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Sometimes we just feel that we are spinning our wheels and nothing is available to show for all of our hard work throughout the years.  Being a single parent for much of my daughter’s raising, living paycheck to paycheck was often the norm, as well as working multiple jobs in order to ensure that we had the extras in life (being able to take a minnie mouser vacation or having funds to put daughter in dance or art classes, etc.).  It can be just soooo frustrating!!!

However, coming back from San Antonio on Easter Sunday, I came upon this white house in a rural community while driving the back county roads weaving in and out of other structured highways.

To some, this is merely a dilapitated home; however, for me, it is a vision yet to come true.  This house is in the county (check - I so love the country life), it has one level (check - I don’t care for multiple levels due to my osteoarthritis in my knee), it has a huge porch that wraps around (check - I love to be able to sit out on the porch and enjoy the sunshine, warmth of the days), and so much more.

I have taken this picture and put it on my desktop screen image on my work computer... and, I’ll also do the same for my home desktops/laptop computers to remind myself of my goal to own such a house that I can fix up a little and call my own.  A visual motivation.

Just out of curiousity, how do you motivate yourself to meet some amazing goals???


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      Mztracy wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • I would love to live out in the country! Maybe one day.

      Good luck in achieving your goal, remember all things are possible!

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      Cynthia Schmidt wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • I have used a vision board with good results. I took a bulletin board and cut out photos and words that relate to my goals. I stuck them all over the board and it’s amazing how much has already been accomplished. I’m ready to put another one together.

      Pretty house by the way! I love the coziness of country homes. And having something to fix up to your liking - that’s heaven.

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      Mjmurphy wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • I love this little house, it looks so homey and peaceful. Check out the group Think and Grow Rich, it is recently formed and I’m sure it will have ideas to help you in achieving your goal.

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      Gloria Alice Dipiiro wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Oh Kathryn, what a beautiful home. GOOD FOR YOU!  You are Manifesting your way Right into it! My first manifestation as a single Mom, was my home. I manifested just as you are doing - taking pictures and looking at it every night and every morning.
      Oh YES just like our CHOCOLATIER wrote used a vision board! I am looking at mine right Now - with great results.
      YES “Check out the group Think and Grow Rich” as mjmurphy writes.... That-a girl! Kelly Robertson, what a powerful, beautiful Lady! She is on here YOU check that lady OUT!  

      Picture your self there, feel the joy, think about the times on the porch, Kathryn. The more that you do with your feelings the faster it will come.  

      And thank you for posting. As I am helping you - You are helping me - to get back to my Manifesting - thank you.
      In the book “GOALS how to get everything you wanted faster then you thought possible” by Brian Tracy he tells the story about manifesting his home. GREAT read and the book that helped me to accomplish a manuscript and a big project.... That I am still working on.

      You are already in the stages, Kathryn... Unlock your potential, Take Charge of your life, create your own Future, Clarify your values, Analyze Your Beliefs. Your beliefs about your own ability and about the world around you will have more of an impact on your feelings and actions then any other factor. Make sure your beliefs are positive Kathryn. You go girl! KEEP THE How’s to God , Universe, or Divine... what ever you want to call. We sometimes get stuck in the how’s... -  

      Measure your progress, set benchmarkers, and fill us in how you are doing. Remove the roadblocks - Make a plan of action but remain flexible at all times. ACTIVATE you Superconscious Mind - you have within you.
      However, I like to call it tapping into the knowledge of the Superconscious mind or “God mind“. Just as Roberto Assagioli,  “The Source” or the “Divine” or I mostly say listening to “God“. But you call it what you will. Emerson called it tapping into the “oversoul” and Carl Jung calling it “Supra Conscious“. My Baths for insight - is just like The Greek scientist Archimedes who had Super conscious flashes of inspiration while taking baths. Running through the streets of Athens shouting “Eureka! Eureka!” except I don’t run through the streets nude...  Thomas Edison used it continually throughout his life - tapping into it - while taking naps or meditations. You have within YOU, Kathryn.

      Sending you Good thoughts

      And I want updates

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      (華娃娃) ChinaDoll wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Cynthia: Visual board is a great way to remind ourselves of the goals in life.  

      I have friends told me they cut up different places around the world, a house, a beach, family, children, etc.... and placed on a board for their retirement goals.  

      When I am back to myself, I will do one too.

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      Polly W wrote Apr 15, 2009
    • Here is a little bit of advice for you. Move forward. Instead of just looking at that house every day, make a move to maybe see about getting it, or one like it. Call a mortgage broker, see what’s out there for people like you. See what you qualify for. Never let anyone , including yourself, tell you that you can’t qualify, don’t bother, they don’t give credit to people like me, etc etc. I let that little voice inside say that to ME for years. One day I got up and got mad. I saw people that had filed for bankruptcy less than a year before buying houses. I always was told and really thought I couldn’t—but for some reason, I figured dammit, if everyone else that’s worse off than I can do it, why can’t I?? I went to a broker that day, and 40 days later I was in my new home. A single parent, with two kids, average income, and some bad marks on my credit. Me. I still can’t beleive how long I allowed that little voice to tell me I couldn’t. Think how much longer I could have been in my own home if I hadn’t listened. Take steps honey—-if they say you can’t right now, they will point you towards what to do so you can soon. They will give you a PLAN to work. They will educate you and work with you. So give it a go——you never really know where you will be in a year. It might be in that country house!

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