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Hello Ladies!!!  

I have to tell you first how excited I am that I found this Fabulous site!!! I am brand new and want to thank Yana for her wonderful idea to start this great community where we as women can come to share and feel comfortable and open about who we are without judgment.  

What I would like to do with this blog is open a discussion about the book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women” written by Kristine Carlson. If you have not read this book it simply is wonderful! I just got done reading it for the second time. This book is compiled of 100 “tips“. Kristine has basically taken her life events and shared them with the female world. She has given me a lot to think about on a daily basis and I would like to share each of those tips and thoughts with you over the next 100 days (which is how many tips there are in her book). I have sent her an email asking her if it is okay for me to do this but I have not heard back from her as of yet. If I should receive an email indicating she would not like me to do this I will then stop this blog, but until then I will move forward with this topic.

I will be starting from the very first page in her book and typing it word for word, using each day as one tip. After each message she shares I will write my feelings about it and hopefully we can all share together from that point on.

Today I am going to begin with the “FOREWARD” written by the authors husband and tomorrow I will start this journey with the “INTRODUCTION” and on Wednesday I will begin with Tip #1—Wish Wonder Woman Goodbye.

FOREWORD by Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

It's a dream come true and a real honor to be sitting here today writing the foreword to Kris Carlson's book. Not only have Kris and I been married for more than fifteen years, but we're really close friends as well. We share a great deal of love, respect, and, more than anything else, laughter.

As you'll soon discover, Kris is a beautiful writer, but she's far more than that. She is a dedicated and loving mother and a friend to many. She is wise, compassionate, forgiving, and, for the most part, she doesn't sweat the small stuff. Really! In addition, she's more than willing to look at and address her own issues, and when she does get upset, it never lasts very long. Although she's an optimist, she is also a realist. She's aware of the problems most women face – but she's also very gifted at pointing toward legitimate solutions.

For many years, Kris and I have been reflecting upon and discussing the issues, solutions, and strategies in all of the Don't Sweat the Small Stuff books. We usually start our day with a short meditation together, followed by a heart-to-heart discussion of some kind. Kris is fun to talk to because, not only does she see the nature of many problems, but she's able to see the humor in most situations, as well. And while she's never once laughed at another person, she's almost always able to laugh at herself – a necessary ingredient in being an effective teacher of happiness.
There are some issues that only a woman can understand. I'm biased, of course, but I've never met a person more qualified to tackle the small stuff for women than Kris Carlson. In fact, the only time Kris ever says to me, "You just don't understand," it's always about an issue specifically about women! Having two daughters that don't "always understand," I'm so glad that Kris is around to take charge!

I know you're going to love this book. It's filled with wisdom and good advice about a whole bunch of everyday stuff. Kris is able to get right to the heart of the matter in an honest, respectful, and light-hearted way. There's no wasted babble or filling of pages. What you'll read is good old common sense with a touch of flair and a lot of wisdom.
Many of my good friends are women, and I've met hundreds of women, over the years, from all over the world. I also grew up with a great mother and two wonderful sisters. And now I have two daughters. As I read this book, I saw all the women I know – and have known – in every page. The advice is applicable to all women – young and old, single, married, divorced, or widowed.

I often say, "We're all in this together." What I mean is that, as world citizens, we're all subject to the problems of being human – none of us are exempt. Yet, there's no question that women are absolutely different from men – different issues, problems, concerns, tendencies, and priorities. And while I'll never know exactly what it's like to be a woman, I do realize that every woman I know would benefit from this book in some way.

My greatest hope is that all people – men and women – will learn to live happier, more peaceful lives. If you're a woman, this book will help point you in that direction. It's a great read, and a fun way to learn to stop sweating the small stuff.

Treasure Yourself,
Richard Carlson
Benicia, CA
October, 2000

I am very touched by Richards kind and generous words for his wife. He and Kris seem to have a great and open relationship. Unfortunately Richard has passed away since he write this. They shared a very deep and meaningful friendship, marriage and bonding that we can all wish for in our lives. I have a husband that I love dearly and look forward to spending the rest of my life with. He is very supportive, loving and caring.

I look forward to sharing our feelings about this together.


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