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Last week I had a hair appointment with Mr. Lee.  (Mr. Lee is what he calls himself—after his favorite rock star of all time, Geddy Lee  of “Rush” fame.  Mr. Lee is really a Canadian named Mervin Rabinowitz.  The phony southern accent?  Phony.  He also drinks Labatts Blue, two-fours of which his brother piles into the back of his SUV and drives down every October, before the Niagara River freezes. But I digress.)

  So, I walked in and Mr. Lee asked if we were doing anything different.  I told him no, that we were just going a little shorter.  Had I realized that Mr. Lee had taken three Xanax, and not only should he not be cutting hair, he should be comatose, I would have turned around and walked back out, stopping to make another appointment on the way.  But I had no knowledge of Mr. Lee’s condition until he started to cut.  And cut.

  And I wound up looking like Rosemary’s Baby Mama.

   My hair has not been this short in about eight years.  Which is enough time for me to have forgotten one fact:  short hair makes me feel....well, different.  More interesting.  More intelligent.  More fun.  More...I don’t know...maybe independent.  Like I want to do something.  Lead my own quest or something.

   And now that my kids are gone, THAT could be dangerous.


Member Comments

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      Ladybug wrote Sep 22, 2008
    • I’m glad to hear this! But dangerous is the wrong word. Unless you mean ‘Bond Girl’ dangerous.

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      Stephanie wrote Sep 22, 2008
    • Oh my goodness Mr.Lee needs to just stay home and get better!!

      But listen, the reality is that you do look at yourself every day, and it may seem horrifying, but its just hair!! it grows back.

      This happened to me before too, and I mean i had hair down to my mid back, and she chopped it all- by mistake.

      I cried and cried and then realized its just a bunch of dead cells that grow back.

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      Becca wrote Sep 22, 2008
    • Hi,
      I think a new hair cut is exactly what is needed when you want change in your life. It’s like getting rid of something that has been dragging you down. I like how you say you feel interesting!

      In my experience, every time I had something lifechanging happen in my life - I had a great cut!

      Since you were happy with the Mr. Lee “Scissorhands” - I say grasp life by the hand and lead it somewhere!!!

      As the saying goes—YOU GO GIRL!

      Take care, Becca

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      Becca wrote Sep 28, 2008
    • hi empower - go for it! I’d love to do something really fun with my hair. I have never had a beautician that could work with my hair and give me a totally different look that was attractive on me. (maybe I just don’t have the face) hahahaha...

      I read somewhere - a woman should change her hair often - keep fun and mysterious!

      There’s a thought!!

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      Almostfive0 wrote Sep 30, 2008
    • I definitely think a new hairstyle has a tremendous effect on a womans attitude.
      I was a hairstylist for years and owned a salon for about eight years. It was always amazing to witness the transformation in a womans attitude after I would spin her around in that chair so that she could get the full view of her new look or sometimes just her weekly regular shampoo/style.
      Back then I used to change my hair as easily as I would change clothes. I know now that I was searching for I guess.

      I thought I had found myself when I started growing my hair in locs. I grew them for about 10 years. I loved them,...they were such a part of me and my whole outlook on life.
      I was known for my long dark locs,...they hit the small of my back and people would stop me on the street to ask about them.
      Then one day I decided it was time for them to go and I cut them very short.
      About two days later, I was so depressed. Everytime I looked in the mirror or would see an old picture of myself I wanted to cry I missed them so much.
      My locs were like my antena which was part of the reason I cut them. I feel that a womans hair picks up and holds energy. I was going through some definite changes at the time I cut it. Cutting it was my way of releasing some of the negative energy.
      I missed them even now and so I am once again...searching.
      Wish me luck!

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      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Oct 6, 2008
    • This really hits home for me. I have been growing my bangs out for awhile, so I decided to cut it all to that length. It was half way down my back, but scraggly. It was time. I told her between the neck line and my shoulder, but tapered back to front. She cut it all the same length, so I had her shorten it some more - it is shorter than I have EVER had it (or since 1st grade anyway.) My husband’s comment “So, are we going to call you Paige?” He never comments! :(
      Later he told me he really likes it, but he is having to get used to it - it doesn’t look like me (which is true.)
      I am liking it more - and the comment about it making you feel different - I agree! :)

      Sharing Hope,
      Dee Dee

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