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I'm cold blooded. I hate to be cold. Unfortunately, my husband hates to be hot. So every summer there is a war zone in our house because of the air conditioner. I use to be anemic, so my body always has a little chill to it. If the thermostat goes to 79 degrees or less, I feel as if I'm at the North Pole.

I'm hearing many couples disagree and fight over the AC temperature. If you are experiencing the battle of raising and lowering the thermostat, you are not alone. I'm sure some couples that have separated and divorced for irreconcilable differences – the AC was the enemy. It gets bad when you wish your mate would go to work, travel, or run an errand. Then you can immediately turn up the temperature or just turn the darn thing off.

Sure I'm frugal, but frugality isn't the issue with the summer AC. I just want to be comfortable in my own home without bundling up like I'm an Eskimo. It's not even about winning the AC war. I just don't want my teeth to shatter, get a head-cold, or feel like my chest is frozen and could fall off, while at home.

Thank God we've come to a compromise, but at times the AC temperature still can cause some stress and tension.

What about you; are you in an AC war or have you won it?

Sharman Lawson is a financial coach, speaker, trainer, consultant, and author of the book 12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever!   Visit her website at


Member Comments

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      Tuliplady wrote Aug 3, 2009
    • Oh, it’s not just the AC in summer, it’s the thermostat in winter too.  

      I haven’t won the war, but we have compromised somewhat.  The central air was old and didn’t work when we bought this house.  I wouldn’t let him get it fixed.  I said we’ll get another winodw AC unit because I don’t want every room in the house so cold.  He’s comfortable at 68 and like you Sharman, I’m comfy at 78.

      So, there’s AC in the living room and in his bedroom (which is like a walk in cooler!) and I get the rest of the house nice and cozy.

      In the winter it’s the same thing.  We have electric heat in each room and I keep the kitchen and my bedroom toasty and he can sit there in the cold and watch television.

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    • 0 votes vote up vote up

      Vikki Hall wrote Aug 3, 2009
    • The summer hasn’t been much of a problem (could be my age) however the winters is usually when we battle. More often than not I can’t get warm enough (come on hot flashes) and we battle over the temp or the fireplace being turned on. I will be in sweats and uggs and still cold while he is barely dressed and is still hot.....

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Aug 3, 2009
    • We don’t have air or heat in our house. But, in the car or when we travel I’m in control of the temperature. Menopause and hot flashes trump anything else!

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      Kandykahne 5 wrote Aug 4, 2009
    • We don’t have A/C in the Summer but in the Winter...yes! I like to be toasty warm and my husband likes it cooler. I like when he is travelling for work as I crank it up!happy

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