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I hate dentists, always have. Been biting them since I was 9 years old because I believe you cause me pain, I cause YOU pain. About a decade ago this fool decided to test to see if the nerves were dead in a tooth they hollowed out for a root canal. He told me to tell him when it hurts. Now I waved, nodded, moaned, shook my hands trying to give him a clue that I was in pain. I could have put up flags they use to guide an airplane and this clown would have kept going. So I pulled out of his grasp, spit out the pins, and sunk my good teeth into the fleshy part of his hand. He screamed and ran out of the room like a 2 year old having a tantrum. Brought back another dentist and I could see I got him good he was bleeding. I told the second dentist you want some too? They both backed up because I got up out of the chair like I was in the mood to kick some ass. Back then I was a little slender, but still 5‘10” evil and walked with the confidence 20 years of martial arts gives a woman. Those dentists never saw me again and because of those incomplete root canals, I now wear a partial.

I had to have a broken tooth extracted today and it was such an ordeal, one I have been putting off for close to 6 years. The television in the room was tuned to CNN so I had no choice but to watch the rescue efforts in Haiti while the radio was playing some old school R&B.

The first dentist was new to me, he introduced himself, shook my hand and asked if he could “numb you up” as we waited for my regular dentist to finish with another patient. He used some strange distracting technique as he hit me with several needles while pinching and shaking the side of my mouth, but was surprised when he found out 10 minutes later that I could still feel my lip and the side he injected the novacaine into. I could sense he was a fledgling and learning from my dentist who is a DMD. I always select them over DDS because they are actual doctors.

Finally my dentist came in, asked how was I doing and was I numb yet. He asked the fledgling what did he give me, and when he told him, gave me two shots of something totally different. Within 5 minutes my lip felt like 20 pounds! They discussed what he was going to do, and the fledgling sat in to watch. Now looking at the equipment, I was thinking this is the 21st century, why do those instruments look like cave man tools? I expected him to break out the club and mallet next!

He rocked the tooth with one instrument, twisted with another, then yanked with a third. Problem was the tooth was solid under the gum, it took 3 twists and several yanks before he was able to pull it out. He gave me 8 sutures because he left a rather large hole. I felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat. Stuffed a wad of gauze in my mouth, gave me a list of post op instructions (which I usually ignore) then sent me on my way, dazed and bleeding.

My optimal way of having a tooth extracted is by using a Valium/Darvon drip they call Twilight, which means I’m awake enough to respond, but would not remember any part of the procedure. First time I had Twilight, the doctor asked me a question, I started to explain something, next thing I knew I was in the recovery room down the hall. The nurse said I walked there. I told the doctor “That Twilight is some dangerous stuff. You could have me naked and dancing like a chicken on a table & I wouldn’t know it.”  

As I sit here nursing my poor swollen jaw sipping on warm tea recalling the sensation of those twists and yanks, I’m thinking Twilight should be mandatory! I was a tad perturbed because he did not prescribe a pain killer and since I just finished a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection, I told him I don’t want anymore of that unless I actually had an infection which so far I don’t have.

Next thing I have to do after my annual Mammogram is a Colonoscopy. And believe me, they really have to knock me out for that one too!

Member Comments

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      Mindy Wilson wrote Jan 15, 2010
    • Poor you! I’m a dental assistant and I can honestly say I don’t think we’ve had one negative experience! However, my fabulous dentist is a DDS and he will refer to an oral surgeon if he feels there will be any complication what-so-ever. He’s fabulous though and even individuals who are very nervous have said, “I don’t know what I was so worked up over or, that wasn’t bad at all!, etc.” I’m so sorry for your bad experience.  

      Take care~
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      Mwilson, Your links have been removed, please consider upgrading to premium membership.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Lazylola wrote Jan 16, 2010
    • I hate dentists...and I am not normally I hateful person. Okay, maybe hate is a strong word...but I really do not like them. Bad experiences from childhood visits to dentists in Mexico. I should have gone about 6 months ago and I have been putting them off, it’s way past time for my cleaning, but even just to get my teeth cleaned I wish they would put me completely out. I white knuckle my visits and go through horrible anxiety as soon as I walk in. I’d rather face a firing squad for a game of chicken. Hope your recovery goes well and no infections for you.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Linni wrote Jan 16, 2010
    • im so sorry for your expirences! i have had GREAT Dentists, and bad ones! i just dont go as i should, which probably doesnt help the situation either!
      i wish you a speedy recovery my friend!

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      Kyah wrote Jan 16, 2010
    • I can count on one hand how many good experiences I’ve had with dentists. The oral surgeons were my favorites because you could tell they took pride in their work. The rest, hey I was just a way to pay for their kid’s college tuition.

      The first one I bit at the tender age of 9 was talking to his insurance agent while drilling in my mouth. He either looked away or got distracted, and next thing I knew the drill slipped off and started in the soft part of my mouth near the tooth which was not numb. So I bit him GOOD. Believe me, he paid attention after that. He told my grandmother about the incident while nursing his bandaged finger, and she told him, “I see why she bit you, I would have bit you too!” Too bad we were not known as Sue York City back then or I would have been well off and rolling in dough!

      Thanks all, for the well wishes, I feel almost normal today except for the tenderness where the tooth once was.

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