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Create Your Best Ever Life with Best Ever You
By Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino  

When I founded Best Ever You a few years ago, I implemented some of my beliefs and practices from my own personal life and career and made them come to life via [Link Removed] with columnists in each area providing expert advice to help you live your Best Ever Life.

Today, we are The Best Ever You Network which is a multi-media company, with several websites, a radio show, TV appearances, a social community, printed magazine and more.

In practice, continually becoming the best person you can be might not be considered fun. It might even be a tough turn around or just some fine tuning or for me, for example, a consistent and constant learning process. So I invite you to spend some time with me and design the life you want to lead. We'll talk about vision, attitude, health, money, exercise, beauty, home, relationships, work, leisure and travel, spirituality, food and nutrition, volunteering and the long run and your vision.

I brought all my passions together to create and develop Best Ever YOU. It has proven to be some of the most interesting and challenging Few years of my life with every day presenting something new and different, but most important to me is continual growth and development.

Like I said before, in practice, continually becoming the best person you can be might sound sort of boring, or like something else to take up time in an already busy life. Yet it's actually fun, and helps me stray from my routine and dream of doing something new.

Each year, I evaluate each of these various aspects of my life and set goals and dreams within each area. I invite you to design to the life you choose to lead for yourself and envision your life 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and even 20 or more years out.

You don't have to answer all these questions – pick the ones that are most relevant to you and write down your vision for the Best Ever You! Maybe even give yourself a rating in each category from 0-10.

*Vision :*  What is your life road map? What are you doing? Where are you going? What do you want to be when you grow up? What steps are you taking to get closer to your dream?

Attitude and Inspiration:  What is your outlook on life? What are your core values? What are your coping mechanisms? What attitude do you want to embody within yourself and toward the world?

Health: Have you had all relevant medical checkups in the past year, including dental and vision? How do you manage emotions? How do you manage chronic conditions?

Money:  What has changed in your financial life in the past year? Does your budget accurately reflect your means and your priorities? Do you have the insurance you need? Can you make a plan to pay off debt or at least move it to a lower-interest account? If you've done well, what have you done to solidify your financial position?

Exercise:  How can you incorporate a healthy amount of exercise into your schedule? Do you need to meet with a doctor to start an exercise plan, or a trainer to tune up your workouts and make them more fun? How do you manage stress, and can you find healthier ways to handle it?

Looks:  How do you care for your appearance? What does your look say about you, and what do you want it to say? Can you find things to like about your face and body? Is the time and energy you spend on appearances appropriate to your life now?

Home:  What are your goals for your home this year? Do you want to find a better home, fix up the one you have, make a few decorating changes? Do you feel "at home" where you live? If not, what would it take to get you there?

Relationships:  How is your relationship with yourself? Do you have a balance of relationships in your life – partner, friends, children, siblings, parents, others? What one change would you like to make in the way you relate to someone else – or to everyone – this year?

Work:  What work would you like to do? What has changed about your work life, and what are you doing to deal with those changes? What are you doing to move closer to your career goals?

Leisure:  What do you do for fun? Do you get enough fun? Do you have too much fun? What relaxes and renews you? What excites and enlivens you? What plans can you make to get the most out of your leisure time, or to find more of it in your schedule?

Religion/Spirituality: What is your relationship with the Divine, or with the human spirit? What
beliefs guide your life? Are you closer or further from your spiritual center than you were a year ago? Are there people in your life who share your spiritual outlook, or who can offer teaching in this area?

Food and Nutrition: What is your relationship with food? Do you eat mostly healthy things? Do
you allow yourself to eat something delicious but unhealthy once in a while? Do you stay connected to your feelings of hunger and fullness? Do you deny yourself food when others are eating? Does food run your life?

Volunteering:  What do you do to help others? What would you like to be doing? Do you choose your charity or volunteer projects, or do you just say yes when someone asks you to help? How can you focus your helping efforts on the goals that mean the most to you?

The Long Run:  Have you got a will? Have you made legal arrangements for what would happen to your kids if you were dead or disabled? Have you got life insurance? What is your plan for your retirement and old age? Living wills, health care proxies, powers of attorney, di. cult conversations with your relatives.

Last year I
This year I
In 2 years I will
In 5 years I will
In 10 years I will
In 25 years I will

All My Best,
Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, CPC

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of [Link Removed]Jan 14-22, 2012. Hmmmm. in 25 years I will be
be 67 years old.   Scary to think about what I will be doing at age 67.   I hope whatever I am doing involves breathing :)

Besteveryou, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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