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Desensitized... de•sen•si•tize    (d -s n s -t z )  

de•sen•si•tized , de•sen•si•tiz•ing , de•sen•si•tiz•es
1.To render insensitive or less sensitive.

2.Immunology To make (an individual) nonreactive or insensitive to an antigen.

3.To make emotionally insensitive or unresponsive, as by long exposure or repeated shocks: “This movie in effect may resensitize people who thought they were desensitized to violence” (Steven Spielberg).

4.To make (a photographic film or substance) less sensitive to light.

I never really remember using this word much in my day to day life..Until I was in church one Sunday and our pastor decided to preach on how Desensitized Americans have become...I remember thinking at the time "well I know he is not referring to me or my family" buzzer sound Oh how wrong I was...As I sat there and listened to the examples of ways we are being desensitized by the media and films, music, TV, the list went on and on...I turned and looked at my children who were sitting next to me and I felt this sick feeling come over me...When God brought to my attention and made me think of what I had exposed myself and family to..Things I thought were innocent.. Video Games, Movies, Sit Coms, Reading Material, Music..ect...I felt so ashamed. When I compared my child hood and the things I did for fun back then..they truly were innocent times... Playing Tag, Kick The Can, Hide & Seek, Jump Rope..A time when women wore dresses still and the slack suites were the occasion...when showing your cleavage and your midriff was considered trashy...Mind you I am no prude..If anything I am a shining example of one of the enablers of desensitizing...There is not much..As a matter of fact nothing I can think of that would make me look away or cringe.. I have seen a lot of violence..From saving a man's life after he opened himself up with a shot gun (age 22) to watching a man blow his brains out in his front yard (age15)...I stood on a side walk and listened to two men being burned alive in a trailer firer (age 12) the senseless crimes and horrendous malicious violence in the streets of Detroit...One of my best friends was beaten so badly in the face with a baseball bat at age 18... because he was accused of stealing 5 dollars in food stamps from someone..His own mother could not identify him by looking at his face..Another was shot 3 times walking through Clark Park because some guy wanted his leather coat..How sad it all was...but it made me feel numb to it..Even now the only thing that even gets me riled are crimes against Children...Yes senseless crime makes me very pissed off no matter who the victims are..but I don't feel the disgust I should feel or the fear that should run through my body...The painful part is when I listen to my now grown children talk about events in their lives that should rock their very core...Should scare the living Sh*t out of them..They talk about it as easily as if they were discussing the weather...God forgive me for my ignorance..and my worldliness...It says in the Bible that we will have to answer to God one day for the way we raised our children...They are His after all and he only lent them to us..They were a gift from God..I felt comfortable sitting there in church that day thinking..Well I know it's not me he is referring to...Oh God forgive my arrogance...    


Member Comments

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Jenni0811 wrote Dec 1, 2008
    • I don’t even know what to say...startling graphic to lend credence to an equally startling message.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Linni wrote Dec 1, 2008
    • Hi Rena..

       living about 40minutes from where you speak of, i too have seen MUCH, and its like nothing that should make me cringe does ( crimes against children is a WHOLE other story )not..  

      growing up in the small village i did was like living in a bubble, and until i got my drivers license and could go to Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Detroit, i knew none of it exhisted..

      i made a wrong turn one afternoon, and was shocked to find myself on Cass Corador ( spelling . the things i seen there just blew me away.. i was about 18 at that time..

       TV, movies, music, etc, have changed so much over the years, and the things they put on that screen sometimes, we can see out the window..

      yes, im not making any sence.. sorry.. but i hope you get what im trying to say..

            Report  Reply

    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Rena Bennefield wrote Dec 1, 2008
    • Oh Linni what you said made lots of sense..It is just as you said sometimes the stuff on TV and in today's Music are just as readily seen as what you can see out your own window..I think the CSI shows are a real reality and so is the other program called ID... and American Justice..Really straight up in your face truth.. I was raised in the suburbs of Warren..But only a mile from 8 mile..Then I moved to Detroit when I was 17...The crap I was exposed to was unreal..Prostitution, drugs, murder...all just every day events...It was a like a train wreck you want to look away but you can't..You have to look...  

      Jenni..I felt it depicted the body of my post..Yes it's a very startling picture...but it helped convey my point..

            Report  Reply

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