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I am an Empath... What is empathy?  

    “Empathy is a feeling of another’s true emotions to a point where an empath can relate to that person by sensing true feelings that run deeper than those portrayed on the surface.”  

Since i was a little girl , i have had the uncanny ability to “feel” anothers emotions. This sounds strange, i know. Trust me, I am not a weirdo...honest... but it wasn’t until i was an adult that i began to understand just what a gift this is. Sometimes it can be very embarrassing. I can blush when someone is thinking thigs, i cry all the time, not depressed either, half the time it is what i am feeling from another...even elation makes me tear up... I actually FEEL other peoples emotions...sadness, happiness, overwhelmedness, mad, name it , i run the gauntlent of feelings.  This can cause some extreme anxiety sometimes, actually to an unhealthy level but i am learning how to control it. I have just started to delve into the deep pools of my mental power. I cannot bend steel with my mind or move buildings or read thoughts or any of that stuff. I am not claiming to be telekinetic  or psychic, as far as all that goes ,i am a skeptic,but I have been dreaming things my entire life too that have come to light in reality days or weeks later. Crazy and i never tell anyone about this...honestly you all are the first. I mean i have mentioned things to my family and my oldest daughter came to me one day and told me how she dreams things all the time then wakes up and they earth shattering things but every day things, like deja vu before it happens. But this empathy is real. I live it and have been living it my entire life and now my  daughter has the ability as well. My mom was very empathetic and had some serious psychic ability. I actually think it is part of the reason she drank and did drugs so much , i think it blocked out the feelings. She died very young, she had an extremely aggressive form of Breast Cancer and was gone 13 months from the day she was diagnosed. That is another blog..sorry off track there for a second. Anyway..don’t know where i am going with this. This is the first place i have come where i felt comfortable enough to share this. It is something i want to develope because i feel i am just scrtatching the surface of what i can feel and see.
Do any of you believe in any of this? If you just think i am nuts...i don’t blame you!!! LOL Just wanted to share.
Have a great day!


Member Comments

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      Darla5 wrote Oct 27, 2008
    • Ree,

      It is funny that you post this. My Mom has dreams like this alot. A day or two later IT HAPPENED JUST LIKE THE DREAM. I mean every step of the way.

      I have a weird sense of sizing people up for lack of a better term. My friends and I call it Dr. Philing... or me Dr. Phil.

      In the past I could tell who was having an affair with who and I knew nothing about the situation. I can tell who has been sexually abused without them ever sharing their story. After awhile I will say something when a trusting relationship has been established. They will say how did you know? Many times I have told my real estate partner something about a builder we work for or a client we met, etc. He will say, “no way” only to come back and say you were right. Now after several years of working together he says I have learned to just listen, You have not been wrong yet.

      It goes on and on... The strange thing is when I get emotional involved with that person, It is hard for me to see. Where was this sense before I married the first time. IT could have saved alot of heartache. I think I chose not to listen to it. There were the signs.

      I do believe people have visions and dreams. The Bible is full of stories. Remember Daniel... Acts  2:17 talks about visions and dreams.

      It is a great topic. The Lord gives us all different gifts. You are a comfort to many people...because you can truly feel their pain. Sometimes as we say you have to walk in their shoes to understand.

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