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Protection of children, during times of parental stress is extremely important.

"Can you protect your children properly, when you are under parental stress?"  

This is a question that every parent needs ask themselves. If you, as a parent, cannot protect your children properly, during times of parental stress, then their lives are in danger.  

Parental stress does not necessarily have to endanger children, but it can.  

Instinctively, most parents will try to protect their children from danger, particularly during times when they are experiencing extreme stress. Depending upon the kind of stress that the parents encounter, it may or may not be possible for them to protect their children, or other children.    

Children often become exposed to things that may endanger their lives, because their parents are under some kind of stress that has not, is not, or cannot be resolved appropriately, in the future.

For instance, if one parent is using drugs or is a smoker, the health of their children can be placed in severe jeopardy. If a parent is a gambler and uses all of his or her income for gambling, the child's health can also be endangered, because of inadequate shelter, clothing or nutrition.  

In our culture of today, the resolution of drug and alcohol addiction, is just one area of major concern with regards to child protection, as violence and child abuse can run rampant.  

Road rage is another instance where children's lives are placed in danger, because the parents are stressed out, when driving and their parental judgment may be impaired.  

Protection of the young is an extremely important concern, in every culture of the world. It always has been and always will be. The need for child protection is not something new or different, for our era. This problem has existed from the beginning of time.  

Even ancient Biblical records show records of parents who were forced to live under stress, still attempting to protect their children.  

There is the example of the stress encountered by the mother of Moses. The need for her to protect her child is portrayed in the story of Moses. The life of Moses was placed in severe jeopardy.  

The book of Matthew recounts the severe stress, encountered by the parents of Jesus and the danger that He was placed in, even as a newborn. As concerned parents, they had to protect him. God revealed to them, how they were to protect him.

That is over two thousand years ago.  

One must ask. "What is new and different in our era?"

"Has the nature of man changed?"  

There is still stress everywhere in the world today. It is not about to go away. In fact, the world will probably always reveal evidence of different kinds of parental stress. Does that mean that children will always be in danger, simply because their parents are forced to live under stress, in one way or another?  

Unfortunately, the answer to that has to be "Yes!"  

Children everywhere have always needed to be protected. They need protection now and will always need to be protected, in the future.    

Has civilization not developed to the point, where children are automatically protected, particularly when there is stress on the parental level? In terms of civilization, it would seem that we still have a long way to go, before that is issue is totally resolved.  

Parental stress is extremely high, in our era. A potential global warming and a possible global meltdown, are just two reasons for current parental stress. Global warfare is always a concern.

As a result, many children's lives are still being placed in danger, right now. Thousands of children need to be protected by their parents, as well as others, in every single country of the world.  

Unemployment, poverty, homelessness and hunger, are all major concerns for parents, throughout the world. This means that the necessities of life for both parents and their children are not being met, as they should be. Parents are often living under high levels of stress, even while attempting to provide shelter, food and clothing, for their children.  

Many children, far too many, are placed in situations where they are forced to fend for themselves completely. As children, they are not allowed to be children, as they have to take over adult roles and thus grow up far too early. They may have to make important parental or adult decisions, long before they are able to do so.    

War torn countries often fail to protect their children properly, even though the parents of the children attempt to protect them. Many times it is the mothers, sisters, grandmothers and aunts, who are left to protect them, while the fathers, brothers, grandfathers and uncles are forced into situations of open warfare. Many of them are killed, or maimed for life. Disease runs rampant in many parts of the world.

Peace would seem to be the ideal solution with regards to parental stress, but even in times of peace, there are children, whose lives are placed in extreme jeopardy, while living in their own homes. Parents are forced to go out to work and often have to leave their children unattended, for hours at a time. The children lack the necessary supervision that ensures their protection.  

Proper and adequate education for parents, is one major factor in child protection. Assuring proper education for parents can be one way of helping to alleviate parental stress, at least to some degree. Being taught how to protect their children from danger is extremely important to them and their children.      

"Love of God and one another," is a basic Christian principle, that can be instrumental in the resolution of parental stress and effective with regard to the protection of their children.

Effective legislation and the enforcement thereof, leading to child welfare and protection, is vital on a global basis.

Does parental stress endanger children? Yes. Should it? No. Can the problem be resolved? That question remains unanswered at this time, although there are effective measures that can be taken for the protection of children.  

Love is the ultimate answer.


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