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You know what I have done the past year? Been unhappy. DOn’t get me wrong, I am not an unhappy person, I just have been ‘unhappy‘.  

My family is good, I love them so much and all, I love the state I am in, I love my friends. I am happy in most every stage in my life save one.


I absolutely love my job. Seriously, I do. But at the same time I hate it.

I enjoy working in customer service. I love helping people over the phone and on the net.

BUT. I absolutely hate leaving home to do it, I want to work from home. gas prices what they are, plus I find I eat more and move less at work, I am fat already, and work makes me fatter. You cannot get up and move around at work like I can at home. At home if on the phone, I can stand up and do leg bends, I can lean back and stretch out. I can ‘move‘. At work? We cannot do that. We go to work, does not matter, 8 hour shift or 10, we get two 15 min breaks and a 30 min lunch, period. In those 15 min, we have to go potty, get lil things done everyone needs and get back at the desk.  

No extensions, if you go over your min, you can get points and lose your job after so many times (usually 6 or 7 times)

Not worth it. Lunch? Well thats a biggie. Isnt it weird? NO eating at desk, HOWEVER, if you need a hard candy to suck on, fine. If you want to eat soft candy bars, no problem.

I brought some grapes. soft, soundless. And had to toss them out, because we can have snickers, or kit kat, or reeses peices.. et ect.. but cannot have grapes, orange slices.. nuts.. dried fruit..

where is the sense of THAT? Diet/sugar free candy tastes gross :P

Anyways. Just stupid stuff... so I want to do something from home.

BUT i have to survive, make enough money to LIVE.. rent, utlitites, food, and hopefully life/medical ins.

but how the hell do I do that? I have no college, I graduated high school, then was mom and wife until 4 yrs ago when I started working outside the home for the first time.

It sucks :( I feel trapped. My work schedule is so odd I cannot even get into a school to learn something.

There are times I work 10 hour days, other times I am given maybe 24 hour notice my schedule changed. I work typically from 10:30 am till 9 pm, and half days on friday.

I have asked, begged... pleaded for day shift.. but alas, people there have worked there for up to 25 yrs, they get it first, I am literally low on the pole there, finally got an answer, when I have been there 10 yrs, I will be up a notch and chances may be better.  Uh huh.. but I do not want to wait till I am 55.

Quiting? I am job hunting now, it seems jobs arent as easy to get as once was, we have college graduates working at grocery stores.  

I am about as broke as can be. So quitting is not a viable option.

I hate feeling stupid
I hate feeling trapped.


Member Comments

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      Joan Cox wrote Jul 22, 2008
    • I work at scholastic book clubs as customer service rep and book club processor. when book club pple are tied up with to many calls, we get the spill off and take club orders. But my main job? When customers have issues. Such as they insist they paid their bill, but our records show no.. I do a bit of research to see if I can find if the money actually made it or not.. or if they had problems with an order, didn’t like the items... they are damaged.. never showed up..  

      Also if they are having problems at our online webpage, I teach them to use the web pages, help them set up online accounts so parents can order.. et et.

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      Kaoway wrote Jul 22, 2008
    • An individual with truly great customer service skills is a hot commodity. Often you hear customer service representatives who are burnt out complain that they “hate people“. The fact that you are not there yet is great and means its a perfect time to get out of the organization whose office rules and culture are not a fit for your personality and style. Good luck in your job search! Just make sure you accent the positives in the interview to avoid reflecting that unhappiness you spoke of. You can do this!

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      Dee Dee Shaw wrote Oct 19, 2008
    • I agree, and there are lots of companies that hire costumer reps to work from home. I have a home based business, and I love it. My schedule is flexible, and I get to help people, and feel like I am making a difference. There are plenty of opportunites out there like that where you can start your home based business part time (and/or your daughter could help) and then work you way out of your JOB (just over broke)

      Sharing Hope,

      Dee Dee

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Bobbi Bacha wrote Oct 19, 2008
    • Wow it sounds like you have the job blues.. its a hard and very brave thing to go out and seek a job or start a job that you like or want to do. you can post resume and search openings with out effecting your current position.

      Id look into home based businesses of your own or for someone else.  

      I believe with gas prices so high that home based employees are the way of the future.

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