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Burglar Alarm Wired or Wireless What do I want or Need.

Burglar Alarms are now a necessary for every homeowner  and *business owner *no matter what class you are in. The price is now really affordable.  The choices range in many category. Here is a quick look at some of the information you need to look for before you buy.

Wired or Wireless , setting off an alarm, when motion is detected and the intruder attempts to brake in or come in the motion range of the camera or alarm.

With home burglar alarms, there are two types - open and closed circuit.  

A. Open circuit systems work by setting off an alarm when the circuit closes.  When a window or a door is opened, the circuit is immediately completed and the alarm goes off.  

B.  Closed circuit systems work the opposite way.  When a window or door is opened, the circuit is broken - also setting off the alarm.

Alarms come in several different kinds they can be set to the police, Call you on your cell or office phone, call several phone numbers in case you don’t answer. This is where you need to think of what you really want out of your alarm system.  

The range of prices are according to what you really need if you just what to know when someone come into your business or home, and notify the police then you want a Tele-spy which has a microphone so you can hear if it is the cleaning women or someone who broke in.  

Motion Sensor Alarms  

 Motion sensors sense any type of motion within a certain radius to the sensor.  Once it has sensed any motion, it sends a signal out to the control panel that will analyze it and see if the movement is considered suspicious.  If the movement is indeed considered suspicious, it will react to the way you have it set up and inform the proper authorities or sound the alarm.

Motion sensors can also be adjusted as well.  You can adjust them for things such as pets walking around or any other activity that is common with your home that wouldn't signify a burglary taking place. Motion sensor alarms are very common these days, and one of the best ways to keep your home safe from a burglar - and give you peace of mind in knowing that you are protected.

Security Cameras - Video  

While your home will always be protected with a Security Camera you need to check out the option on the Camera. Security Cameras are mounted in strategic areas in your home in today's market. They come in so many different styles and shapes from a Exit sign to a can opener, A great detour is a Dummy Camera.  Video cameras are also common these days, and can be mounted in very strategic areas throughout the parameter of your home.  They will pick up images in the area they are mounted, which will be displayed on the monitor.  You can also record the video to a videotape as well, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep track of the information that the camera picks up.

Dummy Cameras
This is just what it say it is a Dummy Camera the best way to use a dummy camera is to install a dummy Dome camera in several parts of your home business or office, the Dummy part comes in when the dummy thinks that this is the real camera, in the mean time you have one really good security or video camera somewhere else like in the clock or a Mirror on the wall. The Dummy will think no one is watching. This happened to me the burglar thought the dummy camera was the surveillance system and smashed the camera. Only what he did not know was that I had another camera in the Thermostat that recorded his photo smashing the dummy camera and they caught the guy on camera clear as daylight.

Burglar System
Investing in a burglary system of any type is always a smart investment.  You have several different types to choose from, depending on your needs.  If you've been worried about your home and the things you keep inside your home, you should invest in a burglary system. The key to the system is to remember to turn it on. The problem is that many people that have this system forget to turn it on. It's too much trouble to put the code in and forget to turn it off when they walk in the door with a load of grocery. You kneed to know that the reason your bought the alarm was to keep you safe. Get into a habit it will protect your family.  But remember that the cost of everything in your home you could never replace your life .

Home Alarms  

 Home Alarms will give you peace of mind, and know that you are protected.  The cost of the alarms have changed in the last couple of years making this an affordable investment.   If you own a home - you shouldn't hesitate to invest in a burglary system.  

But do your research  first know.

1. What you want and need to protect your family.
2. The cost you want to spend.
3. Where you need it the most Do you want the whole house or just in the driveway outside?
4. Windows with alarms.
5. Do you want something simple but effective that you can install yourself ?
6. Do you want a system that you can see your home while on vacation on your laptop or computer
7. Do you just want to have dummy cameras?
8. Do you want it for your summer home while your away all winter you can check on your home?
9. Are you in an apartment and want to take the system with you?

All this information is important when you decide what your looking for before you start.  

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