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"Oh, I thought you were closed!"  This is the statement we don't want to hear from the Universe.   The Universe, our own personal man in brown (Universal Pleaser Service) has our package in hand, the package we've been waiting for, the package that we've identified that we want.  We've put in the order for our desires, and the Universe is at our door, and the sign says, "CLOSED."  Yikes!  

We thought our sign said, "OPEN."  How in the heck did the Universe perceive that we were closed?  

First, let me explain something.  We, along with everything else in the Universe, are vibration.  Yup, vibration of energy, those little frequencies, little dancin' wave particles.  Our cellular structure, our gazillions of cells act as points of consciousness, and these receptors are waving the UPS men to bring it on home to mama or daddy.    

Just imagine these little receptors doing the wave and expressing love, passion, excitement and laughter in anticipation of their desires.   We light up the world, and these points of consciousness are channels, conduits, ways,  in which our desires will be delivered.....there are many sexy, UPS men.  Did you really get this?  The ways in which our desires will be delivered has many 00000000 in the number....WOWZA!

Another way to look at it.  Do you remember Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live doing a great imitation of George Bush Sr. on the Thousand Points of Light theory?  Well, think of this theory in terms of our cellular structure, and just add more 00000000.  All these gazillions of cells light up when we are in vibrational alignment with our Source Energy, and thus, are in the OPEN position so that our personal UPS men perceives that we are open.  

Now, for the slip side when the switch is in the down position, and the CLOSED sign goes up.  

With this understanding of vibration, we put the CLOSED sign up when we invite a different vibration from our Source Energy into our entire cellular structure.  Remember, our emotions are in the driver seat of the truck of the Universal Pleaser Service.  When our emotions are part of the electric light orchestra, we are excited, juiced up, bubbling over with enthusiasm...we are higher than a kite.  These emotions have a blast with each other.  

But then up goes the CLOSED sign when thoughts (points of consciousness) come in that scare the bejeesus out of us, and into believing that our desires won't be delivered, and the lights go out.   Having said this, we invite the emotions of worry, fear, anger, frustration to be in the driver seat, and these emotions are crazy drivers.  They fight like little kids in the car on a really, really, really long drive, and you can imagine the scenario.  "Worry looked at me funny.  Fear is being stupid.  Anger stuck his tongue out.  Frustration won't move over,   Are we there yet?"  

Oh, psychodrama!  Is this what you want?

It takes practice to have the OPEN sign on all that time, and it is our vibration in each and every moment which will determine it.  Thus, EFT, is a great power tool to use to keep our vibration on high, and aligned with our Source Energy, and our lights on.  

EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques, and with some simple tapping on meridian points and simple statements, we open up our energy flow to bring in more light.  Our vibrational frequency is then matched to our Source Energy, and those UPS men are poised and ready to deliver because the sign says, "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN."  Gotta love those brown shorts...WOWZA!  And EFT can be done throughout the day, a moment to moment conduit if you will.  

Get your "freq" on, and use EFT on a regular basis by saying, "I love knowing that I'm connected to my Source Energy.  I love knowing that my UPS man is at my door."

If you would like assistance, please contact me, and we can get "frequee" together.  Remember, your imagination is the leader, the physical world follows.  Thus, the more you can impress your imagination, the sooner your delivery will come...WAHOO!


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