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These daily studies that the media throws at us about what is going to kill us and what is not is driving me crazy!

First, the other day the report that women who drink 3 glasses of wine a day have a 30% increased chance of getting breast cancer.

Second, the next day the report that women who have children have reduced change of getting breast cancer.

WHOA! Excuse me, but isn't the act of having children an automatic for drinking wine!!!

Remember back in the day when our children were little, the one thing that got us to the end of the day was knowing we good have that nice cold glass of Chardonnay!

The wine was our friend. It didn't talk back, it soothed us and took away the cares of the that sneaky wine in the thermos at the never-ending softball games didn't hurt either!

So now, you're supposed to have kids and do it sober!

I remember when I had 4 kids that were teenagers at the same time. I seriously considered getting one of the IV poles with a Chardonnay sac and porting it around with me all day!

Now I found a study that says people love to pay taxes [Link Removed]  

Bring on the Chardonnay!

!pic(image description)!


Regarding the study that 3 glasses of wine a day raises the chances for breast cancer, I have TWO WORDS for this newest scientific study: BUZZ KILL!

Sigh. Just when the party is getting started someone has to come and crash it. Talk about your party poopers!!

Obviously we are thankful for all of the information that might help us ward off any cancer, but why can't I pick up the newspaper and read headlines in big bold print announcing:

Brussel Sprouts, Lima Beans, Turnips, Chocolate covered grasshoppers, Bok Choy:
* Eaten even in minimal amounts may increase cancer risk*


Vacuuming, Washing the car, Folding laundry, Weeding the garden, Car pool duty:
even done with minimal enthusiasm may increase cancer risk

These types of announcements would be greeted with YIPPEE SKIPPE and GIMME A HIGH FIVE as compared to the negative shout- out necessary now that our much anticipated cold beer or glass of wine could be missing at the end of the day.

Before, we lifted our glass to celebrate our daily rest and relaxation time thinking it was heart-healthy and reassuring ourselves that the Vino would off-set the big slab of barbequed steak, but those days are over. Now I will have to swallow my margarita with pregret – knowing I may be upping my chances of breast cancer but not being able to give it up completely and forever.

I am hopeful that when these findings were discovered the scientists involved were just "working with incorrect data" and that, like peanut butter, future findings will dispute the alcohol/breast cancer connection and we can again enjoy a celebratory toast....guilt free.


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Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Daisy Shkolnik wrote Jun 17, 2008
    • Amen to that! Scientists better have been working with incorrect data!

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Kendal wrote Jun 17, 2008
    • I can’t keep up with all of these stat’s.

      One day it is good to eat chocolate and drink coffee, and the next the 2 lead to cancer... who are we supposed to listen to?

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Mary Kelly-Williams, M.A. wrote Jun 17, 2008
    • Ohdaze05 and kendal,

      Yes, basically anything we put into our mouths is going to kill us.  How ironic.

      We have to eat to live, but eating is killing us.

      And we can’t even feel good about eating strawberries or raspberries unless they are ORGANIC.  If they‘re not, apparently we are poisoning ourselves.

      Who should we listen to?  How about ourselves and good ole common sense?  Deep fried fatty foods—probably not good.  Any kind of fruit and vegetables pretty good.

      As my mother used to say, “Moderation in everything...including moderation!”

            Report  Reply

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