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hello again

I am just getting into this.   I am trying to bring what I offer and see what people want.

I will add more to this later as I slowly coordinate  

There is more to health than feeling;   its also what looking brings.  

What do people think about cosmetic surgery?    What do they want?   What can I do?   I want to know what people are thinking?  

care to share?  I am here to read and absorb.  And learn.   And then do.

Set down your thoughts, your ideas, just anything on the cosmetic surgeon and her job and lets see where this can go.


Member Comments

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      Mariejones12 wrote Sep 28, 2008
    • Wow.  Where to begin?  I am 50 years old and am just beginning to feel (mostly this last year) the “trapped” in a saggy body syndrome.  Maybe I made the syndrome up, I don’t know, but thats how I feel.  I struggle with all the self esteem issues such as the “love yourself as you are“...and I do love myself.  very much.  I just don’t like the way my skin looks.  And I resent the thought that at times I feel ashamed to have aged?  Now whats with that?  Like I have done something wrong?  I think plastic surgery is great and I am extremely thankful that there are so many options.  I am not talking of course the bizarre and abused procedures.    I have not done any of them yet, but I am sure gonna!!!!

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Sep 28, 2008
    • I had cosmetic surgery more than 20 years ago. I’m very glad I did it; it made me feel more “normal” in my late 20’s through my 30’s and into my 40’s.

      But, as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned. I do feel that if there’s something that really makes a person self conscious, first take all the natural steps possible, exercies, weight loss, whatever one needs to do to be the best they can without any intervention. Then, when all is said and done,if the desire to make any changes is still there, go ahead and do it.

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      Drbebatropmd wrote Oct 1, 2008
    • Hi  

      I have read your words.   Thanks for putting them here.

      Gee;    I am happy to hear this.  I wonder what was done?  I myself am 52.  I am sure Hillary Clinton had a lot of work done. Its obvious.   Sara Palin;  maybe the Alaska cold air keeps the skin tight.  Maybe she uses Viver lien;  which is what I have at the office which is better than Obagie.  

      I agree with you totally.  People (not only women to be honest) do feel they are improving themself.  So they do this.  So we do this.   I do botox for myself.  

      I feel so good when I feel my face looks so good;  as when I was in my 20s.   My husband keeps telling me that Socrates said “all beauty is tyranny“.   But someone else, he said, said all youth is beauty.  And I believe that.  

      What others think on this.  Lets have a discussion about the purpose and the emotions and the effects.

      Because this is us and this is our life and expressing about it really adds dimensions;  positive dimensions.

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      Drbebatropmd wrote Oct 1, 2008
    • Marie

      I feel the same;    I am 52.  I am planning to do skin tightening.  I do botox.  After the first procedure I feel Great!.  I did peeling.  I use Vivier. I feel different.

      The procedures are not weird.  Everyone is afraid of surgery.   After surgery, you are still yourself.  And you can love yourself still and you can feel confident and better.  Love and feeling bad is totally possible.   Love and feeling confident and beautiful (and young) is pretty good too!   So all of the idea that one is corrupting oneself or changing oneself;  well think of that this way.  If Obama wins;   we are going to get change.  And if Palin wins we are going to get change.  Its still us. But look; its different now.  

      So it sounds to me like you are a little afraid.   And, well I opened up an office here.  I should have taken a job somewhere at a high salary. But my husband had flown for years to visit me every couple of weeks during my residency.   So I felt I could not pull him again out from his house and work;  and... well like Sara Palin’s husband will follow her to DC if she wins.
      So I opened up and office; and I am afraid

      and now I am talking to you;   because this is going to help both of us.

      Make sure you have someone you trust;   and , well if you were in Ft Lauderdale you would like my office.    I don’t know if its ok to say this on a blog.

      But I do know if  you are afraid;   I was a little afraid when I botoxed myself the first time.

      And when I studied under the world’s most famous cosmetic surgeon in Rio (Dr Ivo Pitanguy) I saw techniques no one in the USA does.  

      I am a little afraid to use them here;    because people fear difference.  But the fact is I saw the best in the world;   and so if you want to fly to Rio..   well I’m getting off the point.  But Rio is very weird and bizarre and yes abused.

      And the food was really very good.

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