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A Prophecy Whose Time Has Come  

by David Stewart

". . .Sooner or later, all synthetic drugs and antibiotics become ineffective or lethal and have to be discontinued. . . Patented medicines are all unnatural, composed of molecules never before existing on planet earth. Our bodies were not made to utilize, metabolize, and eliminate such substances. This is why all pharmaceuticals, without exception, have negative side effects.

"By contrast, properly administered natural products, such as essential oils, have little or no untoward side effects. They can be taken into the body and utilized, metabolized, and eliminated when they have completed their healing mission. The majority of side effects from oils and natural products, if any, are unexpected good ones. . .


". . .Allopathic medicines (antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic drugs) all eventually become ineffective and obsolete, requiring that drug companies engage in endless research to find the next prescription to replace the antiquated ones. Modern Medicine is based on a flawed paradigm employing pharmaceuticals of only transient value.

"Holistic natural medicine, including essential oils, addresses root causes from the quantum behavior of electrons, to the intelligence of the cells, to the human mind and spirit. True and permanent healing can occur when the right environment of balance in body, mind, and soul have been established. Furthermore, the medicines of nature, which include herbs and essential oils, will never become ineffective. Their therapeutic, Divinely created properties are forever. Holistic medicine, incorporating essential oils, is based on a more encompassing paradigm of permanent value. . .


". . . it is inevitable that allopathic medicine, as we know it today, will eventually shrink into a very minor part of the health care system, dealing only with traumas, crises, and acute situations, while true health care, true healing, and true regimens of wellness will come from the concepts of natural medicine using plants and other natural substances as God made them and intended them for our benefit. . .

". . . Future health care will not primarily be allopathic in its approach. It will be holistic and natural and essential oils will be a fundamental and principal element of the new system. Drug-based medicine, as practiced today, is eventually doomed to disappear because it is based on transient medicines and a flawed paradigm. . . It's fall Was Predictable and Inevitable from the Beginning.

". . . The birth and labor of a new and better system is already well underway and progressing well. All of you who are educating yourselves in oils, herbs, nutrition, healthy life styles, and natural health care solutions are the midwives of the new system."

Editor's Note: The comments above were published almost five years ago in the Sept-Oct issue of The Raindrop Messenger, Vol 5. No. 5 in an article entitled: "The Transience of Drugs and Permanence of Oils." You can access the full article by visiting [Link Removed] and clicking on "Newsletter Archives" on the home page. We have always known that current medical practices cannot endure indefinitely, but had thought the end of medicine as we know it would not come during our life time. However, as the following article by Jeremy Laurence (given below) will attest, the time for a drastic shift in medical practice is apparently now. More than 25 years ago, Robert Mendelssohn, MD, made this prediction in his book entitled, "Confessions of a Medical Heretic" (published in 1985). He said, "Antibiotics, other pharmaceuticals, and much of what physicians practice today will someday become obsolete and ineffective. When that happens, the medical establishment will fall like a house of cards."

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