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tongue out  ** *Crazy Life of Parenting ***tongue out
Ok so we all know that being a parent is one of the hardest things in our lives. From the time of birth, to their adult age. My kids are ages 24, 25, yr. old men, and one 17yr. old daughter. Whom is already a mother herself to a 1 yr old. And they all live with me, except the 25yr old son. He lives in Nevada, and made a choice on day to never speak to me again, because I had asked him if he tried a drug. Knowing he didn't do drugs, but he did call up my phone and was crying ( he does not cry ) begging me to " Please pick up, please I need you more then ever". That morning when I woke to the msgs. I called his phone over and over until someone answered. He finally did and said he never called. Never cried, and did not remember the calls at all. I did play back the call for him to hear, and when he said,
” Mom, I have no idea. I don’t remember calling you, and nothing is wrong“, in return I asked ” Did you drink alcohol last night,” he said ” No,“. so as I would ask anyone in this situation, I said ” By any chance did you try drugs“. OMG.. he threw a fit. He threw the biggest fit that he said I would never see or talk to him again. And its been 4 yrs. and he has held his words true. Very sad, as I miss him so much.  

   November 2008, on a Saturday night, my daughter called me at only 15, just getting ready to turn 16, and said ” Mom, I know you are going to hate me, and I don’t know how to tell you this, but I think I am pregnant“. I said immediately ” Be ready to leave your friends house I am on my way “. We went to the store, and bought pregnancy tests -yes tests. So at 1:00 a.m. I was in the bathroom with my little girl, my baby, while she took the test. I saw the negative show up so quickly, I literally slid down the wall, and said ” Now you were scared enough, as I and you will no longer be with any males after dark.”
My daughter looked back at the stick sitting on the bathroom counter, and said ” Mom, what does 2 lines mean? I said ” Please tell me your joking, as I was still sitting on the bathroom floor feeling relieved it was negative. Guess what, I got up looked at it and yes. She is pregnant. My baby . My youngest. My daughter who was on the Depo Provera shot due to her menstrual issues. What was I going to do. What was she going to do?

   On July 29,2009 my granddaughter, Kandice Marie Ann was born. And it all finally hit me that my baby was a mother, I never slept for 2-3 wks. after the baby came home. I just couldn’t get it out of my head that there was a baby in my house, and my daughter, my innocent daughter was pregnant, and delivered a baby. I guess I lived in denial when she was pregnant, because OH BOY, was I mad when we brought home my beautiful grand baby. Well Kandice is now 1yrs old. My daughter decided she was ready to move out, and the next day after she came over to see me, to let me know her boyfriend was hurting her. WOW... if it hadn’t been for her fearing him, I would of gone after him myself.  

  When my daughter found out she was pregnant, two wks later my 24yr.old son, said ” Mom, Ashlee is pregnant, and we are going to get married“. I thought what in the hell was going on. Did I just never thought they would be parents one day.?!  I sure did. Well for my son the pregnancy about killed him. Ashlee left him when she found out, she dated others all the time, and I even had pictures when she was in bars, while pregnant. But she would not allow my son around her, each O.B. appointment my son was allowed to meet her there to pay for the visit and then asked to leave. Really you begged to have a baby, however we all thought it was their future plans, but for her, she received what she wanted and left right after. She got her baby. None of us are allowed to see her, and the oddest is that Kandice was born on Wed. 7-29-2009 . And my other grand daughter was born a wk. to the day apart on Wed. 8-5-2009. Yet we could not see her. Her mother is so hateful. I hope it stops. As Kaylee just turned 1 as well and we were not allowed there.  

   Being a parent, in this day and age is absolutely nuts. I am always wondering each day.. what else.. when, and or who or how.  

   I will be giving you more updates to this crazy life of my parenting, and would love to hear what your thoughts are.

Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Lazylola wrote Aug 23, 2010
    • I have not yet had to endure these parenting nightmares, my oldest is 24 and has moved out to go to school, I don’t know what I would do if he shut me out. I have two other boys at home 15 and 13 and they are my life. Parenting is hard, especially this day and age. Looking forward to more blogs.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Anne E wrote Aug 23, 2010
    • My daughter is 15 and I can’t imagine what I would do if she came home one day and told me she was pregnant.  I am wishing you the strength to deal with all the craziness in your life!

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