumb decision to step onto the scale two days after surgery. Thank goodness my daughter was standing next to me. Otherwise I would have fallen off the scale and broken every rib in my body on the hard tile floor.

      I couldn't believe my eyes!    

      Twelve freaking pounds up? Where did they come from in such a short amount of time?  Is that even possible? I understand I had surgery. I know about fluid retention. And I even understand the delicacy of my age and the Fabulously40 syndrome. But come on, people. Twelve pounds???

      I'm not exactly a twig to begin with. So even if it was just water retention, 12 additional pounds made me look like a close relative of Shamu. So in addition to my physical pain from the surgery, I now had this emotional upset around my new "weight issue."

      Of course, my husband and children assured me that everything would turn out okay and that I would return to normal in a few days. Nevertheless, I felt teary and sad, and even called my mom to complain. She thought I was insane for getting on the scale and proceeded to tell me so. (Mom, I'm looking for solution here, not a lecture...)


      It used to be that my daughter shopped for clothes in my closet.  But lately, our roles have reversed. She doesn't hesitate to get "upfront and personal" about what clothes I should buy, and she often brings me outfits from her closet that she thinks I need to wear.

      So the day after my trauma on the scale, my daughter marched into my room, dumped a stack of jeans on my bed, and insisted I try them on.  My arm wasn't working and I couldn't squeeze into a pair of jeans for the life of me, so she agreed to let me wait a day.

      The following day rolled around and I gathered my courage to face the pile jeans. Slowly I began packing myself into the jeans, and as I did, an amazing thing happened. One by one, each pair looked better than the one before. Shocked, surprised and very pleased, I wondered, "Had I somehow shed the extra poundage as quickly as it latched on to me?" I jumped back on the scale and discovered that not only had I lost the 12 pounds put on after the surgery, I had somehow managed to lose three more.

      Now ladies, I don't care if it's surgery, water retention or whatever—15 pounds in four days is a lot. But as I stood in front of the mirror, it quickly became irrelevant because I looked great in those jeans! In no time at all, my smile returned, my self-esteem shot sky high, and I felt so good that I just had to write about it.

      I mean, who knew that so much self-esteem could be found in the jeans that reside in your daughter's closet. Heck, I may even take up shopping. Either way, it brings a whole new meaning to being Fabulous at 40 and beyond.

      All the best,

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Sep 5, 2008
    • That made me smile! I’ve dreaded buying a new pair of jeans. I think I’m actually looking forward to it now.
      Thanks, Yana

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      Talkytina wrote Sep 6, 2008
    • It’s so true that you wonder why didn’t I know that before.  I have lots of jeans sitting in my closet that I haven’t worn in about 10 years and I still keep them because letting go or giving them away for me, is saying that I’ve given up and I’m not ready to do that.

      Maybe we are all “sisters of the traveling pants” (:) excuse the pun.

      Good for you woman.

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      Dana Parkinson wrote Sep 7, 2008
    • I’m with you on this teenage son has helped me with the owning of the proper jeans (no “Mom” jeans for me) and it amazed me how good it made me feel to have jeans that fit, looked good on my butt and disguised my tummy issues.

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      Catherine Behan wrote Sep 7, 2008
    • Hi Yana,

      I have been forever changed by What Not To Wear.  I feel sexy and stylin’ with my new trouser jeans!

      When I divorced at 50, I swung into very young clothes mostly because I am small and it is hard to find clothes I like.  Always scary when the woman next to me in the store is in her 70’s. LOL

      It is great to know that denim is ageless!!

      Celebrating Love,

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      Talkytina wrote Sep 9, 2008
    • Catherine,

      You brought up a horrible experience I once had.  When I was at my peak, (over my normal weight) I went into Sears to look at pants and as I looked around to see what pants were best fitted for me, I suddenly noticed that everyone around me were at least in their late sixties and +++ and, they were looking at the same clothes.  I stood there horrified and guess what I did, on my way home I stopped off at Basking Robbins to buy chocolate ice cream.  That was how I dealt with the shock of it all.

      This is many years ago and my body has gotten much better since and my sense of style of improved 300%.  Such bad memories but I am finally serious about getting my normal weight back and am doing great thus far.

      (:) LOL

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      Deana1028 wrote Jun 2, 2012
    • I am NOT OK with my body image. I can’t stand to even glance in the mirror at myself. I dont want my husband touching or even looking at me. I am disgusted by what I see in the mirror. I threw away all my lingerie because it makes me feel gross. I can’t focus on pleasure during sex because I’m so disgusted with myself and I only give in so he will leave me alone.  I WORK OUT. I drink lots of water. I’m 5‘6’ and 125lbs and I’ve gained 10lbs in the last 6mos and had to get rid of clothes I really liked because they no longer fit.
      I’ve been to counseling, numerous times. it doesn’t help. I can’t stand myself.

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