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As we all strive to be more deliberate and conscious in our thinking, it is important to know that the conscious mind accounts for only about 5-12 percent of our daily thoughts—the other 88-95 percent originates from the subconscious mind, which for most people is filled with programs adopted in childhood.  Behavioral researchers agree that the first few years of life are a critical influence and have the greatest impact on a ;person’s entire life. THis is because in early years the child is predominantly in a hypnotic brainwave state. Words spoken to the child become direct programs that get ‘proven’ true in later years, and the persistent dysfunctional patterns in the parents get imprinted deeply in the child’s subconscious. Therefore cleaning out the subconscious mind is a very important part of becoming a sovereign being of free will.So long as we are compelled to reactions because of our past, we are unfree and unable to be present to the creative moment.  

There is much support nowadays to clear out the past. [Link Removed] are designed to reprogram at subconscious levels, and many wonderful healing modalities address this. And there are also simple energy interventions that you can do to reprogram old limiting programs into ones that support your expansion.  

You can also use the technique described below.

“Changing a Physiological or Psychological Habit With the Temporal Tap”  

The following is a reprogramming exercise from Donna Eden's Energy Medicine  that I give to clients to work with between sessions.  It may be combined with the Affirmation Enhancer Tool for even quicker and greater effect.  

Tapping around the temporal bone makes the brain more receptive to learning while temporarily suspending other sensory input. It also sedates the Triple Warmer meridian because you are tapping in the opposite direction of its natural flow. The Triple Warmer is the meridian involved in the fight or flight response, and it governs the body's habit. By calming the part of the nervous system that fights to maintain your habits, you can more easily slip into a new habit.

George Goodheart—founder of applied kinesiology—discovered that by tapping along the cranial suture line that starts between the temporal and sphenoid bones, you can temporarily shift the mechanisms that filter sensory input, making it easier to introduce new suggestions to the subconscious mind. This tapping procedure—called the 'temporal tap'—can therefore be effective for breaking old habits and simultaneously establishing new ones.   The method is also an ancient technique used for pain control in the Orient.

The temporal tap is designed for greatest attunement to the differences between the left and right hemispheres of brain. Statements made with a negative wording are tapped into the left hemisphere, because the left is the critical half in most people. Similarly, because the right hemisphere is all-inclusive and so does not register negation, statements that are worded positively are tapped into the right side.  

This pattern is reversed in some left-handed people, but not all.  You can energy test to be sure. If you stay strong while tapping a negative statement into the left side, stay with the following instructions; if you become weak, swap the words “right” and “left” in the instructions. Alternatively, you may cover each eye in turn (cupping over the eye, which must remain open) and see which eye open makes you feel more peaceful. If you feel better with your left eye open, then you follow the norm. If you feel better with your right eye open, then you have a reversed pattern.  

The temporal tap involves neurological reprogramming while affecting the meridians, making it an effective way to integrate in the body at deeper levels.

Doing the Temporal Tap

Begin by identifying a habit, an attitude, an automatic emotional response, or a health condition you would like to change. Describe the change you would like to bring about in a single sentence, stated as an affirmation in present time, that is, as if the desired condition already exists. For instance, you might say, “Under pressure, I stay calm and centered.”  

Then restate it, keeping the same meaning, but with a negative wording (e.g. no, not, never,don't, won't, etc.). Thus the “calm and centered” statement may be worded negatively as “I no longer get stressed under pressure.” Notice that the meaning is still positive, even with the negative wording. Another example: “I eat for health and fitness and I enjoy my food” can be negatively worded as “I don't eat from anxiety or compulsion.” “My fingernails are growing long and healthy” can be negatively worded as “I no longer bite my nails.”

1.Starting at the temple, tap the left side of your head from front to back with the fingers of your right hand. State the negatively worded version of your statement in rhythm as you tap. Tap hard enough to feel a firm contact and a bit of a bounce. Tap from the front to the back about five times, making your statement with each pass.


2.Repeat the technique on the right side, tapping with your left hand, but this time using your statement in its positively worded form.


3.Repeat the procedure several times per day. The more you tap in the affirmation, the quicker and stronger the effect on your nervous system and your field of habit.
Temporal tap your statements four or five times a day for at least a week. With deeply entrenched habits, it may require up to thirty days before the results became evident. Even if you are sceptical, judge for yourself based on the results you attain.

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