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Love it

Comfort or calming foods are necessary for all of us.  My daughter loves my mashed potatoes.  My son loves them as well but with a side of steak.  My husband loves beef-in fact, when I was too ill to cook once, he thought the best thing to make for dinner was BBQ'd rib eye steak.  

Honest to Pete!  I'm sicker than sick and the man thought BBQ ribeye would actually help. No side dishes mind you-just this piece of charred red stuff on a plate.  

This from a man who knows his wife is practically vegetarian.  Let alone sick.  Gotta love men.

My daughter-in-law loves soup.  Give her a bowl and she's a happy camper.  Me, usually a platter of veggies or veggie soup.   I like it with a nice homemade muffin or really good artisan bread.

Now lately I've become a full-time grandma.  Ever try and come up with comfort food for to parent-missing toddlers?  One moment they're thrilled with baked chicken, applesauce and corn and the next afternoon they tell you "I hate this grandma".  

Sigh.  I'm rolling with the "punches" here one and all-they're sad, angry and fairly confused as to why they have to see mommy  and daddy via webcam.

What do you love to have at your mealtime that makes you feel calm and comforted?  With the hustle and bustle of the holidays about to arrive-we'll all be needing some ideas.  

So please share!

On Friday I'll hopefully have the first round of holiday and comfort foods for one and all.  I'd love to include yours!

Love it


Member Comments

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      Dana Arcuri wrote Nov 2, 2009
    • My comforting foods that I consider a weakness are mostly carbs and sweets. (Breads, bagels, pasta, chocolate,cookies and cakes.)

      Six months ago, I got fed up with gaining weight and I made a firm decision to eliminate a large group of foods, including the bread group, dairy, sweets, junk food, fast food and any foods/beverages containing hormones or steroids.  

      Sometimes, drastic situations call for taking drastic measures....In my case, I had to do this or else I would cave into eating all the wrong things!  

      Trust me, it was not easy to discontinue eating all the foods/drinks that I love and crave. However, by sticking to a rigid diet, by eating mostly organic and healthy foods, I gradually did begin to lose weight.

      Yes, I did miss my “comfort foods” during the strict diet and I literally had to walk away if someone was eating something that looked or smelled delightfully sweet!  Once in a while, I cheated on my diet to eat organic dark chocolate, but immediately, I went right back to my healthy foods.

      With consistent exercise and healthy foods, I lost a total of 25 lbs, which has been a great accomplishment for me.  For six months, I have been able to maintain my new slimmer figure.  

      My lifestyle change is no longer as strict as it was in the beginning of the diet.  For two months, I have allowed myself to occasionally eat fast food, pizza, organic bread and sweets.  What has been helpful is to always get right back on track by eating healthier foods and staying active.

      Indulging in comfort foods has its pro’s and con’s.  Yes, it tastes sooooo delicious, but the downside is when the added calories instantly land on my rear end!  

      My suggestion is to eat your comfort food in moderation and always find a way to burn off the extra calories by walking for 30 minutes, swimming, doing low impact aerobics or whatever activity that gets your heart pumping.  If you enjoy dancing, turn on your favorite CD and boogie!

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      Carine Nadel wrote Nov 4, 2009
    • I hear you-exercise has always been an important part of my existence.  Plus, my comfort food is (don’t laugh or grimace) veggies!

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