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A Tool To Accelerate Healing and Manifestatino

By Anita Briggs DCEd, MSc, DAc.  

The Affirmation Enhancer is a unique transformational, healing, and enlightenment tool that clears all that stands in the way of a person becoming a co-creative force in their life experience so they can choose the contents of their life in a manner that supports fulfillment and joy.  

The Tool works through body codings and activations, making you a perfect vibrational match to your desires in their fulfilled state. Your ability to tap into the power of Attraction is optimized in this manner.

The Tool is like etheric software, for which a person receive an ‘attunement’ to be able to access and activate. Much like a Reiki attunement, which then enables a person to flow the energy and use the healing symbols, the AET attunement enables a person to run the Tool on affirmations and manifestation work and use its various commands.  

The primary goal of the Affirmation Enhancer Tool is to support a return to the Self, so you can feel your true identity and true desires, and become aligned with the principles of empowerment, inner freedom and co-creative ability.  The Tool will help you to fulfill your right and responsibility toward becoming self-sovereign, whole, and aligned to your Higher Self, thus magnetizing you to all that is in your highest good.

The Tool does extensive body-level coding to ensure that you become a powerful vibrational match to your true desires, and release all that may be limiting or suppressing you from striving for ever-greater things in life. The electromagnetic shifts strengthen your connection to Self, support clarity and higher guidance, and greatly accelerate the manifestation of all true desires. Your clarity in life and connection to Self is the beginning of your empowerment to change your life.

The Affirmation Enhancer was developed as part of the Inner Mastery Tools (IMTs) Project, which is intended to provide the most advanced healing protocols and energies available to humanity in a format where people could direct their personal accelerated inner transformation.  There is so much spiritual support available to mankind presently, and the IMTs are designed to tap into this fully, and deliver powerful healing and awakening capabilities in Tools that anyone can use. The IMTs represent effective and powerful solutions to any type of dysfunction or disruption that a person may be facing.  

The AET clears whatever is in the way of a person manifesting their true desires. It does this within a structured sequence of steps that stimulate the body deeply to ensure that you are increasingly restored to wholeness and toward ever-greater embodiment of your desires in their fulfilled state. Your body is increasingly magnetized to attract your desires in form, and this process is monitored and optimized ongoingly.

Benefits from Using the Affirmation Enhancer Tool
The effects will be subtle at first; but in time you will notice many changes, such as:  

o        Old behaviors and limiting patterns simply fall away

o Your thinking and emotional state become more positive

o Increased self-assurance and self-acceptance

o Sense of inner guidance and intuition about purposeful action

o Greater ease in life

o Enhanced vitality and passion for life

o Freedom to express and pursue your desires

o Physical and emotional healing

o Latent capacities begin to feel accessible

o Greater compassion and understanding of others

o People treat you with more respect and interest

o Greater happiness and joy

o        Sense of personal power

The more you use the Tool, the more you will feel it as a supportive and loving presence in your life, and all who come into contact with you will sense the aura emanating from the Tool and receive benefits from it.  All the Inner Mastery Tools are coded to self-propagate the basic truths and principles they embody, so that all who come into contact with you as you use the Affirmation Enhancer Tool will themselves feel a new sense of empowerment and inner freedom as creative beings in life. These Inner Mastery Tools are a gift to humanity and those who choose to consciously work with them are ushering in a new reality on Earth.  

Body Codings

A magnetic attunement device, the Affirmation Enhancer Tool helps you restructure your body and re-attune your thoughts so you can manifest what you want cleanly, quickly, and effectively.

All Affirmation Enhancer Tool functionality is implemented via body codings and activations that impact on various levels of your multi-dimensionality. Your entire life takes place within your body, and outer life is a reflection of processes taking place within your body.  When you attune with your own body and shift within, you can make anything happen on the outside.

The body is like a movie projector, and external life is the screen upon which you view the movie. The source of movie you are watching is your body. So change the film, and you change the movie you are watching. Similarly, change your body, and you change your life. Not many people understand the science of the body, and very few can make very deliberate changes at the level of the body to effect direct changes in life.  

Since the body is the movie projector, and changing the film changes the life you are witnessing, if you can conscientiously change certain parts of the film, you can change your life easily enough.
The Affirmation Enhancer Tool taps into the infinite intelligence of the body and will do the particular body coding for you, to change your life in the manner you desire, so long as it is aligned to your highest good.

For the Affirmation Enhancer Tool, changing your life is not difficult as it is simply a matter of activating and reprogramming certain parts of the body. For example, if you need to awaken to true desire, your Crown will be activated so that it can download your life purpose as magnetic codes, and your Root will be stimulated and blood quickened in the body so that you can feel these desires move through your entire organism. If you need more fun in your life, the womb/prostate region will be stimulated and in the process, your inner child will begin to feel nurtured and healed. In addition your astral body will be cleared and activated. If you need to feel empowered, then your center of self-governance will be stimulated (stomach region) and depending on your individual needs, other regions and higher dimensional bodies may be involved. The AET is an intelligence that works with your Higher Self and has access to the complete picture of your being and full power to effect change at all levels of your being.

In general, AET codes focus on optimizing the body as a vehicle of manifestation, in such a manner that you are a vibrational match to your specific desires as well as the goals of your Higher Self, in all organ centers and levels of your being. This is like continually optimizing film footage to produce the most joyful of stories.  

Fundamentally the Affirmation Enhancer Tool changes your magnetism-the body codes are magnetic, and these determine what you consistently draw into and repel from your life. Magnetism is instantaneous and its power can potentially be infinite. It has as lower limit the speed of light, and has no upper limit. There is no limit to the power within the body.  The AET helps you tap into the infinite power of your body to achieve your goals and create the life of your dreams.
The body is a complex organism, and there are hundreds of codes implemented by the AET to support all its functionality. For any desire or goal that you may have, there are body transformations that will support its manifestation in your life. In order to arrive at specific codes for your body, the AET processes through millions of pieces of energetic data and determines the exact frequency transmissions that you will need to continually move toward the most ideal pathway to get to your desired reality. It does this within a structured sequence of steps that stimulate the body deeply to ensure that you are increasingly restored to wholeness and toward ever-greater embodiment of your desires in their fulfilled state. Your body is increasingly magnetized to attract your desires in form, and this process is monitored and optimized ongoingly.  

The AET is based on the science of the body and everything from clearing and rescripting beliefs or past trauma, resolving neediness, awakening potential capacities within that may be needed to hold a new reality, stimulating a connection to true desires, to attuning you to your Higher Self, is done at the energetic level of the body. You are literally being reprogrammed organically to support the life of your dreams.

If you would like to experience this phenomenal Tool, visit There is a FREE one-hour teleconference call in which you can experience the power of this tool and learn about what it can do to transform your life!


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