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My daughter’s baby shower was yesterday. It was a beautiful day...until it was time to pay the bill.
First, We were overcharged by $50.00 for the food. We had 48 guests, We were charged for 53. When I brought this to the owner’s attention she told me that I had to ld her 53 and that’s how many they cooked for.
1. Any place else that I have ever done a party at I was charged by how many plates were used.
2. If they cooked for 53 and wanted to charge me for 53 then why didn’t we get all the leftovers?
3. The contract states 50 people.

While we were going over the bill ( when I refer to we I am referring to the the baby’s other grandma and myself).
The owner got a phone call and told  us that there was an altercation on the golf course.

We payed for my daughter’s boyfriend and his brother to play 18 holes of golf during the shower. When I called to set it up there was an employee in the pro shop.

The guys came in to eat and while people were getting ready to leave they decided to go out and play one more hole.
While they were waiting the owner went up to them yelling that they were stealing from him and he was going to call the police. They were trying to explain that they had gone to the pro shop but there was no one there. They also tried to explain that they were with the baby shower and the bill was being taken care of....Of xourse, if I had already taken care of the bill and then found out they had played another hole or more, I woul dhave gone back and made sure to have paid.

When the owner called in to the co-owner he told her to charge us for a game. We agreed to make peace.

This morning I found out that not only did they not even play the hole, they gave the owner $20.00 so he would calm down.

Not only were we overcharged for food, but they charged us $75.00 for two people to play 18 holes of golf.

Oh yeah, these are our friends,  Actually, they WERE our friends!

I have been so hot and bothered by this all day! I’m trying to get my husband to go with me so I can let them know how unfair I think they are and to ask them who is stealing from who?


Member Comments

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      Cathy Baumbusch wrote Nov 8, 2011
    • Wow. Where was this so I can make sure not to ever go there.

      The absolute best thing you can do is post a review on

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      Tuliplady wrote Nov 8, 2011
    • Ok, I don’t know anything about the golf bit of this.  But I do know the food business.  If you said the number was 53, then they cooked for 53, and that’s what you pay for—period! It’s not the reatuarants fault that those extra people didn’t show up.  They prepared the food, someone has to pay for it.

      Now, if the contract was for 50, they should have cooked for 50 and charged you for 50 and told you cooking for 53 was out of the question because that’s not what the contract stated.  

      You probably did not get the leftovers because food regulations in a lot of states prohibit this.  Food safety issues, etc.  I don’t know why, I just know that such rules exist.

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      Joanmarie wrote Nov 8, 2011
    • Thanks Cathy.

      Tuesday- I will def. let them try to make good.

      Tuliplady- The contract was for 50. i would not have minded paying for 50 but other places that I have done business with have always counted the plates and only charged for those. As far as the leftovers, they take them to our business partner’s home and they all eat them when there is leftovers.

      My frustration is mostly coming from my husband not letting me tell them that the golf issue was unfair to me and Dianne.

      For non-members the cost is 1.00 per hole...not 45.00.
      The fact that they DID NOT play the hole irritates me as well.  The charge should have been 0!

      The guys were doing absolutely nothing wrong and the man went at them with accusations and threats. Of course, anyone is going to react to that.

      It’s beyond poor customer service!

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