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According to the American Medical Association, stress is a contributing factor in up to 85% of all illnesses, and one of the major causes of the stress in the lives of most people are their finances. By eliminating financial stress in our lives, we improve both our physical and emotional health. Financial stress does not occur from the outside as a result of external economic factors, but rather from the mind that is unclear about its role in life. Once we truly 'grok' that our role is to envision, imagine, dream creations according to our unique viewpoint, and that through the process of opening ourselves up to receiving what is necessary for those dreams to manifest—such as resources, inner capacities, opportunities and so forth—we evolve our conscious self in a manner that harmonizes with our soul longings for embodiment and expression in this lifetime, we will free ourselves of the tyranny of having to ‘go it alone‘. And neither are we here to further the dreams of another unless it also furthers our own dreams. We are here to express our unique beingness in the world.  

Furthermore, when we live in this deliberately creative and conscious manner, we bring new riches into the world that are not possible without our presence and participation, and thus we enrich the world with new wealth that comes from the very essence of being. The fount of wealth is within us, and it pours forth in outer life in the way of wonderful conditions and circumstances.  Outer circumstances are the effect of our being that is aligned in the process of co-creation that we came into this world to partake in.

When we live in this manner, focusing on what is stirring within us as impulse, passion, and dream, we are human being rather than human doing, and we are inspired to action that will bear fruit in outer reality. This is living in harmony with the laws of creation, and it leads to joyful contentment. In this manner, action is the step of receiving various parts of the manifestation into our reality. Thus action is not the creative element, but rather the end of a cycle of creation.  

Most people use action to drive their reality and they run into limitation in time and energy, because there simply are not enough hours in the day for you to leverage action to manifest your destiny. Your destiny is too grand and your potential too great, and the power of action alone is too insignificant that it simply can't work.  Alignment with your inner being and using your god-given gift of imagination and vision are needed in order to tap into the infinite source of creative resources. In alignment, action channels the unlimited power of the universe into manifested reality.

These ideas and much more are developed in a series of Inner Mastery Tool (IMT) modules that contain vibrational tools to support you to embody new paradigms and beliefs so that you will become a true co-creator in your reality. The vibrational tools deliver advanced body codings and activations through audio, trigger affirmations, and encoded images.  These will support you to be rid of limiting beliefs that keep you doing things the hard way and in stress and illness.  They are unique tools for accelerated healing, transformation, and awakening.

Visit the Inner Mastery Tools website (“link“[Link Removed]), the Prosperity Codes, the Spirituality of Wealth, and more.

Below is a set of trigger affirmations that will activate the Affirmation Enhancer Tool (AET) for you when you state them. The AET is a Tool that does deep transformation through body recoding so that you become a vibrational match to the affirmation. (See  “link“[Link Removed] for details).

·I envision, imagine, and dream my life into creation.

·I have unique viewpoint through which to create uniquely in this world.

·I am open to receiving all the resources, inner capacities, and opportunities that will support me to manifest my truest dreams.

·I pursue dreams that are in harmony with the longings of my soul.

·I am here to manifest my dreams and express my unique being in the world.

·I bring new riches into the world by expressing my unique being through my deliberate creations.

·The world is enriched by my presence and participation in life.

·The fount of wealth is within me, and it pours forth in my reality as wonderful conditions and circumstances.  

·I live in full expectation of abundant blessings in all areas of my life.

·I am a human being, not a human doing. I seek alignment with my inner being at all times.

·I am inspired to action by my inner being, and all actions bear fruit in my reality.

·No action is wasted effort; I am guided to economy of action and perfect usage of my energies.

·I live in harmony with the laws of creation, and am joyful and content. All action that I undertake has meaning within the context of my dreams.

·My actions receive my dreams manifested, completing the cycle of co-creation.

·Through my creative vision and faith that it will be so, I summon the infinite source of creative resources to my assistance.

·In alignment with my inner being, my actions channel the unlimited power of the universe into the manifested reality of my dreams.

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