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I just want to take a minute and tell everyone why I love selling Cookie Lee Jewelry.For those of you that dont know what Cookie Lee Jewelry is; let me fill you in a little bit.It is a direct sales company that sells high quality, reasonably priced, costume jewelry.A direct sales company is basically a company that brings the shopping to you at your home or office.Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tupperware, PartyLite Candles and Home Interiors are all direct sales companies.I've been involved with other direct sales companies before, and have known many other women involved in other direct sales companies and NONE of them compare to Cookie Lee!

The first reason I love selling Cookie Lee Jewelry is pretty obvious its the jewelry of course!ALL THE JEWELRY A GIRL COULD EVER WANT TO WEAR!JBeing an Independent Jewelry Consultant for Cookie Lee Jewelry means we purchase our jewelry from the company at wholesale prices, which happens to be 50ff the retail price.Of course we're encouraged to WEAR the product we sell in order to promote it.All the jewelry that I purchase for myself then becomes a business expense, which means I get to write it off at the end of the year as advertisement!How cool is that!?!

The second reason is also a pretty obvious one, its the Money!!I already mentioned we buy the jewelry from the company at 50% off the retail price, so that means for every sale I make, I keep half of the retail price for myself!You buy $50 worth of jewelry from me, I make $25!When doing home shows we average about $30 to $50 an hour!The average show ends up totaling about $300-$400 and half of that is my profit.A show usually lasts about 2 hours, so you do the math to figure out what Im getting paid an hour!Not too many jobs I know that pay that much an hour!On top of making a 50% profit on our sales, the company also pays us commission on the sales of the people weve brought into the company with us!We have a great compensation plan right now and starting January 2007 its going to get EVEN BETTER!!!!

The third reason I love selling Cookie Lee is that it isEASY!This stuff sells itself!You put a bunch of beautiful, sparkly jewelry in front of a bunch of women and they just go nuts over the stuff!Once I get them to trying it on, its sold!I don't have to stand up there for an hour talking about beauty products and how to apply them.I dont have to burp plastic bowls or hang pictures and light candles.My presentation last about a whole 3 to 5 minutes!Thats it!The rest of the time I get to hang out with a bunch of great ladies and play with the jewelry with them!

Reason #4 is the fact that I can sell it anywhere and everywhere!I'm not limited to only selling this product at a home show.I carry the neatest purse around that has little window pockets on the sides you've probably seen similar ones that people have put pictures of their kids and grandkids in.Well, I fill those windows with shiny jewelry and I take it with me wherever I go.I have sold jewelry while I've been out shopping, when I've been out to eat, at the Nascar races...Wherever I go, as long as I have my jewelry with me, I can sell it!My mom has sold jewelry on a plane ride to Minnesota and to a guy, none the less!

The fifth reason I love this business is because its MY business!I can do what I want with it!I can work it a little or a lot!I can do one show a month or 30 shows a month.I dictate my own schedule.If I know I have some other activity planned, I can block out that date on my calendar and not have to rearrange my schedule.I can do my shows in the afternoon if I prefer or I can do them in the evenings.If I want a weekend offI take it!

The previous reason leads me to reason #6...Its great for stay at home moms!This one doesn't really pertain to me, because I'm not a mom.But many, many women join direct sales companies because they want to contribute to their household income, but still be there for their kids.Because you can do what you want with this business you can schedule your shows around your family's schedule.If you have to pick up the kids from school or take them to soccer practice, you can and still have a career with Cookie Lee!

The seventh reason I love selling Cookie Lee jewelry is because its FUN!Its like playing dress up all the time!I tell everyone my Cookie Lee career is a party!And it is!You put a bunch of women in a room with jewelry and snacks and youre having a great time!It always feels nice to make women feel beautifuland women feel beautiful in jewelry! J

And again, #7 leads me to my #8 reason I love, the friendships I've developed through Cookie Lee.Once you join Cookie Lee Jewelry the company, you join Cookie Lee the sisterhood.You build great friendships with you fellow Cookie Sisters and you can always count on them for a helping hand and encouraging word to help you out in your business.Unit meetings are always a fun time to gain knowledge from each other.At convention, we have pajama parties in our rooms.You should see us all gathered around as we dump out all of our new jewelry each time and sit around it playing, like its Christmas morning!Then there are your hostesses and customers.I've developed friendships with many of my clients and they are such a blessing.

The ninth reason I love Cookie Lee is because it is a company that cares, and gives back to the community.In 2005 we had two jewelry lines out that benefited two well known charities, the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross.For both jewelry lines, for each piece of jewelry sold, $1 was donated by Cookie Lee to the corresponding charity.When hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast region, Cookie Lee matched every donation that consultants gave.I made a $50 donation and copied my receipt to the Cookie Lee headquarters and they matched it dollar for dollar.At the Spring/Summer '06 convention they had a contest to collect donations to donate towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation.A total of $40,000 was donated to that organization.

The tenth reason this is such a great company to be involved in is the great training they provide to help everyone succeed.Like I said earlier, you can do what you want to with this business.But if you want to succeed in this company, then the company is right there with you helping you every step of the way.They have developed an awesome training programs, and they bring the training to us! They provide every new consultant the opportunity to go to New Consultant training to learn the tools of the trade from the leaders in the company. We have 2nd Saturday trainings in many cities across the U.S. every month.If you can't make it to the trainings, they post the training materials on our website.They provide Unit Managers and above training materials each month for monthly meetings.Plus, our units provide such a wealth of knowledge that we can gain from.You can't help but be successful in the company if you want to be!

Well, there you have it, my top 10 reasons I love selling Cookie Lee jewelry.Believe me, I could go on but Ill spare you! J

If this intrigued you and you would like to learn more about the opportunities available with Cookie Lee jewelry, or would just like to see a catalog, feel free to send me a message. I'd love to talk to you more about it!


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